Once there was a beautiful girl named Sophie. One of her best friends Elise got married to the stunning Louis Tomlinson, best friend of hottie Harry Styles.

The day that Louis and Elise [shipname = Elouis] decided to get married, Harry and Sophie both volunteered to arrange everything. Harry was a little bit nervous the day that Sophie and Elise would come. He always had liked Sophie more than just in a friendship way. That day he sat around and did nothing but being nervous.

The moment that Sophie and Elise arrived in Harry's and Louis's flat, Harry was just scrubbing the floor because Louis had told him to do something useful. He looked up at the girls and stumbled: "Hi."
Then Louis walked in the room, wearing his fucking hot suspenders, ready to arrange some stuff with Elise.
So Elise en Louis left and then Sophie and nervous Harry stayed alone together.

So Harry hadn't really planned to have any physical contact with her (yet), but somehow it just happened. First they kissed and then they shagged. Twice. No five times. And then they started a relationship.

And that's how they got together!


So finally the day arrived that Elise and Louis were going to marry! Sophie and Harry had banged a few times that night and the next morning Harry was super happy because of that. But Louis was all nervous because he was going to get married so he came and disturbed Harry's and Sophie's sexy times because he wanted to know or the suit was looking good on him. And Harry was like this.
And then SUDDENLY Louis burst out in tears. And Harry was like: "What'swrong Boobear?" And Louis said: "I can't do this anymore Haz, I'm in love with YOU! Not with Elise!"
And then Harry was like: Ö It was love at first sight for me Louis!
And then they kind of kissed and shagged and told us and Sophie and Elise didn't even mind.
Larry Stylinson is real!

So Louis and Harry shagged a few times and then adopted a baby. And then Sophie and Elise became the godmothers.

Sophie eventually married another very handsome guy. And Elise married Nathan.


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