Well. Since, I´m bored and I thought since I was doing these kind of things for others, I might as well give you a message worth saving. So. Sit back, relax and read.
I started this night, wondering. Why on earth would a beautiful girl like you be passed? Why would any normal right minded guy pass you by? And then, all of a sudden it hit me. You are made for one, a guy that might not know your name or what you look like, but is looking for one special lady. And why on earth? Wouldn't that be you? Good question, right? Well, then I came up with the following. Just read, I made it look special and it took quite some time to make it like this.
Once, there were these two beautiful girls. Some might call them odd and strange, but as they might have looked like that on the outside on the inside there lived to beautiful girls. Waiting to come out for the right lad. One early morning you and your sister are at the breakfast table, enjoying the breakfast she made especially for you. On the frightful day others call Friday the 13th, known to us as the most lucky day ever. Suddenly she leaves the table, with a mischievous smile, leaving you with a surprised look on your face. Wondering why your sister left the table filled with lovely food, you start opening the peanut butter with a big smile on your little face. It's still untouched, what means a little wish for you. You start to dribble in the untouched butter, leaving your dying wish. Not knowing how it might come true. "Sophie, stop playing with your food and get ready. I've got a surprise for you!" Her light voice fills the silent room and smilingly you leave the table. Wondering if you should clean up you stand still and turn to the table. "Leave it! I'll do it!" Your sister walks into the room, dressed and ready to go. Surprised by the sudden sweet deed of your sister you watch her as she starts cleaning up the table. "Just go, we're already a bit late." A light sigh leaves your mouth as you turn around and walk up the flight of stairs.
Wearing a little cute dress, which is pink, you're in the car next to your sister. Smilingly she ignores every sigh and moan you make, not knowing where you're going. "Why did I need to wear this dress?" You ask her annoyed. She simple raises her shoulders and simply answers: "You look adorable in pink." You roll your eyes at her and watch the road headed in front of you. You start looking around, hoping the catch a hint so you can find out where you're going. "We're here" all of a sudden the car stands still, in front of a massive building. Laughing your sister closes her car door and walks around the vehicle to open yours: "Now get out, they're waiting." She winks at you as you slowly get out of the little car, owned by your sister and grab her hand. Contemplating who 'they' are you let you sister pull you after her, into the massive building.
She pulls you into the lift, of which she has a fear and questioning you look at her. She smiles a little at you as she watches the doors closing, knowing there's no way out anymore. "Well, you're probably wondering why we're here and I need to say 'oh my God.'" She starts to yell a couple of those 'oh my Gods' after each other and suddenly you realize what she's doing. "What? OH MY GOD!" You surprisingly yell, while laughing your sister starts to nod her head and you fall into her arms. She knew how much you wanted to meet them. Especially this one lad, knowing he already owned your heart.
"But yell now, you know how he hates it when you squeal when you're near him" your sister winks at you as she starts to yell. You join her, knowing that what she said must be true. It is. After that your sister grabs your hand as you arrive at the right floor, you walk out the lift, with the best pokerface known to humanity. Your sister takes a deep breath as you're headed to a white door, it looked normal even simple but even you knew that behind that door lay your destiny.
Your sister opens the white door and before you really realize what's happening you're already locked with his beautiful eyes. He watches you with a certain glance in his eyes, a glance that shows his every thought. Without any fear you look straight at him, what makes your sister laugh a little. Knowing how you can creepily stare at anything with your big brown eyes. She pulls you next to her on the couch across from the lovely lads, known as One Direction. "Hey guys" all of a sudden the words roll over your lips as you smile at them individually. Your sister starts to giggle at the sight of your sudden confidence, you give her a dirty look but she just can't stop laughing. Annoyed as you are you slap her, daringly, knowing she can't get really mad at you. I can. "What did you do that for?" She grabs her cheek shocked and slides a bit away from you. You give her a look and shake your head before you look across from you again. "Maybe it's a good idea if someone comes between you." His rough voice sends shivers down your spine while you watch him as he sits between you and your sister on the couch. "As long as you don't hit me." He jokes, smilingly you look away from his green eyes for a moment before you look at him again. "As long as you don't make me." Teasingly you give him a light punch, knowing you could never ever really punch the lovely lad.
You spend a couple hours with the lads and your sister, enjoying yourself immensely. "You know" the curly lad next to you starts his sentence: "You're very little." You look at him with a strange look, thinking how could that ever be a compliment. He starts to laugh and puts his arms around you, pulling you closer: "It means I can cuddle you all the time." The soft words are whispered in your ear and you can't help but giggle a little. "And I'm also younger than you, just so you know" you read a lot about the boy named Harold next to you, so you already did know he had quite an appeal to the younger ones. Including you. Although you did know, you had probably been through more in life than him, you couldn't help but smile at the thought of him showing you 'the ropes of life.' "What are you smiling about?" your sister asks you smilingly, knowing you'd probably be smiling because of the strong arms of the lad around you. "Just. The thought of Harold teaching me the robes of life, quite funny." You say with a banterous sound in your voice, knowing your sister would get the joke. "Hey! Don't put me down with all these people around" he says with the lovely dimples in his cheeks as he starts to laugh. All the lads and your sister start to laugh, knowing Harold has found his match in you.
As the sky starts to be covered in a darker color blue, your sister asks you: "I think we've bothered the lads enough, next to that I'm hungry. Should we go?" Automatically you look up into Harolds green eyes and start to doubt yourself. Should you stay or should you go? Eventually you stand up and make your way to the door, accompanied by your lovely sister. She takes your hand and you look back over your shoulder one more time. "So, happy?" Your sister asks you as you make your way to the lift. "Actually, I'd hoped he'd ask me out. You know" you say pulling out your puppy eyes. "Hey Soph. You never know, maybe your lovely sister already arranged something." She says teasingly and winks at you. She presses the button for the lift and as you wait she realizes something: "Fuck. I forgot my bag, Sophie, be a doll and get it, would you?" She says with some lousy actingskills and a smile. You start to walk back to the door, happily, knowing you could glance at the lad one more time. As you open the door you realize the room is quite quiet for the lads and you peek a bit in the room. Seeing just Harold, sitting on the same couch you left him. "What's this?" you ask him while you walk up to him seeing he's holding a red rose. He looks up to you with the cutest smile you've ever seen: "Your sister told the lads you deserve something special. So I decided to do it like this." You look at him questionably wondering what he means as he stands up and grabs your hand: "Dearest Sophie, would you like to go on a date with me?" You look around not seeing your sisters bag anywhere and you decide to do the one thing you never thought you would do: "Of course." A smile appears on his perfect face as he pulls you to the balcony: "Good thing, I already got us a table." Your eyes get surprisingly bigger as you see a simple table on the balcony, accompanied by two chairs and the other lads dressed as your servers. Harold pulls one of the chairs back for you, to sit on and waits until you sit on it. He walks around the lovely table and sits across from you (looking sexy). As the night starts to fall, you've spend your time with him talking about everything. From what you like to what you don't like (Caroline). All of a sudden you feel a little drop of water, touching your skin as you look up to the dark sky. "It's raining" your simple statement is as you look back to Harold again. A smile appears on his face again, as he gets up and grabs your hand so he can pull you up next to him. "Even better for what I had in mind." He slowly leans into you with his lovely smile as he starts to get covered in rain. Not that much later you feel his lovely lips on yours, sharing a kiss that (hopefully) blows all other first kisses away.

Well. If that doesn't sound like a fairytale, I don't know what does. Hope you like it love.

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  • lilycollins

    This is amazing Sophie! Really wow! <3

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  • Arachme

    Thaha I really love this!

    1 decennium geleden
  • benign

    aahhww how cute!<3

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