My bucket-list:

Meeting One direction - Act in a movie - Trip to London - Tell One Direction how much they mean to me - Tweet from a celebrity - Follow on twitter from a celebrity - Having my first kiss - Having a kiss in the rain - Getting a Horanhug - Get a hug from Harry - Eating at Nandos - Having a vacation boyfriend - Date a British boy - Send a message in a bottle - Swim with dolphins - Play spin the bottle - Own an iPhone - Be seen on TV - Be called Mommy - Meet someone from Twitter - Having a story in top on Quizlet - Ride the London Eye - Attend a Masquerade ball - Send Louis some Carrots - Learn to drive - Have a ride in a Limo - Campfire on the beach - Having a boyfriend - Having a kiss with a celebrity - Going to a concert of 1D - Redecorate my room - Meet Justin Bieber - Meet Jiska and Niki - Have a story about my life - Go to a Justin Bieber concert - Go to New York on New Years eve – Lean how to surf - Live in London - Kiss someone on New Years eve - See a musical in Broadway - Go to Spain - Go to a Coldplay concert - Go to Los Angles - Go clubbing in London - Meet Andy Samuels - Make a twitcam with my friends - Be famous on Instagram - Learn how to play guitar - Compete in So You Think You Can Dance - Go to Legoland - Travel the world - Meet my future boyfriend - Be on xFactor - Getting a follow from Union J on twitter - Give George Shelley a hug - Visit Salamanca - Getting a tweet from Union J - Fall for a British boy - Have my own apartment - Visit my family in Canada - Getting a follow on twitter from Christian Beadles - Visit King’s Cross station and go to platform 9 ¾ - Get a tattoo – Make love under the stars

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