Things I want to do or reach:

1. Visit in london
2. Make friends who love me for who I am, not how I pretend to be
3. I want myself to feel comfortable around people
4. I want to feel comfortable when I'm alone
5. Feel Real love, from friends or even an boyfriend, Who knows. I don't need a boyfriend to feel loved
6. Receiving a hug when I need it the most
7. Tell all my idols what they did for me.
8. Learn how to play guitar.
9. Move with my parents to another town.
10. Forget everything that's happened and have fun
11. Get my havo Diploma
12. Meet with my internet friends.
13. Be happy.
14. Find myself
15. Go to an MCR concert R.I.P
16. Go to an Ed Sheeran concert
17. Go to a The fray concert
18. Go to a The script concert
19. Go to a Coldplay concert
20. Enjoy life
21. Stay up all night.
22. Eat nothing for a whole day I can't recommend this, please don't ever ask yourself to do this
23. Believe someone who tells me I'm [nice words].
24. Get a nice, loving and not-sticky friend.
I love you Anne
25. Go to Rome with my friends.
26. Meet one of my idols.
27. Get an tattoo with an meaning. [got one on Christmas evening]
28. Get my first kiss.
29 Build an Iglo and sleep a night in it.
30. Hug a stranger, and not feel embarrassed.
31. Write a letter to Femke and send it to her
32. Wear every friday in the period of 3 months a jogging pants to school
33. Shoot a target with an bow.
34. Draw on fruit.
35. Have a quote on my wall.

36. Hug a tree.
37. Have a diary and love it.
38. Say yes to everything for one day.
39. Clean my whole room. (and keep it clean)
40. Learn to play the Bass.
41. Write a letter, put it in a bottle and throw it into the water.
42. Jump in a pool with all my clothes on.

43. Smash a pie in someone's face.
44. Have a paint fight.
45. Sleep under the stars.
46. Go to a random place by train
47. Have a water-balloon fight.
48. Stay happy with myself
49. Watch TWD
50. Throw a dart on a map and travel to where it's landed
51. go to Canada.
52. Work for an huge charity.
53. Stay an whole day in my bed, with chips and orange juice.
54. Meet Pewdiepie.
55. Meet Smosh.
56. Meet the parents and siblings of my idols
57. Go to pinkpop.
58. Build a tree-house and sleep a night in it.
59. Sleep in the city, in a sleeping-bag.
60. Help poor people.
61. Learn to love myself.
62. Learn how to dance
63. Have a food fight.
64. Write a diary full and leave it in another country.
65. Smash a spider.
66. Get a longboard
67. Get a penny board
68. BBQ With friends
69. Learn how to longboard
70. Learn how to Pennyboard

Als ik nu terugkijk naar deze 70 punt bucketlist, kijk ik naar een lieve meid die in haar eigen wereld leeft. In de afgelopen jaren ben ik zoveel veranderd, en doet het er niet meer toe of ik leer te pennyboarden en dergelijke. Ik ben lang niet blij met wie ik ben, hoe ik me voel, en hoe alles gaat. Maar de versie van mij die deze lijst schreef zou zo ontzettend trots op mij zijn. En dat is wat telt.

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    Nu dat eruit is, omfg what a fabulous bucketlist!

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  • Traitor


    6 jaar geleden

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