Even though the world she loves
It won't ever be the way it was
And his heart of stone left hers breaking

I try to sleep but my eyes are open
I can't think cause my heart is broken
And there's a bottle right next to me
I'll down a few drinks just to take the pain away
I wanna say all the things I need to say
I won't lie, I'll just tell them honestly
If God can take a friend away from me
Then I can say all I want and he won't do anything
My tongue is weak and every time
I try to speak I can't say nothing at all

Did you get lost on the side of the road?

I hope you fall into the ocean
And the current leaves you helpless swimming around
As the waves crash over you, and over you until you drown
And we'll hold a funeral for nothing
And celebrate how empty love can be broken
It takes the sea to put you six feet happily underground
It takes the sea to put you six feet happily underground

The blood is running through her veins
With every beat, there's no escape
Lost in everything she trusts
Still can't seem to get enough

Because I know I'm good for something
I just haven't found it yet
But I need it

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