"Sshht!" He softly spoke and I nodded. "Are they almost gone?" I whispered as quiet as I could. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "Almost little one." I nodded and chuckled softly. He always called me Little one. We were eight and nine. "Oh Amparo, where are you?" I heard my mom call me and he held me back. Hoping they wouldn't find me. We closed our eyes. "Ahh, there are you!" I opened one eye and he looked dissapointed. "Come on babe, we're going home." My mom said and walked downstairs. We stepped out of the closet where we were hiding and he still didn't smiled. I smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you for helping me hide." I said and he began to smile. "No problem little one. Come, your mom is waiting." I nodded and we walked downstairs. I walked to his mother and thanked her. I walked back to my mom and walked out. "Wait!" I heard and he ran to me and hugged me. "Thank you little one." and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

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