I have decided to start this blog after finding out my artificial memory's page also supports blogs. I've been feeling the need to express myself and I was hoping that this might help with that.

Using the computer van, my brain has started to make patterns out of white noise again and unsure what to do with that. My expectations are that if I were to ask you to turn off your computer, you would say no because you were mining, and say that you have your comupter off a fair amount and that it needs to be on at times. I expect that that conversation about that would lead to nothing positive or productive. I got food for us some time ago and we agreed on some full attention on each other while eating, so musoc would be conterproductive. I really want to tube but I've been failing and do not have a high expectation of success at the moment.. Smoking the higher ph stuff was planned for after eating, and snorting something would require the space reserved for eating. I think you hinted at oral sex and I feel like you think that I'm not interested in you sexually, which is definitely not the case. I do have to honestly say that I have not been feeling very sexually oriented lately, but that has been relative to different moods. I reminded you of my shower offer earlier hoping you would consider to take it once possible or respond with a oppertunity to execute to suggestion. I'm not sure why I don't want to remind you of the eating, since you seem to have forgotten. It could be the lack of hunger, the annoyance of the disturbance it would make, I can't quite explain that part, or that a part of me hopes that you'll remember at some point, and link the realisation of the amount of time passed to the discomfort I experience waiting for things related to you. Knnowing this is not productive or logical, I decide to remind you. I didn't get much of a surpised response, and think that you were waiting for me to make a move towards the food and having a similar mindset related to my eating situation. In reality I am waiting to see which knife you will end up using before I make a breadthingy, even though this is not neccasary. Now that I've reminded you I'm waiting for you to make a move after your current ball game has ended. You've been trying to reach me by making sounds and talking nonsense that makes me feel like you try to connect, and you feel the need to reach out. I'm not sure what to do. I asked how much longer the game is and you said 2 minutes.

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