"What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears?"
"How many circels can I walk in before I give up looking? How long before I'm lost for good?"
"What if the only way not to feel bad. Is to stop feeling anything at all forever?"
"Don't forget it's the little things that matter."
"I'm so sorry for who I am."
"I try so hard to feel better, but it doesn't seem to work so. It feels like I don't deserve to be on this world. It feels like I will never be what my parents need, and my friends and everybody. They care about me and I care about them. But.. It feels like I'm let them down. Them all. Everybody on this stupid world."
"Because of you I have hope. Because of you I want to live again. Because of you life looks great again." (love you kindje. I know je hebt geen insta, maar toch. Je weet al lang dat je mijn leven beter maakt. xx)

(ja mijn hele mooie Engels hoorxD)

(Ja dat laatste is omdat ik dit op Insta op me verhaal wilde zetten)

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