*** Has send you a Snap

I admit, it's no text. It's a snap. I woke up to it this morning actually. And I'm writing about it now, 'cause I'm too mad about it. And I'm trying to wrap my head about everything I'm feeling right now. Let's paint the picture first.

I 'met' him a couple of weeks ago on tinder. We kind of hit it off (I think) and I really liked him. Then last week he stopped texting me. And it stung, because I never expected him to let me down that way. But anyhow, I'm fine now. Atleast that's what I thought, until this morning. I had to work today so I had to wake up rather early. I didn't expect to hear from him again. I didn't even care anymore, I was more mad at myself, since I had let my guard down. So imagine my surprise when I saw he snapped me. I'll admit, I even got my hopes up for a while.

Untill I opened it, it was send 2 hours prior. Not really a time where you casually snap someone, right? Well it wasn't. I got my first d*ckp*c today! And let me just tell you, it's no fun waking up to that image. I have been mad eversince. I have tried to stay as calm as possible during work, but I failed. I've been thinking about what to send him since I'm really mad at him, he knows I have absolutly no experience in that area and I've waited for my one true love to be my first. So here is what I should send him. But I probably won't.

What in hell were you thinking? Actually no, I don't think you were thinking. Because no guy in his right mind would send a girl that! And why now? After a week of no communication, at all? This is messed up. I feel dirty because of it, I feel like you took away some of my innocence. Something that isn't yours to take anyway. And you know well enough what you did. 'Oops' really? Was it an accident? I don't think so, you just don't accidently take a d*ckp*ic. So please, stop. Leave me be if you can't be a decent human being. And if this is you trying to get a reaction out of me. Congratulations, you just got it. By the way, if that's all you've got, I won't show it off like that.

To all the men out there, I'm not going to give a lecture about #MeToo. I'm going to give you some good advice. Never, and I mean never ever, send a d*ckp*c to a girl. Maybe your girlfriend/wife. But not someone you just met, and certainly not someone who told you how little experience she has. Because if that girl is anything like I am, she'll blame herself. And it's never her fault. It's yours.

To all my fellow women out there, we're more than what men make us out to be. We're more than just a toy. We're the strong gender. We push baby's out, after we carried them for nine months. We have a household on top of having a full time job. We take care of men, not the other way round. And still we take whatever men throw at us. We fight inequality. And we will break the glass cieling.

Love, Laure

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  • ccsx

    Krachtig stukje!!!

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