So it's been a week since I last wrote a blog. And once again it's about him. My best friend and I decided to call him Simon (Single Immature Male who is Overexpectant and Narcistic). Before he was Voldemort, so this is slightly better.

So well Simon and I are on better terms than we were last week. Tuesday I had a final that I screwed up so I was in a bad mood and I ended up texting him. I wanted an explanation about last Saturday because 'Sorry babe' really didn't cover it. Not that the explanation I got was better. It was something along the lines of:
I was drunk, and my drunk braint thought you would like it because it was all because of you.
Yes, I vomitted. Either way, I got over it and we texted the whole night and Wednesday too. At one point he wrote me my own 50 Shades of Grey fanfiction. (Fifty shades of Simon, haha) Which was dirty but in a way I liked it. Anyway, we were texting and the next conversation made my heart race.

- My girl:)
* Your girl huh?
- Yes, you don't think I make others feel the way I make you feel, right? I'm a loyal Lucifer.

I think I need to explain way he calls himself Lucifer. It's my fault really, I first compared Simon with Apollo, since he's my favourite Greek God. But since then he's not so God like anymore, he's more my personal Devil, I used to be so innocent untill I met him.
Anyway, he said he's loyal, the butterflies were having a field day! And that's when it hit me, I'm actually starting to fall for him. And I don't know if he'll be there to catch me.

I'm scared out of my mind, since I haven't felt this way in a long time. People who have read my story might have figured this out, but Jace isn't just a fictional character. He actually is someone I used to know. Well two persons in one. Both broke my heart by the way. One more than the other. And it took me a while to get over them. Only now I'm starting to feel okay again. And I'm scared that now I'm feeling better he will break my heart and I will be back to being the broken Laure I have been for a long time now. But that's the jump I have to make. I wish Simon would be more of a Niall, but he's not. He's fantastic in his own way. He's cute one moment and unbelievable dirty the next. He makes my life so more intresting. It's like I'm constantly living on a rollercoaster. Let's just hope the lows are worth the highs.

I'll probably regret this later. But right now, I'd rather go to hell;)

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