There it is. I feel like a toy. And I realise that's all I have ever been to you. Someone to pick up when you're bored and throw away when an other distraction comes along.

And it's exactly what I texted you yesterday. You took six hours to respond. You responded in the middle of the night. And you sent me 'I'm not going to blame you for this, because I know you feel bad.' And then you dropped a bomb. I won't spill that one, because you deserve your privacy. But what did you just say? You're not going to blame me for what? Because I told you how I feel? Like you should have told me? So I don't feel so damn insecure? Because I told you before, I'm insecure. And you will have to reassure me so many times. But still, you ignore me for days on end. And then you drop a bomb. And believe me, I understand. But if you had told me sooner I would not have felt like crap for days.

And I do not deserve to feel like this. I really don't. I should be treated like a lady. I should not have to beg for your attention. You should want to talk to me, and tell me things. And get to know me. But you don't. And you honestly treat me like shit.

And what did I answer you? That I feel like a bitch, that I'm really sorry and I'm here for you. And honestly after the bomb you dropped I feel like a selfish bitch. And ofcourse I feel sorry for you and what you're going through. And I'm ready to fix your broken pieces if you should need me too. But since you haven't answered yet I don't think you'll need it.

And once again, you treated me like I'm a toy.

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