Dear Lucifer,

Well, what a ride it has been. But I have reached my destination. Here I have to get out. Because you're no good for me. I wish you were. But I guess this week has been the last straw. And I'm finally done. Or at least that's what I hope.

You see, there's someone else. He's everything I want, he texts me goodmorning/goodnight and asks me how my day has been. Talking with him is as easy as breathing. And you know what? He doesn't ignore me for days. He doesn't make me feel like I'm a toy. I actually treated him like shit, because of you. I couldn't give him my full attention. And that's what he deserves. But the past week it has changed, and I have to let one of you go. And in a way it pains me to let you go. But he's been here the past week and you haven't.

You're my demon, my own personal vice. And I wish I could have made you change your ways. But you're too busy living your own life, no time for anyone else. And I respect that, and mabye in another life you could be what I need and I could be your detective.

But for now, we're done.


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    Oeh i’m curious about the other guy!! good for you, away with lucifer! Bring in... Amenediel? 😅

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