Dear Lucifer,

I did something today. I deleted you, on Instagram, on Snapchat, I deleted your number. Because as of today, I'm starting fresh. I'll be moving to Belfast in a little over a month's time. And I don't need the temptation of texting you over there, with no one stoping me. I'll be there for God knows how long and I want to be fully focused on building my life there. You will forever be my what if, but I don't think I want to know what could have been.

Next month, I'll be off to a new city and I want to spend all my time in Belgium with my loved ones. My family, my friends, my cats. And then I'll be off, ready to find my lucky charm and fall head over heels in love with my new environment, a new city and country.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Cher in concert, I'm so excited! I will be singing 'If I could turn back time' at the top of my lungs, and that'll be the next time I give you a minute of my thoughts. Because after that song, you will no longer exist in my life. You will be gone forever, and I will be free of my demons.

Hope you have a nice life.


xo Laure

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