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I’ve Been A Bad Girl, Mr. Styles - Harry Styles (16+)

Door: HazzasCutie
Onderdeel van: English One Direction One Shots (16+) - GESTOPT -
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Eerste en gelijk een lange One Shot met Mr.SexyStyles =) x

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You slammed your locker closed, as the final bell rang for seniors. “Fuck” You mumbled. You trotted to your last period of the day, and took a breath and opened the door. The whole class stared at you, and Mr. Styles turned around from facing the white board. His glasses fell down a little on his nose, as he looked at you, not looking surprised. “Ms. Y/N. Late again, hm?” He asked.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“Well, I guess I can let this slide. Take your seat please,” Mr. Styles instructed.
“Yes, sir,” you responded and took your seat.
You were so embarrassed. You were copying down the notes he was writing down on the board about English literature. Your heart dropped when you heard your text message tone go off. Mr. Styles stopped writing, and turned around. “Alright. Hand it over,” he said. You gulped, as the whole class turned to you. Fucking bitch classmates. Mr. Styles approached you and held out his hand. You looked down and took out your phone and handed it to him. “One last warning, Ms. Y/N,” Mr. Styles glared at you, and put your phone in his pocket.
You continued to take notes until a note flew in the air and landed on your desk. The paper made a noise. Mr. Styles stopped again. “Passing notes? I think I have to give you detention,” Mr. Styles instructed, writing a detention pass and handing it to you. You took it slowly, and then reading it. ‘Reason: Disruption of class.’
You were a little angry, but you didn’t want to show it. The bell rang, and everyone ran out of the classroom, while you just sat down at your desk. “Okay, Y/N, come here please” Mr. Styles asked you. You got up from your desk and walked over to him.
“Yes, Mr. Styles?” You asked him.
Damn, he looked really hot with his glasses and his messy curls going everywhere.
You sat down on the chair next to him, and turned to him. “Mr. Styles, I’m sorry about today. This wasn’t my day today, nothing was going right, and I’m so stressed out, and I-“
“Hey, Y/N, It’s okay. Everyone has those days. But punishment cannot be un noticed.” Mr. Styles said seductively. He put his hand on your thigh, and rubbed circles, soothing you.
“I’ve been a bad girl, Mr. Styles,” you told him.
“Indeed you were. Bad girls have to get punished.”
Mr. Styles bended you over his desk, and rubbed your bum softly. “I’m afraid bad girls, get spanked,” Mr. Styles smirked.
“Spank me,” left your lips. Mr. Styles moaned, and put a hard slap on your ass. You moaned, wanting more. Mr. Styles got the signal and left more sharp slaps on your bum, as your gripped his teddy bear on his desk, that a suck up student left him.
Mr. Styles pulled down your shorts and thong, and gripped both of your cheeks, before spanking them one by one. You were moaning uncontrollably, causing Mr. Styles to grow an erection. His right hand traveled down to your pussy, and rubbed his hand up and down, teasing you.
“Mr. Styles” You whined, as he teased with you. He smirked, as he stuck a finger inside of you. You moaned, and gripped the edge of his desk. Half of the things on his desk fell, but you could care less.
Mr. Styles left hand was still spanking your naked bum, leaving red marks, and probably a bruise. “More” You breathed out. Mr. Styles added two more fingers. Two. You screamed out in pleasure, with three fingers inside of you.
Smacks and moans were filling the room. It just the place hotter.
Mr. Styles cock was straining in his pants. He unzipped and undid his pants and underwear causing his dick to spring up.
He stood up from his chair, and removed his fingers from you. You groaned from not being able to orgasm. Mr. Styles grabbed his ruler, and started to spank the living hell out of you. “You’ve been naughty, Ms. Y/N,” Mr. Styles muttered, in a husky voice. Such a turn on.
“Do you think you learned your lesson?” Mr. Styles asked.
“Yes sir,” you pleaded, wanting him to pound into you already. The ruler stopped slapping your bum, as he threw it across the room, not caring where it landed, or if it broke. He attached his lips to yours. You ran your hands through his curls, as his ran his hand through your hair.
“I’m going to make you feel so good,” Mr. Styles growled.
You bit your lip, as he turned your body over so your back was on his desk. He spread your legs and pushed into you, making you arch your back.
“Oh god,” you moaned, gripping his biceps as they flexed.
“I want you to scream my name,” he commanded, as his thrusts started to pick up speed. “Understand?”
You couldn’t speak, you were out of words and breathless. You could only pant in pleasure, and moaned.
Harry started to rub your clit furiously. “Understand!?” He asked a little more with a stricter voice.
“Y-Yes, sir,” you breathed out, arching your back, as his cock was touching your G-Spot. “Holy shit,” you screamed, as your arms left his biceps, and gripped his desk.
If only the girls in the school found out. You’d be the most hated bitch in the school for having sex with the hottest teacher in the school.
Mr. Styles put his hands on your bum and squeezed them, adding more pleasure. You felt your orgasm starting to come, as you were screaming and moaning in pleasure.
Mr. Styles faltered his thrusts, meaning he was close to his orgasm. “Oh god! Oh shit, Mr. Styles!” you screamed. Your orgasm shook your whole body, as your walls clenching and un clenching. You through your head back, panting.
Mr. Styles released his cum into you, as he shouted in pleasure, as you both were euphoria. “Fucking bloody hell, Y/N,” Harry moaned, and pulled out of you.
You bit your lip, smiling. You both put on your clothes, grinning about what happened. He did you like nobody else.
Mr. Styles grabbed your hands. “That was great, Y/N. But you have to promise me something,” he asked. You nodded. “Promise to not tell about this, and be a bad girl for me?” He asked, as his dimples came out.
You nodded and laughed, and gave him a hug.
Mr. Styles’ hand snuck around your waist, and gave your ass a good spank, causing you to jump, leaving him to chuckle.

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