I just don't want it anymore, none of it. It's totally depressing and I am totally done with it. Totally.
I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all. I'm insane, this whole world is insane and there is nothing I can do about it. It's just... You know... I should just deal with it, go on with my life and make it the best, but I can't! I just can't get along with it anymore, I never could.
Okay, this is kind of negative and stuff, but it are just my feelings at this moment. You know, sometimes it's all good and stuff and I can get along with the fact everyting is insane, including me (I think I'm the most insane actually), but now, right now, I can't.
I'll stop it, make an end to it, complete it, finish it, let it all fade away, let all the insanity fade away, let me fade away. In fact, that's the simplest option, to just fade away. If I'm gone all this insane nonsense will never bother me anymore. So I'm going now, fading away, because of the most selfish reason I could think of, because selfish reasons are the best ones. I'm going to kill myself, hang myself to be more accurate, because that'll be more peaceful for, oh yes, me, myself and I.
I hope that what I've read about suicide is partly true and false. I hope I won't go to hell, and I hope too that death is a nice feeling. I also hope that I've the courage to kill myself, to put my head in the rope and make myself hang to death, because I'm one of the biggest cowards I've ever met.
So, wish me luck, and I hope I'll never speak to you again.
- Xx

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