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When: 2012/present
POV: Helia

I play a happy song on my violin and I dance through the snow of the playground. The kids start dancing as well. I laugh. I turn around but then, unexpectedly a young guy in a blue sweater stands in front of me. Like, really, in front of me. Less than half a meter in front of me. I shriek shortly, step back and stop playing. The kids look up, but I can only look at this white-haired person and his blue eyes. A short silence falls and then he asks:
‘Can you see me?’ It’s a weird question but I slowly nod.
‘Of course,’ I say silently. ‘Why wouldn’t I?’
‘You can see him?’ Jamie asks as he pulls at my jacket. I look at Jamie.
‘Of course,’ I repeat. Then something catches my eye. The white-haired person doesn’t wear any shoes. His pants aren’t really the kind I would wear on these cold days. They looked ripped off and worn out. I look up. His face is still only a few decimetres away from me. ‘Aren’t you cold?’ I ask. ‘You’re not wearing any warm shoes.’ He smirks and I have to admit that it’s kind of hot.
‘I don’t need them,’ he says. His voice sounds deeper than I would expect because of his appearance. ‘What’s your name?’ he asks. I have the gut feeling he already knows it, but I answer.
‘Helia Heather, and what’s yours?’ He steps back a little and picks up a long and wooden stick. It has some sort of curve on top of it. The white-haired guy gazes at me.
‘I’m Jack,’ he says. ‘Jack Frost.’ What?
‘You’re kidding,’ I say. Jack Frost is a myth. I step back a little.
‘No, he isn’t,’ Jamie says happy. ‘He’s my friend, just like the other Guardians, because I was the last one to believe in them and then Pitch Black came to murder me. But then the Guardians came to save me and I was the first one to see Jack, because I was the first person to believe in him and now we’re friends!’
‘Wow, Jamie, breathe!’ Jack says while laughing.
‘Okay, so… He’s like, the real thing?’ I ask doubtful.
‘What more proof do you need?’ Jamie asks.
‘I don’t know,’ I say. I look at his chest. His blue sweater is covered with ice. Frost… Suddenly he raises his hand until it almost reaches my hand. I carefully take it. He softly squeezes my hand. It’s cold. I’m holding my violin in the other hand.
‘Hold on tight,’ he says.
‘What?’ I ask. He suddenly takes off and my feet let go of the solid ground as we launch into the sky. I shriek and desperately hold onto his hand. He laughs and the wind lifts my even more until I fly next to him. I look down and see all the houses and the people are as tiny as ants. I smile with wonder.
‘This is amazing!’ I shout at Jack.
‘I know, right?!’
‘I’m flying!’
‘No, kidding?’ he answers. I laugh out loud. I see Jamie waving at me. His friends are waving too. I look at my violin in my other hand and then I look at Jack. ‘Shall we go down?’ he asks. I nod and suddenly he lets go of my hand. I scream as I fall and the ground comes closer.
‘AAAAAAAH!!!’ Right before I hit the ground Jack catches me and he gently puts me down. I’m almost hyperventilating and I look at Jack with big eyes.
‘Enough proof?’ he asks with a smirk.
‘I could’ve died!’ I yell at him.
‘But you didn’t, because I’m a Guardian.’ He leans against his staff.
‘That’s no excuse!’
‘Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you angry.’ I sigh.
‘It’s fine. Just don’t let me fall. Like, never again.’
‘Deal.’ He points his hand at me again.
‘I’m not going to take that hand.’
‘Trust me,’ he says. He looks at me with this childish, hopeful glance. I reluctantly take his freezing hand and this time he just shakes it. I still hold my violin in my left hand.
‘That was awesome!’ Jamie shouts. ‘Do that with us too!’
‘Sure,’ Jack looks at me again and I need to blush.
‘I’m okay with it. Just don’t kill them. Because I must tell the cops then that Jack Frost took off with the children, dropped them for fun, but caught them too late. They’ll never believe that.’
‘Alrighty then,’ Jack says, when he takes off with Jamie.

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  • RedCloud

    ‘I don’t need them,’ he says.
    His voice sounds deeper than I would expect because of his appearance.

    Ik dacht precies hetzelfde toen ik jack's stem voor het eerst hoorde.

    8 jaar geleden

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