Foto bij Chapter 4

When: 2012/present
POV: Jack Frost

I can’t get her out of my head. “Helia Heather”. I can almost hear her voice whisper it in my ear, yet the sound of it is so loud. She’s following me everywhere and I have the feeling she’s around every corner I pass. My heart can’t stop beating fast when I think about her. It’s hard to eat and when I sleep she haunts me in my dreams and I question if it is Sandy’s work. I decided to see her again. I just need to. I only need to see her smile or just even see her breath in the cold weather outside, so small clouds of condense will form in front of her mouth. I need to find out where she lives. My only connection to her is Jamie. I better find him first. I look at my hand. The hand Helia held onto very tight during our short flight. I frown. I need her to hold it again. I want to feel her warm skin on my ice cold hands. I wonder what it is like to kiss her. When our two lips collide as warmth and cold. I have never felt this way before. I fly towards Jamie’s house. I land before his front door and I look through the window. Jamie is watching TV and someone is standing in the kitchen. I can’t see his or her face, but I wait patiently for the person to come out and show him- or herself. As soon as the person comes out of the kitchen, I realize it’s Helia. My heart skips a beat and Helia sits down with Jamie on the couch. Sophie must be in bed already. Jamie and Helia laugh. Thousands of frozen butterflies float in my stomach. When she laughs, her eyes sparkle like snow, slowly floating through the air. Her beautiful violin stands next to the couch. I make sure they don’t see me. I just look at them through the window. After an hour Helia stands up from the couch. Jamie fell asleep and she lifts him. She holds him against her chest and walks towards the hallway. I follow them by flying op to Jamie’s room. His window is open. I go sit on the roof and I hear Helia opening the door. I lay down on my belly, with my head hanging down from the roof, so I can secretly look inside Jamie’s room.
‘Sweet dreams, Jamie,’ Helia says. I close my eyes when I hear her voice Jamie mumbles. She tucks him in and closes the door silently as she leaves. I fly down again and look through the same window as I did first. She picks up her violin and plays some notes with her fingers. What was that called again? Pizzicato? I guess so… She plays quietly so Jamie and Sophie don’t wake up. Suddenly a car drives on to the driveway. It almost bumps into me because the driver can’t see me. An adult. Jamie’s parents. They get out of the car and I watch them opening the front door.

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