Foto bij Chapter 5

When: 2012/present
POV: Jack Frost


Helia opens the front door of Jamieís house. She got the money for the delivered work and she holds her backpack in her right hand. She puts it on her back as she says goodbye and Jamieís parents close the door. Iím hiding in a tree. Following her movements. She walks on the pavement. Itís dark. The Moon is hidden behind the clouds. I jump out of the tree, following her and I hide behind a bush. Sheís not expecting anything. At least, I hope she doesnít. I hold my staff steady in my hand and I fly up to the roofs of some houses. As she walks ahead, I follow her by walking on the roofs. She suddenly stops walking and frowns. I quickly hide behind a chimney. She looks up to the roof Iím standing on. My heart beats in my throat. Iím not sure if I want her to see me. I slowly look from behind the chimney. She already stopped looking at the roof and she walked on further. I let my breath float away from my mouth and I keep on following her. After half an hour, we arrive at her house. She looks for the right key. I know what key it is. Itís a squared key and the part that goes into the door has a shape that looks like teeth. Helia opens the front door with a soft squeak.
ĎHi, mom,í her tingling voice says. ĎIím home!í Her father is usually still at work. Heís a doctor at the local hospital and often has night shifts. Helia walks in with slow steps, turning back outside and giving a short glance at the street, like sheís expecting someone to follow her. Well, I am following her, of courseÖ

I quickly cross the street and try to open the front door. Itís locked, as usual. I step back a little and then I fly up, to look for an open window. As I reach the attic, I see one open window.. I open it a little further and fly inside. I land and my feet feel a soft carpet. Suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs. I rush outside and wait beneath the open window. The doors open and not very much later I hear someone hum. Itís her. Her voice is so calming. I close my eyes and try not to float away. I remember the song. Itís the one she played for Jamie and the other kids when we first met. All of a sudden, I lose grip the grip on my staff and a short hoot leaves my mouth. I grab my staff and cover my mouth with the other hand. Would she have noticed? I quickly fly up to the roof and Iím glad I did that, because Helia leans forward towards the outside, via her window-sill. She looks left, right, down and up; to see if there was anyone there, again. But thereís only me on her roof, hiding from her because Iím too shy and too embarrassed to even say one word to her, or show myself to her. I sigh quietly and when she goes inside again I fly down, until Iím next to the window and I wait for her to move the bed sheets and lie down. I get inside again and I watch Helia sleep for the rest of the night. Because I got into her room, with her bed and her closet. Her presence and her soft carpet. Her room is the attic, and something about that makes me happy. I donít know why. I think itís because of the absence of other rooms near to hers. She has her own spot. Maybe something she could share with me. Iím too frightened to talk to her, but just before the sun comes up, I walk towards her bed and move her hair a little. Sheís not dreaming, because there isnít any dream sand. I look at her peaceful face. The sun has begun coming up and the sudden and harsh sound of her alarm clock scares me. I grab my staff and hurry out of the window. Se slowly sits up straight and her blonde hair is exploded. I smirk at the sight of it. I think I will do this a lot more often than I shouldÖ

Sorry dat het zo lang duurde. Ik had vakantie in Engeland en de tweede week van die vakantie had ik geen internet. My apologies.
Reageer maar wat je er van vind. ^_^

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