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My Best Friend Is Jealous - Niall Horan (16+)

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Hii babes, how's everybody ?
Ze zeggen dat Zerrie verloofd is..:)
56 abo's Yay, ILYSM.

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As you were standing in the bathroom to get ready for the party tonight, Niall was standing at the doorway and watched you brushing your hair. You were staying at Niall’s place for a couple of days while you were in London. You had known him for almost two years and you and the boys became close friends. Tonight you were going out with them to a club. Dancing and drinking would be nice and you were very excited to see them all. “Are you ready, dear?” Niall asked you, he seemed a little impatient. “Don’t worry. I’m almost done.” you grinned at him. You put some lipstick on and went to the living room to grab your bag. “Let’s go!” you smiled at him. Both of you were taking a cab to a club called Rose in Mayfair. Niall told you that is was one of Harry’s favourites. The other boys were already standing in front of the entrance as you arrived. “Hi ye!” you said and exchanged short hugs with them. “How are you doing?” Harry asked you, as it was his turn. “Oh, I’m fine. Thank you. Let’s get the party started?” you asked everybody around. The boys nodded and you were going inside the club. It seemed to be a very huge club as you were walking around to find a right spot to hang out. All the colourful lights and the elegance of the furniture was quite impressive. Finally, you found the right spot not too far away from the bar but not too close to the dance floor so you could talk to each other. You sat down right between Harry and Niall. Liam, Louis and Zayn were sitting across the table from the three of you. As usual Harry put his arm behind you on the backrest and made himself comfortable. Niall was getting drinks for everyone and you were having a little chat with Liam about his new girlfriend. Louis and Zayn were totally engulfed in a conversation about how they pranked Niall last week, when you felt Harry touching your back. You turned around to face him. “Having fun?” he asked you with a suspicious smile. “Yeah, quite a lot. It’s a nice club.” you answered him smilingly. Niall came back with the drinks and sat down next to you, handing your beer over to you. You took a large sip and the ice cold gold liquid ran down your throat. You sunk back right into Harry’s arm and relaxed. The music was quite good and you moved your legs to the beat. Niall pulled you over to talk to you and the two of you had a short conversation about the time you were going to spend in London. Where you wanted to go and what you wanted to see. It was a very relaxing night and after a few beers later you felt like dancing. Thankfully the DJ was just playing your favourite song and you turned around to Harry. “Wanna dance?” you asked him. “Yeah, sure. Why not?” and he pulled you up from the sofa and walked you to the dance floor. He began to twerk and you burst out into a fit of laughter because it was so ridiculous to watch. The two of you were standing there laughing and after the song had finished, a ballad followed and all of the sudden, Harry wrapped his arms around you and both of you were dancing really closely together. He whispered something into your ear, which you couldn’t understand but you felt his hands running down your back, and stopped right over your butt, on the small of your back. He pressed you tighter against him and it seemed like an eternity. It felt good but somehow you wished it wasn’t Harry with whom you were standing in the middle of the dance floor, slow dancing and you took a quick glimpse at Niall who was watching you. Was there a hint of jealousy in his eyes? When you returned from the dance floor you sat down again on the sofa. Harry sat down next to you, even closer than before. He put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to his face so he could talk to you, secretly. You felt his warm breath against your ear. “Maybe we should repeat that next week?” he asked as he stroked a strand of hair from your face. You smiled at him and blew a kiss on his cheek. You were sitting like this a long time, flirting and laughing. Harry’s hand was resting on your knee, stroking over it now and again. The other boys were in deep conversation apart from Niall. He was sitting quietly next to you, holding his beer in his hands and starring at the ground. But you didn’t really notice that because you were falling for Harry and his green eyes. When Harry was cupping your face into his hands and started to kiss you, Niall stood up, abruptly. “I want to go…now!” he said, sounding a little pissed off. You looked at him. “What’s wrong? We’re having such a good time. C’mon let’s stay just a wee bit longer.” you begged him. “Fair enough, if you want to stay…then stay but I’ll go home now. You can stay at Harry’s place if you like that better.” he said turning around and he made his way through the dancing crowd to the exit. You looked at Harry with a confused look on your face. “ I’m sorry. I have to go after him and talk to him about that.” you said and you grabbed your bag to run after Niall. He was standing outside the club waiting for a cab. “What was that?” you asked him. But he ignored you. Both of you were getting into a cab and all the way home no one said a word, and it wasn’t a comfortable silence. Niall was starring out of the window, the whole time and you wished you could say something but you didn’t know what to say. Your phone rang when midway to Niall’s house. Harry had texted you: “ Everything alright? Maybe breakfast, tomorrow? x” You answered him that everything was fine and that you would call him in the morning. When you arrived at Niall’s house you followed him inside. “Niall, would you please talk to me? What is wrong with you?” you asked him. He sighed. “Why did you do that?” he asked with anger in his voice. “Why did I do what? I’m sorry, Niall but I don’t understand what’s gotten into you. What is going on with you? I just had a good time with friends.”. “Good time with friends, eh? Yeah, I guess you could call it a good time to be touched and almost kissed by Harry right in front of me. I was feeling like a complete idiot. What were you thinking of nearly making out with one of my best friends?” he started to shout. “Wait! What? I don’t think that is any of your business. I can make out with who I want to. I’m not yours. Why do you care about that anyway? And it isn’t like you are in love with me. I would know that right?” That was the only thing you said. Niall turned his head away from you. “I would know that, right? Niall?” you repeated. “You know what? Actually I am! I’m in love with you. I liked you from the moment we met, alright? Do you feel better now?” he said a little touchy. You starred at him in complete and utter disbelief. “I don’t believe you.” you said. He looked straight into your eyes, took you into his arms and kissed you, like he wanted to prove the truth behind his words. Niall carried you upstairs into the bedroom and lay you down onto the bed. “When you don’t believe my words, maybe I’ll have to show you that I mean it.” he whispered into your ear and one of his hands was wandering down to your pants. “I’m curious now.” you breathed still caught by surprise. He unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down then he hovered over you, kissing your neck and leaving little love bites from time to time. You bucked your hips against his and the hot kisses all over your body were feeling so right. His hands were now under your shirt finding your boobs. Niall slit your shirt up and you grabbed it to take it off. He unclasped your bra and his lips found your nipple. He sucked softly on it and you moaned out loud. “Please Niall, show me that you really love me. Fuck me right now!” you begged him. He took off his clothes, lied down next to you and pulled you on top of him. You were now lying on him and it didn’t take long for him to find the spot. He shoved his dick inside you and wrapped his arms around your body to press you tighter against him. You felt his breath heavy on your shoulders and you buried your hands in his hair. In a steady rhythm, he pushed himself in and out of you and it felt like it was meant to be. While he was showing you his love for you, you realised that you’ve always had a crush on him. You freed yourself from his embrace and sat up on him. You took his hands and placed them on your hips. “I believe you.” you smiled at him and you started to ride him even faster. His fully-grown dick inside you and his warm hands on your hips were feeling so good that you couldn’t stand it any longer. “I’m gonna cum. Keep going, Niall! I’m almost there. Common! Fuck me!” you moaned and he grabbed you tighter. He turned you around and another few hard and intense thrusts were enough to make both of you cum. “I love you!” he groaned against your hair. “ Yeah, finally I know that too!” you laughed and cuddled up against him. He held you in his arms. After one or maybe two more turns you both of you fell asleep. When you woke up the next morning, you remembered last nights text from Harry. “Hey babe, I know it is probably not the best time but Harry texted me yesterday and asked if we want to go for breakfast with him. What do you think? After last night we are definitively in need for more energy!” you grinned. “Yeah, why not. Actually I’m starving.” he said and the sparkle in his eyes irritated you. You called Harry to make plans and half an hour later you were sitting with him and the other guys in a Starbucks. The mood was surprisingly relaxed; there was just a big smile on Niall’s face, that was a little too omniscient. When he got your coffees he sat down next to Harry tapped him on his shoulder and sang: “ I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl and I’m not ashamed to tell it to the world!” He stuck his tongue out and Harry began to laugh. “I’m proud of you, man!” He said to Niall and gave you a little wink.

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