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Dear diary,

I’m not quite sure what to do
I’ve known this lovely girl since a very young age,
and I...
I just...
what do I do?
we were side by side for more than ten years
before we separated for a couple ones
and those were hell
I woke up every morning, hoping I’d see her bright eyes if I opened mine
and every day was a disappointment for me, for sure
what do I do?
despite all these hard years
I love her
I still do
I’m just not quite sure what to do
because I sure as hell missed her as my best friend, as my soul mate
but we were in love too and
I’m not quite sure if I miss that part of her
but I guess I do
I’m just scared, because
I don’t want to scare her by acting in some specific way
I know I miss her touch
fuck, I miss that
and, my god...
her lips

I know there’s a big chance I’m falling in love again
despite we’ve seen each other for only one day now
I just guess
I’ve never stopped loving her
in a way even I, myself, don’t understand


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  • carlinnoss4

    c.s. hahaha dat zijn mijn initialen:P

    5 jaar geleden
  • LynnBlack

    OOOOHH Staat die C.S voor C.S. Lewis?!
    I love itt!

    5 jaar geleden
  • Subdivisions

    Noahwe cutee :33
    Wie is c.s.? (Is dat een domme vraag?)
    Snel verder

    5 jaar geleden
  • batbucks

    Super mooi!
    Snel verder .x

    5 jaar geleden
  • Bitchachos

    Ahww <3

    5 jaar geleden

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