I have the perfect plan. If my old friend, the Lord, is all good, let me test his son. I want to see whether Jesus Christ is as powerful as he claims, can do what the people tell. I want to see him turning something lifeless into a thing that is useful in daily life, like he did when he turned water into wine. I want to see if he really is the son of God, if he still is going to worship him. I can give him a whole kingdom to rule alone! He can be the God! And he doesnít have to be in the shadows of his daddy! If he can resist that offer, Iíll ask him to throw himself of the building. The Bible says
ďHe will command his angels concerning you
to guard you carefully;
they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.Ē Well, if thatís true, God will catch him! God will make sure Jesus Christ falls on the ground without harm or injuries. Itís the perfect plan! Thereís no way itís going to fail. I know my old friend and he will definitely help his son, no doubt about that. Okay, Iíll tell my plan without the parts of the Bible.
First, Iím going to ask Jesus to turn a stone into bread. I know heís hungry and Iím quite sure he would want something to eat.
Second, if he resists to do that, Iíll take him to an enormous kingdom, where he can be the King or the God, without his father telling him what to do and what not to do. The only thing he has to do is turning his back to his dad and worship me instead of the Lord.
And last but not least, when the second plan doesnít work, which I doubt, I will ask him to throw himself of a high building.
God is all powerful, poh, I want to see it before I believe that he is! And now, itís time to make this idea happen! Jesus is in the desert to be all alone and I am going to surprise him with my visit. I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins already! This is the time for my victory!

What went wrong! What?! Why didnít he listen to me! Why didnít he take the offers to show how powerful and mighty he and his father are! Why not! Why could he resist my offer of ruling over a whole kingdom without standing in the shadows of his father! Why! He had the chance to become a god himself! He only had to worship me and he had that kingdom for himself! He could preach as much as he wanted, but still, he resisted my offer. I had the perfect plan, but it somehow didnít work! All those quotes from the Bible, I went completely mad! ďMan shall not live on bread alone!Ē Whatís wrong with living on bread without something else? I mean, if you canít afford something else, should you die then? And then the Bible says I am bad! Isnít God the one whoís bad? He is just a beautiful lie and Iím the ugly truth. And stillÖ I have no idea what happened to my plan. Next time I will make it bigger, a lot bigger. I am going to make sure he wonít be able to talk to the people again. I can take care of this, no problem. There will be some people who donít like him, are afraid of what he can do. If I talk to them and tell them that if they worship me and not their God, Iíll reward them with something more valuable than a life in heaven! Maybe eternity, money or a kingdom? I donít know, first I have to meet them. They will make sure Jesus is going down! Iím going to get my revenge. On Jesus, but on my old friend who thought he was the most important as well. And all those poor angels who still follow him, why? Who has decided to give him the most powerful function? And why can he command all those angels to go to earth to tell the people the good news? Why are all floods a sign of God? Who says God loves the people! Maybe he just loves to have worshippers? Maybe he just let the people drown, because of the part where they worship him and offer things for him?
God will go down! There will once be people who donít believe in a God and can say that out loud! And there will be people who worship me as a God, when they hear how I think. My Point of View.

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