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Hannah Mae Wilson

One Week Later

Ik lig op bed met m'n laptop voor me en scroll over mijn tijdlijn op twitter, maar stop met scrollen als ik een tweet zie van een fan.

Marissa @1DMaeForever
I'm really curious what is true in these articles -

Ik klik de link aan en scroll over de pagina en kijk alles een beetje na, maar stop dan als ik mijn eigen naam zie staan. Wat hebben ze nou weer over me geschreven? Ik begin te lezen, terwijl ik op mijn lip bijt.

Is Model Mae Wilson Sick?
Two weeks ago Mae Wilson, model at Model4you returned home from Spain, where she was with the famous boyband One Direction. The reason she went back home is not clear yet. After she got home, she didn't came out of her house for a week. She just sat at home, probably doing nothing, she also wasn't online on Twitter or Facebook that week.
Finally after a week fans saw her coming out of the house, she didn't look very well and fans outside her house were concerned, but after they heard she was going to the hospital that day, they were worried like hell. When Mae came back from her appointment in the hospital, fans asked her if she was sick, and she answered this: 'No, i'm not sick.' Her friend Steven helpt her to get back inside without greeting the fans. We talked with some fans outside her house and this is what one of them said to us. 'Mae always greeted us when she came out of the house and she always made time for us, but now she just waves and is saying nothing to us. We are worried and we think there is something wrong, but she isn't telling us. We are also curious why she isn't with the boys anymore, so maybe it's true and is she really sick.'
In the last week Mae came out more, but still not much. Everytime her friend Steven came out of the house, fans asked how Mae was doing and everytime he said: 'She's fine, no worries' and walked to his car.
We still don't know what is going on, but it can't be a secret forever when she's really ill, eventually we will find out what is going on.

December 6th 2013

Harry Styles dating Kendall Jenner?
The One Direction flirt Harry Styles was spotted leaving Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood with model and half sister of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner after a lovely dinner on Monday. They left from a back exit in a black Range Rover while Harry was behind the wheel and Kendall was sitting next to him in the front seat. Their is comfirmed that the two met at the X-Factor USA studio and talked a lot that night. They didn't look in the camera's and they didn't smile when they drove away. Harry wasn't happy they saw him leaving the restaurant with Kendall but that's what happens when you're a famous popstar. Unfortunately there is not comfirned yet that their in a relationship and they are not talking about it.
Picture of Kendall & Harry leaving Craig's Restaurant in a black Range Rover.
On Wednesday Harry was spotted at her hotel in Los Angeles, it was eleven o'clock in the evening and is wasn't just a visiting. Harry slept in the same hotel, it's not sure if they were sleeping in the same hotelroom, but we suspected it because the other lads were in a other hotel, far away from Kendall's hotel.
The next day Harry and Kendall came out of the hotel together. They walked along the fans who were waiting for Harry and a little bit for Kendall. Harry was taking pictures with fans while Kendall looked to the ground with a little smile on her face. A little further they stept in a van and drove away.
Picture of Harry & Kendall leaving the hotel together
In the afternoon the two were leaving an restaurant were they had lunch together and they both walked along the fans with a smile on their faces, it probably was a lovely lunch, but the big question is still: Are they dating?
Picture of Harry & Kendall leaving resaurant together after lovely lunch.

December 6th 2013

Harry Styles and Mae Wilson!
We all thought Harry Styles was dating the model Mae Wilson who was working for the boys after they were spotted in a swimming pool in their hotel. They swam together and after a couple of laps they stopped and Harry took Mae on his knees and let her be a bird, they were lauging about it and when Harry pulled her down again they kissed each other on the lips for a couple of seconds. After the kiss she got out of the pool and took her towel. Harry got out of the pool too and they were talking. A little later Harry walked away with his stuff and Mae laid herself down on a deck chair. Jade found her a little later and Mae was crying when they walked away together. What did they say and why was she crying? Was it about the kiss?
In the afternoon Harry looked down and wasn't himself, also Mae was acting strange and they didn't talk to each other. This happend two weeks before Mae was going home with Jade, her best friend and also the girlfriend of Zayn. Were they in a relationship when this happend or was the kiss an accident? And why are they ignoring each other after it happened?
When Mae left the boys and went home Harry was looking bad and was absent during the concerts. Maybe it was because of Mae and that he was missing her because she went home? Fans say Harry and Louis were fighting outside the arena and we think it's about Mae, because Louis was really emotional when he said goodbye to her at the airport. Maybe it is Harry's fault she went home, but we are not sure.
Is Harry in love with Mae or not? We think so! Maybe that's also the reason why he's going with Kendall, to forget his feelings for Mae, but were not sure about it.
We are very curious if Harry and Mae having feelings for each other and what it is between Harry and Kendall. Are they really together or not and what about Mae? Who is a lot at home lately.

December 6th 2013

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  • Manoukjeee

    ik vind dit verhaal echt geweldig.
    please snel verder ! xx

    7 jaar geleden
  • oomsjes16

    Snel verder!!
    Mea en harry horen samen!!

    7 jaar geleden
  • AllDayDreams

    Die paparazzi is zo ongelooflijk vervelend!
    Ik heb echt medelijden met Mae...
    En ik ben benieuwd wat Harry hierop te zeggen heeft.
    Snel verder xx

    7 jaar geleden

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