It lay there perfectly lonely and welcomingly at the table. The brown leather covering the journal looked soft and it was easy to see that it was used often; the pages lightly crumbled making the little book look thick and filled with words. Dragging her eyes from the very personal item she wondered who it belonged to - no one was insight. Maybe it was someone who had forgotten it? Or left it behind on purpose? With a quick movement she swept it off the surface of the coffee table and held it in her hands tightly. Maybe there was a name? An address?

It was quite an unusual item to find. She had no idea people actually kept journals these days - sure everybody loved the idea of keeping one - but that someone actually did?

The small, fragile leather strap that fought to keep the journal together was with a quick movement loosened. She could not help herself - just one quick glance to see if she could locate the owner of the mysterious journal. Her eyes eagerly scanned the pages.

She could hardly read the scribled words, that were scattered over the thick pages of the journal withholding all kind of secrets and thoughts. Ink and coffee stains, small doodles and a few games of tic tac toe were visible in the margines, which made her smile widely. The brown leather felt worn against her skin and she was eager to spent more time investigating the small portal into the mind of the mysterious owner. Who could possibly be the writer? Who had left behind this charming little treasure?

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  • Chuckles

    Oh, wauw. Even een bladwijzer. (:

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  • Azriel

    Abo (:

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