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Hello there!
Ladies and gentleman, for those who remember me I began writing this story a long time ago. I never finished it though, not because I didn't like it anymore, but mostly because I ran out of time, working, studying and having a boyfriend isn't an easy combo. But now that I finished studying and live together with my man I think I might find a bit more time to write again, I just really need to start writing again because I feel like I lost a part of myself when I stopped. So to those of you who do remember me, I am rewriting this story. It will be a little different, but it will still be about the Hobbit cast because I think they deserve some extra attention and love just for who they are and what they did for us (the fans) making these amazing movies. To those of you who don't know me but would like to read a story with the actors of the hobbit cast in it, ENJOY!

Astrophilia - love of the stars, love of starlight

'One day i'm going to be one of them' I whispered while I was holding his hand and watching the stars above us.
Only the rushing of the sea and the wind howling in the night around us.
'We all become a star someday' he answered still trying to avoid the truth.
'We both know I'll be the first one to go and there's nothing we can do about it, but for now we're together and that's all that matters!' I smiled before his lips kissed mine whereby I forgot about all the rest for now it was just us against the world.
The two of us fighting against the time, the time that was ticking away, slowly, invisibly.
It was just us fighting against the death, the horrible truth swiftly taking the soul of me

Sounds beautiful right, just like a typical love story, a love story like they only told in fairy tales, and trust my my life was no fairy tale. Nor was it a beautiful love story. I even had a very boring life, in fact I only started living my life the last few years of it, when my brother finally made me get out of my room and step into this cruel world I found out what life was about after all.
Life wasn't about hiding in my room, it wasn't about acting as if I didn't exist, life was so much more then reading books and singing or playing guitar and working for school all the time. Yes, that was my life, that seemed so long ago, when I was younger, naieve, when I thought I could just dissapear in my room where after no one would miss me anymore, where I believed death was easy and peaceful.
Now I was older, in a few years I learned a lot more about life, I finally grew up, I met some wonderful people that helped me through the hardest times of my life. I did make people smile, I made people cry and after so many years I was able to say I made some friends, some very good friends, thanks to those friends I became a better person. Who those friends were and what they did to me or what I did to them to make me change this much I am going to tell you now in the story of my life.

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