Smiling politely at the couple as I lit their candle as well, my mind was still wandering over the topic of that new girl - how could she possibly have been that bad? Maybe Eric had fancied her - I could just imagine he would get all worked up not realising he actually found her interesting. He was quite impassioned about his work here and had on several occasions been the one to arrange gigs, poetry readings and more. It always turned out as a success. But if some girl messed up - because she was hung over that woud definitely make it hard day's work for him.

Smiling to myself at the thought of a love struck stressed out Eric, I placed the bright candle back in the beautiful unique holder. "Could I get a cappuccino? And do you serve any food here?" The young woman asked me with a smile just as I was about to continue to the next table. Telling her the menu and receiving her order I was about to turn to get back to the counter, as the boy asked me something, "do you know if Jenny have come in today?"

I shook my head confused - Jenny? I knew everyone who worked here and there definitely was no Jennifer.

"She just started today - and she told us her shift would end at six thirty, but she wasn't even here when we came at six," he continued in a slow comfortable voice. His eyes were friendly and I noticed he had a cartoon styled robot tattoo on his arm.

"Oh! I believe she went home early actually then - I'm sorry," so the new girl was named Jenny. I looked at the couple in front of me with new interest - so they were friends with this girl? The boy's eyes were a deep hazel color and he sent me a soft smile, "that's okay. Thanks anyway."

I nodded. Still slightly vexed that I couldn't help them, as they seemed awfully nice. Quickly letting go off that feeling again, as I returned to the counter, I started to prepare their orders.

"That couple by the window knew that new girl - apparently her name is Jenny," I stated nodding towards their table, as Marc returned from the storage room. His eyes quickly reached the table at the window and his brows flew up in surprise, "you think she might be an art student then? Maybe she's attending that art school at South Wabash Av? They seen just the types who would go there," suddenly turning his eyes to me he continued baffled, "I mean not that they're you know - like. Not because of... but I thought maybe."

I giggled at his uncertainty concering whether he sounded too jugdemental, "yeah. Yeah I totally get what you mean. Art students are usually so colorful and got that intense need for self expression - last time I checked lavender colored hair and tattoos were in that department." Marc nodded eagerly at my more neutral definition. His worst fear was that people found him jugdementall or in any other way misinterpreted what he meant. Even around me he would be nervous about it - though I knew perfectly well he was the least prejudiced person in the history of ever. He would stand up for everyone - always coming up with an excuse for their behavior. He always believed in the best in people. That was probably the only thing which get on my nerves about him - his need for constantly apologizing for having offended someone, though he clearly hadn't. Luckily it wasn't too often he ecountered a girl with lavender hair.

"Yeah, lavender hair is definitely a statement. It's cool though, that they got the courage to express themselves like that," Marc continued my talk and smiled relieved, as he helped me finish the orders,\i told him in a low voice about the cool cartoon tattoos the guy had on his arm and we started guessing what hair color Jenny might have.

"Here you go," I smiled widely at the couple placing the brown mug filled with the steamy cappuccino in front of the girl.

"It's a really cool place you got here - I had no idea you could get coffee like this in Chicago!" The girl's lavender hair was shoulder length and she tucked it behind her ear, as she sent me a polite smile.

"Well thank you - I'll be sure to tell the owner. She would be very flattered to hear so," I held the empty tray loosely down the side of my leg and from the corner of my eye I spotted, that I hadn't ignited the last candle at the next table.

"Have you worked here long?" They guy asked his hazel eyes looking at me with true interest.

I shrugged, "it's been one and a half year by now. Time flies, but it's a great place to work so I don't complain!" The guy nodded, looking happy with my answer as he replied my smile with a grin, "I can imagine. Well maybe we'll see you around if Jenny can manage to keep her job."

His words made a sweet chuckle escape from the girl's pink full lips, as she shook her head and sighed, "for a change!"

"Oh come on - she's not that bad," the guy laughed making his unstyled black hair fall into his eyes, which he quickly swept away.

Since I didn't know Jenny I obviously didn't really find it as amusing as them - but it did however make me wonder why on earth my boss had hired 'Jenny'.

"Sorry - anyhow," the girl was still laughing as her eyes were sparkling with amusement looking up at me, "she's a lovely girl, just lacking a bit on the organizing-gene. It was supposed to be a surpise to meet her here on her first day - but I guess we kind of messed it up. You don't happen to know when she's most likely to have her next shift right?"

I shook my head, "sorry - our schedules vary from week to week so I can't even ensure you she'll be here next Monday." I absentminded noticed the sounds of the heavy rain, which was drumming steadily on the window. With the slow, smooth music playing it was kind of cozy with the rain though, but I hoped it would stop before I had to go home. The door flew open as an elderly man seeked shelter from the heavy rain. His black trench coat was already soaked and he hurried up to the counter to order something warm I guessed.

"No problem - we'll probably be able to get her to talk again. All it takes is a couple of bailey shots and she'll start babbling about everything between heaven and earth," the guy dropped in - once again making sure I didn't feel guilty, which made me flash a grateful smile at him.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," chuckling lightly I grinned one last time at the cheerful couple and headed back to the counter, where Marc was busy preparing an americano for the new - soaking wet- customer. I couldn't help feeling a little curious about meeting Jenny - to be honest I already liked her friends. They seemed interesting - I was curious about the cartoon tattoos and the lavender color. Did they mean something special? And why had Jenny been hungover first day at work? Maybe that couple had something to do with that?

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