I close my eyes, smiling as the sound of the cars on the wet road outside fades away gently.
When I open them again, I'm sitting on the black leather couch inside, in front of the fire-place. Above the fire-place was a mirror that wasn't really a mirror - though it I can see my laptop and the words appearing on the screen.
"Aren't you supposed to be doing housework?" an amused, Russian accented voice appears at my ear, and I don't even need to turn around to know that Nathan was sitting beside me on the couch, a knife and a block of wood in his hands. I could tell from his cologne and his voice.
We were a lot closer now, and I was very grateful for it.
"I'm worried." I tell him quietly, aware that his 'children' were playing on the floor in front of us. "That I'm gonna do something silly." I turn and cuddle into him carefully, resting my head on his chest. I could see the scars that covered him, but they were no-where near as bad as he always seemed to think.
"Would you rather I came out for a little?" he asked softly, putting down the toy he was making, and pulling me onto his lap properly to cuddle me. He's gone from being very distant to being very much like a big-brother/father figure for me, and he's a lot more touchy.
"If you don't mind."
"I don't. And you know the little love hanging out with their crazy Aunty Amy." he tickled me lightly before putting me down. Then he looked at the mirror. "You're writing this all down." he said cooly.
"Yes." I answer, before sliding onto the floor and pulling Saakje onto my lap. She was warm and soft and squished me happily.
Nathan just sighed with a smile, and went to the door beside the fire-place. I watched curiously, as I didn't often get to watch switching happen from inside. He opened it and just went through.
Well that's boring.

Amy stop writing. It's time for us to get dressed and do the dishes. Also, I'm going to make you eat.

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