Zoe and her group of friends went to the park. That's where they always went to chat and smoke. They had set themselves on the grass as they watched people walk around and some kids play.
"We should go to the beach some time." A girl with dyed blonde hair suggested. That was Tine, one of Zoe's friends. She was a nice girl, but a sassy one! Her grey eyes could burn holes into your soul. Zoe and Tine knew each other since they were 12. They had some issues in the past, but they got over it and became very good friends.
"I can ask my grandparents if we could stay at there apartment for a couple of days?" A girl with light brown, curly hair said with a smile. Jennifer was her name, but everyone called her Jenn. Her bright blue eyes could distract you immediately. Everyone nodded in agreement.
"I wanna party. A lot." Zoe stated and lit up a cigarette. "I want to throw a party." A guy came in between. This one had black hair and dark brown eyes. He was quite a mysterious guy. His name? Stan. Zoe knew him since they were small and they have been friends since.
Stan lit up a cigarette as well and laid down on the grass. He blew out the smoke into circles. Zoe looked at him and smiled, blowing out the smoke from her cigarette. She threw her head back and enjoyed the summer breeze. The sun was shining bright and a lot of birds were chirping. It seemed as if they were always happy. Zoe thought it was a weird thing, happiness. She had never really expierenced it.
There was something behind her hazel eyes that made her so mysterious. Some sort of a secret that made her the way she is now.
A group of four guys passed Zoe's friends. One of them groaned as he looked at them.
"I don't know them personally, but I already know I hate them." The blonde haired guy stated as he jammed his hands in the pockets of his black ripped jeans. All of them agreed as they continued their walk towards the playground where some litle kids were playing and running around.
"What are we gonna do this summer?" the light brown, curly headed one questioned his mates.
"I wanna party." The one with black and white dyed hair stated with a grin.
"I bet Stan is gonna throw a big ass party, just wait and see." The blonde haired one said again.
"Yes, but will he invite us?" the curly headed said. "We're the 'not-so-popular' ones, Luke. Remember? We don't belong there." The blonde haired one, who's name was Luke nodded in agreement. They weren't as popular as Stan and his friends.
"Cal? Are you okay?" Luke asked his other friend after a minute of silence. The dark haired guy was looking at Zoe. He was mesmerized by her beauty. The way her hair was up in that messy bun and how her dimples showed off when she was laughing or even smiling.
"Yeah." Calum said and tore his gaze off of Zoe. There was no way Zoe would ever fall for a guy like Calum. He was a 'good' guy and she was a bad girl. People called her fake. They said you couldn't trust her. Calum didn't think that was true though. He thought there would be a reason behind that angelic smile and those mysterious eyes. He knew there was something and he'd find out what.
"Last one at the swings is a loser!" The black and white haired guy said and ran off to the swings, his mates following close after. Calum quickly looked over to Zoe once more before running along. He had to get over her.
"Those guys are so childish." Tine rolled her eyes at the four eighteen year old guys in the playground. Zoe looked at them. She locked eyes with the dark haired guy. He smiled at her, but she didn't smile back. Something in her just said "Don't trust people." She never trusted anyone.
After a couple of hours of talking, Tine and Stan got up. Zoe looked at her friends with a puzzled look on her face. It was already getting late and they needed to be home for dinner.
"See you tomorrow, guys!" Tine said as she took her bag and left the park with Stan, leaving Jenn and Zoe behind. They looked at each other and smiled. Jenn laid down on the grass and looked at the blue sky. There was no cloud to be seen.
"I love summer." Jenn whispered. Zoe agreed and looked at her friend. She couldn't tell if Jenn was looking at her or not. She was wearing sunglasses and Zoe could only see her own reflection. She sighed.
"I'm so glad my parents are gone for two whole months. I can do what I want, whenever I want." she explained. Jenn smiled and rolled over so she was lying on her stomach. Zoe's phone rang. She groaned and took it from her bag. She rolled her eyes when she was her mom's name on the screen. Then, she coughed once, put a big -fake- smile on her face and answered.
"Hi mom." She said as if she was an angel. Jenn laughed softly. She thought Zoe was a special kid. She was a very good liar, but Jenn knew when she was lying. She had this special habbit she did whenever she lied. She'd bite her lip for five seconds and lick her lips after.
"I'm with Jennifer at the park." She always used Jenn's full name whenever she was talking to her parents. Whenever she used 'Jenn' they said she wasn't respectful. Jenn thought it was pretty funny how she always used 'Jennifer'. Zoe rolled her eyes and listened closely to what her parents had to say.
"You're in Europe? I thought you were in Asia?" Zoe questioned, making Jenn laugh even more.
"Oh, maybe I was confused. Charlotte's parents went to Asia. Maybe I got it from there." Zoe lied. She bit her lip for exactly five seconds and wet her lips with her tongue. Jenn started rolling over the grass from laughter. She had to stay quiet so Zoe's parents wouldn't hear it.
"Alright, mom. I have to go now. Jennifer and I are going to the movies." Zoe bit her lip once more and licked her lips. Jenn had stopped rolling and laughing and looked at her friend. She shook her head.
"Bye mom." Zoe said and hung up.
"You're such a good liar." Jenn stated whilst Zoe got up and took her bag.
"Learned it from the best." she stated with a wink before leaving the park with Jenn.

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