*Next morning*
It was 11:00 am when Zoe slowly opened her eyes. The sunglight peeped through her curtains and landed right on her face. She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned. Slowly enough, she sat up and frowned. She looked at her clock and groaned again. Then, she fell face down on her bed again. It was way too early for a summer day, she thought. Her phone buzzed on her nightstand, making her jump. She sat up again and finally rubbed her eyes. They still felt heavy.
She reached for her phone. Three new messages. The first one was from Yasmine.
"Wanna hang out todayyy?" Zoe figured she would answer later and opened the next message. From Jenn. "I wanna party tonight!" Zoe chuckled by herself and opened the last message. "I'll be there at 10 am. See you, sweetiepie." Zoe frowned. Who was this? She looked at the name. Granny.
Realization hit her and her eyes grew wide. She quickly jumped out of bed and put on some jean shorts and a tank top, brushed her hair and teeth and put on a bit of make-up. She knew that if she went downstairs in her pyjamas, her grandmother would be very mad. Last time she did that, granny yelled at her for being unrespectful.
Once Zoe was ready, she went downstairs to find her granny in the kitchen cleaning up and mumbling by herself. Zoe couldn't figure out what she was saying.
"Goodmorning, nan." Zoe said, making her old granny jump.
"Oh my goodness, Zoe! You made me jump!" The old lady said, holding onto her heart. Zoe giggled and pecked her wrinkled cheek.
"Had a good sleep, sweetie?" Granny asked as she continued cleaning up. Zoe grabbed an apple from the bowl on the kitchen counter and took a bite from it while she nodded in response.
"A bit more polite, young lady." Grandma nearly yelled. Zoe swallowed.
"Yes, granny. I had a very good night rest, thank you." Zoe said. Her granny smiled.
"That's better."
When Zoe finished her apple, she went back upstairs. She needed to get out. She couldn't be here when her granny was. The only reason she was there was because she needed to keep an eye on Zoe. While Zoe thought she could handle it all alone.
Zoe grabbed her phone and figured she hadn't answered any texts. When she unlocked her phone, she saw she had another text. This one was from Katy.
"Party at my house tonight. Wanna come?" Katy was a girl from school. She was kind of religious and probably the best student. Zoe and Katy had to do a couple of projects together in the past, but besides that Zoe barely talked to her.
She dialed Yasmine's number.
"Oi!" It sounded from Yasmine's side of the line.
"Aye!" Zoe said.
Yasmine and Zoe were best friends since they were in diapers, but even then she didn't get along with Zoe's parents. They thought Yasmine was a bad influence for her. In reality, Yasmine was a better person than Zoe. She was a bit chubbier than Zoe, but she wasn't one to judge very quickly. Yasmine had a sparkling personality and she was hilarious as hell! Zoe didn't care if she weighed more or less, if she was taller or smaller than her. Yasmine was Zoe's best friend and that would never change.
"Please take me away from here." Zoe said and fell onto her bed, face down.
"What happened?" Zoe rolled over so she was on her back.
"Oh. Let's go to the park, yeah? Be here in twenty minutes." Yasmine suggested. Zoe agreed.
Twenty minutes later, Zoe arrived at Yasmine's house. She was already waiting outside. Her hair flying with the wind made her look quite attractive.
She smiled when Zoe approached her.
"Hey hot stuff." Zoe greeted and hugged her best friend.
"Hi good lookin'!" Yasmine returned the hug.
Without saying another word, they made their way to the park. The silences between the two of them were never awkward and that's what Zoe loved the most about being in this friendship. They could just sit on the floor and don't say anything or talk about every single thing you could ever imagine.
The two of them sat down on the spot they were yesterday. Yasmine couldn't be there because she had something else to do. Both of them lit up a cigarette when their silence got interrupted by an all to familiar voice.
"Yo! Yas! Zo!" They both looked up, seeing Stan and Jenn walking up to them.
"Hey guys!" Yasmine and Zoe both greeted at the same time. Both Stan and Jenn sat down. Stan lit up a cigarette as well. Jenn didn't smoke though. Zoe still wondered how she could stand it not to smoke when all they did was smoke. Zoe's granddad smoked all the time, so her lungs were already damaged. Why wouldn't she smoke?
"Are you going to Katy's party?" Jenn questioned all of us.
Zoe looked at the others, waiting for their answer.
"Only if there's liquor. Because a Katy party is not something I can do sober." Zoe finally spoke out as she inhaled the smoke of the cigarette and blew it out again. She made sure it didn't go in Jenn's direction. She didn't want Jenn to get bad lungs.
"There probably is. Or that's what Tine told me." Stan said.
"Well then. I'm going." Zoe said as she pressed out the cigarette and threw it away.
All of them decided they would go and they would bring other friends. Tine would come and Johanna. Johanna, or Han as her friends called her, was another member of the group. She was quite a chirpy girl. She always knew how to cheer you up whenever you were down.
*That night*
"Nan, I'm going to bed to read a book and go to sleep afterwards." Zoe stated. She bit down on her lip and licked them five seconds later. Gran nodded and pecked her granddaughter's cheek. Zoe went upstairs and set everything up. This was a normal routine for her. She knew her grandmother would come up to check on her, so she had set up some sort of doll that she'd put underneath her duvet. When that was all ready, she picked out her outfit. A black cropped top and some black high waisted shorts that ended right underneath her belly button. It really showed off her piercing. She looked in the mirror and smiled. She loved that little thing. If her parents ever saw it, she would be dead. She finished getting ready and grabbed her high heels from her closet. They had some golden chain detail on the heel, which she like a lot.
She opened the window. The only benefit about having a garage with a flat roof right underneath your window was that you could easily sneak out. She carefully jumped out of her window and landed perfectly on the roof without making any noise. She had her heels in her hands, so her bare feet on the roof were cold as hell. She tiptoed towards the drainpipe and climbed off. She let out a sigh of relief when she got on the ground. When she put on her heels, she took her phone from the pocket of her shorts.
"Got out. Meet me at the park." She sent it to everyone she needed and made her way to the park.
When she got there, everyone arrived a little later. They were all dressed nicely and ready to go.
A little later, they arrived at Katy's house. All six of them stopped on her front porch and looked at the big house. Zoe took a deep breath.
The door was open so they could easily walk in. There were only twenty people. That was a bommer.
"I wanna go home." Yasmine whispered into Zoe's ear.
"Hi!" someone chirped. It was Katy. Her small figured embraced every single one of them.
"I'm so glad you're here! Okay, so there's something to drink and over there you can get something to eat." She explained pointing at the tables in the corners of the room where some bottles and cups were standing. All six of them nodded and when Katy turned around to greet someone else, they immediately went to get something to drink.
"What are they doing here?" Luke asked and cocked his head into Zoe's direction.
"Probably getting wasted and getting in trouble." Michael answered as they all looked at the group of six and sipped from their own red cups. The music was blasting loud. Only three people were dancing.
Calum glanced over at Zoe. Even though her legs were short, with those heels and those shorts they looked endless. Her piercing sparkled like a diamond because of all the lights. Her hazel eyes had a special glow in them. One Calum had never seen before. Her dimples were poking out when she laughed at something Stan had said.
"I hate them." Ashton growled and turned around so he didn't have to look at them anymore.
Katy had set up some rules. No smoking and no drugs inside. Zoe groaned. How could she possibly not smoke at a party. Luckily, she knew this house very well. She came here a lot when she needed to do a project with Katy. She went upstairs and into Katy's bedroom. There, she opened the window and climbed out. She settled herself on the roof as she lit up a cigarette. She liked to be here. You could see the city lights and it was a beautiful view. She usually came up here when Katy needed to go downstairs to print something out or whatever.
"What are you doing here?" A voice behind her made her jump. She looked behind her and saw a tall and lean figure standing in the doorway.
"None of your bussiness." She replied and looked back straight ahead of her.
"Can I join?" The voice suddenly sounded closer, but she didn't mind to look at him. She just shrugged. The guy climbed up with her and sat himself down next to her.
"Woah, this is beautiful." He whispered in awe as he saw the city lights.
"It is, isn't it?" Zoe mumbled as she took another drag from her cigarette.
"I don't think we ever met." He suddenly said after a moment of silence. Zoe looked at the kid and shook her head before looking back at the view.
"I'm Calum." He extended his hand for her to shake it. She looked at it, but didn't move.
"You're Zoe, right?" Calum tried as he put his hand on his own knee. He was nervous. Zoe noticed that, but she didn't know why he was. She didn't really care. She didn't trust people.
"How do you know?" Zoe finally asked.
"People talk about you a lot."
Zoe knew that. People thought she was a fake bitch and that no one should ever trust her. She could be an angel one second and a nanosecond later, she's the devil.
"I know they do. They hate me. They all hate me." Zoe stated.
"Why do they hate you?" Calum asked shyly as he tugged at the skin on his fingers.
"They say I'm a fake bitch. That I don't care about people and that I'm not trustworthy." Zoe mumbled. Another silence filled the air.
"Why do you actually care?" she blurted out and pressed her cigarette against the brick wall to extinguish it. Before Calum could even answer, she climbed back inside. Calum followed quickly and grabbed her by her wrist, making her stop abruptly.
"I don't think you're a fake bitch, you know? I don't hate you."
Zoe half-smiled.
"Good for you." She said and got out of Calum's grip.
*Later that night*
Katy insisted on everyone to leave. The party was getting a bit out of hand, so she asked everyone to leave. Zoe quickly grabbed two bottles of Vodka before she left the house. Her friends and her would always go to the park to drink a little more. They sat down in front of the swings. Yasmine en Jenn on them, the others in front of it. Zoe handed Yasmine a bottle and spun off the lid from the one she was still holding. She took a swung and handed it to Stan, who was sitting next to her. The liquid went through her body.
When the two bottles were empty, they left them there and went home. Stan and Zoe were the only ones who needed to go in the same direction.
"Why does everyone hate me?" Zoe asked out of the blue. Stan looked at her.
"Because people don't know the real you." Stan answered. Zoe stopped.
"Do you think you know me?" she asked softly.
Zoe smiled and continued to walk. When she walked passed Stan, he grabbed her wrist and turned her around. She was only inches away from his face now. He grinned.
"You're a mysterious girl, Zo. I dig that." He half whispered, half said. Zoe smirked before Stan slammed his lips onto hers.
It didn't last long, though. Stan pulled away and looked deep into her eyes.
"See you tomorrow." He said and pecked her lips one last time.
Zoe didn't notice they actually arrived at her house. She looked at Stan's tall figure walking on the pavement until he was out of sight. She took her heels off and climbed up the way she came down. She had left her window a slight bit open so she could still enter when she came back. She got ready to go to bed, the feeling of Stan's lips still lingered on hers.
Once her head touched her pillow, she dozed off. Ready for the biggest hungover ever.

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