Every single night Calum would wait outside Zoe's door and Zoe would come out to talk. It was three days later since the last time they talked to each other. Sadly enough, Zoe's gran came over to 'babysit'. Zoe texted Calum to tell him.
"Sneak out." He texted back.
Not even five seconds later, he sent another text.
"I'm waiting outside."
Another one.
"Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught."
Zoe smiled and did her normal routine. She told her granny she'd go to bed, set everything up in her room and climbed out of her window. When she perfectly landed on the ground, she smoothed out her shirt. When she looked up, she saw Calum standing on the other side of the road. He had black skinny jeans on, which was rolled up a bit so his ankles were showing off, and a white muscle tank, which showed off his bicep.
He smiled at her and held up his hands. He had two bottles of vodka and a sly grin on his face.
"Are you trying to get me wasted so you could rape me later?" Zoe asked with a giggle. Calum shook his head and walked towards her.
"I'm a good guy, remember." He mumbled as she took out a cigarette and lit it.
"You really need to stop with that. It's bad for you."
"Don't tell me what to do." Zoe's voice was muffled because of the cigarette that was hanging between her lips. Calum shook his head and handed her a bottle.
"Can we go somewhere else? I don't want my grandma walking out and seeing us." Calum agreed and took Zoe to a place she had never seen before. Calum remembered she liked pretty views so he took her to the edge of a hill where you could see the city lights from another point of view. Zoe was in awe.
"How'd you know I like this sort of views?"
Calum shrugged.
"Remember that time we were on a roof?"
Zoe nodded slowly. That memory was somewhere in the back of her mind.
"I remembered that moment." He said shortly as he sat down on the grass. Zoe looked at him surprised. He actually remembered something they did together. No one ever did. They never reminded her of certain moments.
Zoe sat down next to Calum and spun off the lid from the bottle. She took a big swung and shivered as she felt the liquid go down her throat. Calum giggled at her reaction to the alcohol.
"Have you talked to Stan lately?" Calum asked her as he drank from the bottle. Zoe had trusted Calum a couple of days ago and told him about what happened. He was shocked. He never thought a girl like her would be a virgin.
"Nope." Zoe answered and took a drag from her cigarette before pressing it against the grass and threw it away. She felt good enough to be with Calum without smoking for a while.
"Why not?"
"I don't see why I should."
"I thought you'd be that girl who'd run up to him and punch him in the face." Calum laughed and so did Zoe. She shook her head.
"Believe me, I'm not."
A silence fell, but it wasn't awkward. It was a comfortable silence.
The cold night air sent shivers down her body as she took another sip from the vodka.
"People are wrong about you, Zoe." She tilted her head to the side. What did he mean?
"You're not the girl people think you are."
The comfortable silence lingered in the air.
"Is there a reason why you're like this?" He blurted out, Zoe froze.
"There... I-I can't tell you." She mumbled.
"That's okay. You don't have to."
"It's not that I don't trust you, Calum. You're the first person I actually do trust, but I..."
Calum interrupted.
"You're just scared to face the truth yourself?" Zoe looked at him.
"I-I don't know..." She thought about it for a while. Calum looked at her, the bottle in his hand was half empty already.
"It just hurts thinking about it." She spoke very soft as her voice cracked meaning she'd start crying. Zoe wasn't one to cry quickly. She had never cried in front of anybody. Not even Yasmine. A tear escaped her eye and she wiped it away quickly before Calum saw it.
"Hey. It's okay to cry once in a while. I don't mind." He had seen it. Zoe looked at him as he placed his hand on her exposed thigh.
"I never cried before. I'm so weak." Zoe tried to laugh it away, but Calum shook his head.
"Crying doesn't mean you're weak, Zoe. It means you have been strong for way too long."
Zoe looked at her new friend. He was different than every other person she ever met. For once in her life she felt like someone finally understood her. Like someone finally wanted to help her. But she couldn't tell everything. Not yet. She didn't trust him that much. Or she told herself not to trust him like she did with every other person.
They remained silence for a long time until Zoe spoke up.
"Who do you trust?"
"No one but myself."
Zoe looked at him quizzically.
"You should try that too." Zoe chuckled as she rested her head on Calum's firm shoulder and took another sip from the liquor. Calum was happy she laughed whenever he was with him. It meant a lot to be that one person that made her smile like she meant it.

*The next morning*

Zoe woke up by a faint knocking on her window. She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes before walking towards the window. Tine and Jenn were throwing small stones at my window. When they saw my sleepy face, they motioned to open the window. With her eyes still full of sleep, she tilted up the window.
"Morning, sleepy head." Tine joked her voice ringing through Zoe's ears.
"Can you open the door please?"
"Can't you ring the doorbell please?" Zoe shot back.
"Your gran's here." Jenn stated blankly. Zoe's eyes grew wide.
"Wait at the front. I'll be down in a minute."
The two girls nodded as Zoe left her window open and got dressed quickly. She got in a random printed crop top and a black playsuit and finished getting ready. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand before running downstairs. She jumped into her black converse and walked in the living room, finding her grandmother on the sofa, knitting. She smiled up when she saw her granddaughter in the doorway.
"I'm going out today." Zoe stated and pecked her gran's cheek.
"With who?" Gran asked while Zoe jogged towards the kitchen to get an apple for breakfast.
"Charlotte." Zoe bit her bottom lip and wet them. She took a bite from the fruit and semi-jogged towards the front door.
"Oh, well. Have fun, sweetie!" Gran shouted when she closed the door.
Tine and Jenn were waiting across the road where Zoe and Calum always sat at night. She smiled, thinking about that time. Zoe hugged her two friends before walking off with them. They went to the park and when they arrived at their usual spot, Stan was sitting there with his 'new' friends. Zoe recognized Simon, who was in her class. He was a sweet guy and always very chirpy unless he didn't sleep at night, then he'd be grumpy. Zoe also recognized the girl next to Simon. Kelly, his girlfriend from about a year. They were cute together, like the perfect match or so.
Stan saw Zoe and without thinking twice about it, he started making out with the girl next to him. Zoe rolled her eyes and walked further to a bench where she wouldn't be able to see that jerk sucking off the girl's face.
"Hey Zoe!" Simon yelled at her. Zoe stopped abruptly and squeezed her eyes shut before turning around and putting a smile on her face. Jenn and Tine following closely behind.
"Hi Simon, Kelly! And other people I don't know." Zoe greeted once she approached them. Stan was still sucking off the girl's face. It made her sick in the stomach to see him doing that. She wasn't jealous. It was just gross to see them making out.
"Why don't you sit with us?" Simon suggested with a smile.
"Oh, no thanks. We don't wanna interrupt you're little ... ehh... conversation..." Zoe stammered nervously. She didn't want to sit with them because of Stan, nothing more and nothing less. Zoe quickly glanced over at Stan. He was kissing with his eyes wide open. Come on, who does that?
"Oh okay. See you another time then, Zoe!" Simon said before we walked away.
"Oh come on, Daisyboo. Too much tongue." Zoe heard Stan say. Her stomach twisted. It was gross to imagine them kissing with a lot of tongue. Yuk. Too much information. Zoe shook her out of her thoughts and sat down on another grassplot. Zoe could see Calum and his friends walk past Stan's group. He looked slightly confused and very mad at the same time. When they walked a bit further, he looked in Zoe's way and when they locked eyes, he smiled. She smiled back.
"Why is Stan sucking off Daisy's face? I thought Zoe and he had a thing?" Ashton whispered to his friends. Calum looked at Zoe a bit further a way. Luke shrugged.
"Wait, Zoe and Stan had a thing?" Michael asked confused.
"Yeah they did, but Stan went too far and Zoe told him she was a virgin."
"She definitly isn't a virgin." Ashton stated and shook his head.
Calum ignored his friends talking as they walked in Zoe's direction. They walked passed them. Calum slowed down a bit.
"Tonight?" He mouthed towards her. She smirked and nodded. Jenn looked at her confused.
"What's going on between you and that kid?" She asked and cocked her head towards Calum. Zoe shook her head as they walked passed.
"Nothing." She tried not to bite her lip, but failed. She should stop doing that whenever Jenn was around. She was the only one who knew about that.
"So what are we doing tonight?" Tine asked, ignoring what could be happening between Zoe and the guy. Zoe tore her gaze off of Calum and his friends and looked at the blonde haired girl.
She needed to find an excuse now.
"I think I'm gonna stay home for the night. Ehh... Max is coming over for a little girls-night in." She tried not to bite her lip, but she couldn't help it. Her teeth chewed on her bottom lip for five seconds and licked them afterwards. Max was Zoe's cousin. They were very close and did things like that very often.
"Really?" Jenn raised an eyebrow at her friend.
"Yes." Zoe nodded with a small smile.
"What about tomorrow night? I heard there's a party at that kid's house. What's his name again?" Tine nodded her head towards Calum's group.
"Calum?" Zoe blurted out.
Jenn and Tine both looked at her confused.
"I-I ehh... I heard his friends call him once..." She lied, but this time she didn't bite her lip.
"Anyways, do you guys wanna go?" Tine asked, completely unaware of what was happening. She didn't really care either.
"Yeah sure, why not? It's gonna be fun blowing up that kid's party." Jenn stated. She never really wanted to be mean to anyone, but she liked to cause some trouble every now and then.
"Zoe? What do you think? Would you wanna go?" Tine asked, snapping Zoe out of her thoughts. She was wondering if he'd invite her or if she'd had to turn up unexpectedly.
"Oh eh... Yeah sure, why not? Would be fun!" Zoe tried to smile.
They talked for a long time about everything you could ever imagine. From birds to parties to memories they have shared the past few years. Zoe zoned out for a minute and looked around. Stan and his group of friends were still sitting on their spot. A couple of five year olds ran around playing tag. An old woman on a bench was feeding the ducks and a young couple was sitting next to her, making out. You could tell the woman was feeling uncomfortable. Zoe chuckled and looked further. She saw Calum and his friends playing soccer. The blonde haired lad kicked the ball a little to hard, sending it towards Zoe. It bounced a couple of times right in front of her and then stopped. She looked at the round subject and then up again. The curly haired lad jogged up the her.
"Sorry." He apologized and picked up the ball.
"It's okay." Zoe said with a smile.
The guy jogged back at his friends. Zoe looked at Calum, who was also looking at her. Once he noticed that, he smiled. It was a big, genuine smile that sent shivers down her spine. He had such a beautiful smile. She liked seeing him smile. It made her smile.
"That boy is cute." Jenn blurted out.
Zoe popped her head up at her friend and so did Tine.
"What? That guy IS cute."
Zoe and Tine started laughing. Typically Jenn though.
The day went by and it started to get late. The park was almost empty. Only Zoe, Stan and Calum were left with their friends. Tine looked at her phone and jumped up once she realized what time it was.
"I have to go home. Sorry guys. See you tomorrow!" She waved before running off.
"Seems like we're left again." Jenn stated, making Zoe smile. She took a cigarette and lit it.
"Did you ask your grandparents about the beach yet?" Zoe asked as she blew out the smoke.
"Yeah, they didn't want us to sleep in their apartment, but that doesn't mean we can't go right? We can just go for a day? That would be fun too, wouldn't it?" Zoe agreed. She was thinking about the nights with Calum. She really wanted to tell Jenn. She basically told her everything. But she was scared. Scared of being judged by liking a 'not-so-popular' kid. Zoe hated those labels.
"I better get going too. See you tomorrow?" Zoe nodded, hugging her friend goodbye. Jenn jogged off.
Zoe laid herself down on the grass, taking her phone and earphones and put on some music. She closed her eyes and took another drag from the cigarette. She breathed in deeply. Sometimes, being alone felt so good. She could think about every little thing and over think it. A lot. She hated the over thinking part, it never ended very well. She zoned out for a moment. Hearing Calum's friends shout his name and hearing Stan's friends shout and cheer for whatever. She heard it all over the music.
"Having fun?" She heard a voice, making her open her eyes immediately. It was Calum. Of course. She took her headphones out and sat up straight. He had the ball in his hand and looked down at Zoe.
"Yeah, just thinking." Zoe stated with a smile.
"What were you listening to?"
"Mayday Parade." Zoe answered shyly.
"You like Mayday Parade?" Zoe nodded.
"They're my favorite band! I-" Calum got cut off by his friends.
"Calum!" The curly haired one shouted.
"Stop flirting and come here with that stupid ball!" The black and white haired lad yelled. Calum rolled his eyes at his friends.
"See you tonight." He stated and jogged off again, leaving Zoe alone once more.
"Why were you talking to her?" Luke asked his friend.
"Can't I just talk to someone?"
"You can talk to anyone, just not to her." Ashton stated as he took the football from his friend's hands.
"Why not?"
"She's dangerous."
"Why is she dangerous?"
"You can't trust her, mate. I don't want you to end up with a broken heart." Luke stated and patted Cal's back.
"You don't know her."
"Oh and you do?" Michael asked before running off.
"Better than anyone else." He muttered before running as well.
Zoe took all of her stuff and got out of the park. She figured she'd rather pass Calum than Stan even though that would mean she needed to take a detour. McFly's "All About You" sounded through her headphones. That was her favorite song. She softly hummed along, barely noticable. Calum noticed it though. When she walked passed, he smiled. That song would be stuck inside of his head for the rest of the night.
Once Zoe arrived at home, she threw her bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen. Her gran wasn't home, which was very relieving. Now she could be alone for dinner for once. She took a leftover from the fridge and placed herself on the couch with it. She flicked through the channels on the TV until she found something she wanted to watch. She enjoyed her dinner until she got interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She got up and went to open. Johanna was standing in front of her with a big smile on her face.
"Am I interrupting?" Han asked. Zoe shook her head and let her friend in. She walked into the living room, quickly followed by Zoe who closed the door first. Johanna sat on the couch as if she was at home. Zoe's friends came over often without even telling her. That's what she liked so much about their friendship. They watched TV together until it started to get very late. Han had fallen asleep on the couch when Zoe's phone lit up. She received a text.
"You ready?" It was Calum.
Zoe checked if her friend was asleep, just to be sure and got up. She put on some sneakers and quietly opened the front door. She didn't completely close it so she could go inside afterwards. In the soft moonlight, she saw Calum standing there at the other side of the road. His guitar in hand. Zoe frowned and crossed the road.
"Why the guitar?" Zoe questioned, a slight bit confused.
"I don't know... just felt like playing a couple of songs with you tonight."
"Calum, it's the middle of the night. People will hear you." Zoe told him, but he didn't care. He strummed his guitar and started singing.
"It's all about you.It's all about you, baby. It's all about you. It's all about you, yeah.
Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew.
So I told you with a smile: it's all about you." Calum stopped and looked at Zoe's embarrassed face.
"What? Did I sing off key?" He asked. Zoe shook her head.
"Your voice is wonderful, Calum. I just don't think you should be singing at this time of the night." Calum shook his head and took her hand. They were still standing. He carefully pushed her down so she'd sit on the pavement before handing her the guitar and sitting behind her.
"What are you--" she started, but Calum cut her off.
"I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar, Zoe. Trust me." Zoe turned her head, trying to look at him. His eyes were fixed on the guitar as a soft smile appeared on his face.
"I trust you." She whispered. Calum's smile widened. It was good to hear that. He knew she didn't trust that much people. Calum took her hands and placed them on the guitar. He explained everything like a real teacher. He was so gentle and patient with her. Anyone else would've given up already. They wouldn't even start to try and teach her anything.
After his explanation for the chords, she tried it. His hand didn't leave hers as she played the few chords. She did great. First try was a good try. She immediately got it right.
"Yay!" She cheered for herself.
"That was really good! You're a quick student." Calum joked with the biggest smile on his face. Zoe let go off the guitar, leaving Calum to try something out.
She turned her head and looked at him. His face was very close to hers now. She lightly pecked his cheek.
"Thank you." She whispered. He turned his head, their lips were one inch away from each other. Zoe felt shivers run down her spine and butterflies well up in her belly. Was she in love? She couldn't be. She didn't know what love was, did she?
Calum shook his head as if he snapped out of his thoughts and looked back at his guitar. Zoe sighed unnoticeable. She kind of felt rejected right now. If this was a movie, they would've kissed. Zoe shook her head. This isn't a movie, Zoe. This is real life. Wake up.
Zoe's eyes felt heavy. She was tired.
"Do your friends know about us?" Calum asked out of the blue as he placed his guitar next to him on the pavement. He didn't bother to move, though. He stayed where he was, right behind Zoe. Her back pressed against his chest and their legs tangled.
"No... They don't..." Zoe answered. "What about yours?"
A silence fell.
"Do-Do your friends judge me?" Zoe asked.
Calum stayed quiet for a moment. She didn't want to hurt her now.
"Y-Yeah they do... They believe the rumours."
Zoe sighed deeply and looked at her hands as she pulled of the skin around her nails.
"They don't know you, Zoe. They shouldn't be judging."
"Did you believe them? Like, before we started talking?"
"Well... Everyone does believe something from it. I didn't want to believe it, Zoe. I wanted to be sure you weren't the person they thought you were."
"Is that why you started talking to me?"
"Then why did you?"
"Why did you?"
"I asked it first, Calum. Answer!" Zoe laughed softly. It sounded like a sweet lullaby to Calum, Zoe's laugh. He smiled, remembering why he started talking to her in the first place. Because he liked her and because he thought she was beautiful and special.
"Because I thought you could use some company up there on the roof." He lied.
"I was perfectly fine alone, though." Zoe mumbled, taking Calum's arms and wrapping them around herself as she tangled her fingers with his. She rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.
"Why did you?"
"Because you started talking to me." She whispered before dozing off. Calum's presence made her feel safe. If her friends knew about this, they'd laugh and think she was stupid. Calum wasn't the guy she should date. She was 'the bad girl' and he was 'the good boy'. He wasn't from the same label.
Calum felt her breathing slow down. She had fallen asleep on him. He smiled and looked at her sleeping face, as creepy as that may sound. She looked so beautiful. A strand of hair layed across her face. He carefully put it behind her ear. She stirred, but didn't wake up.
"I'm gonna get you inside, beautiful." He murmured to himself before taking her in his arms and bringing her inside. He saw Johanna on the couch, still asleep. He giggled and put Zoe on the couch as well.
"Good night, beautiful." He whispered and pressed a kiss against her forehead. A smile formed on her sleeping face. He stroke her face before leaving, pulling the door close behind him.

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