Zoe woke up the next morning, confused. She rubbed her eyes and noticed she was in the living room. How did she even get here? She didn't remember what happened after she fell asleep on Calum. She smiled as she thought about it. Calum. Then she noticed Johanna. She was still sleeping. Zoe didn't wanna wake her though. She deserved some night rest.
But that didn't last long. Han was awoken by the doorbell ringing. She looked shocked as Zoe walked into the hallway to open. Tine, Jenn and Yasmine were standing in front of her, holding bottles of whisky. They had sly grins plastered on their faces.
"We're gonna drink before going to the party." Tine stated as Zoe let them in.
Johanna groggily looked at them.
"I thought Max would be coming over?" Jenn asked. She knew that wasn't true, but needed to hear it from Zoe.
"Ehh... She... She was feeling sick so she couldn't come over. Han came over instead." She lied, biting down her bottom lip -wait for it- and licking them after. Jenn raised an eyebrow at her. She wondered what was going on.
The day went by and the five of them spent it at Zoe's house. Luckily for them, gran didn't come over that day. It was 10pm when they decided to start getting ready and drinking. Zoe had put on a black crop top and a sequin skirt. Her heels were waiting in the hallway to be put on. She wondered if it was actually Calum's party they were going to crash. He never mentioned it.
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom." Zoe stated as she walked out of the living room. She had put her phone in her bra, since she didn't have pockets and didn't want to bring a purse. She took it out once she arrived in the bathroom.
"Not going to be able to make it tonight. Soz." She typed and sent.
When she was done, she went back into the living room, finding her friends giggling at something. She shook her head, not caring what they were looking at.
"Anyone prefer a drink?" she asked her friends, holding up the bottles filled with liquor. All four of them nodded and Zoe handed Tine one of the bottles.
This was going to be fun.
Zoe and her friends decided to go. They were already tipsy and giggling away. Tine knew where she had to go and since Zoe never really went to Calum's house, she wouldn't know where he lived.
"Here it is!" Tine shouted a little too loud. No one would hear it though. The music was blasting from inside. Zoe felt the beat throughout her whole body. She giggled. She loved that feeling. All five of them walked inside. Zoe was trying hard not to fall over in her heels.
They walked inside. A lot of people were already dancing and jumping around. Definitely drunk. Zoe looked around, hoping she would see Calum. But sadly enough, she didn't. The room was too crowded to even recognize anyone's face.
Luke and Ashton saw them walking in. Luke snarled.
"What are they doing here?" Ashton questioned.
"Who invited them?" Michael asked as he came out running towards them.
"Should I say anything?" Luke suggested, making an effort to try and walk up to them, but Ash stopped him.
"Do you wanna be alive at the end of the year?" Luke nodded, he knew what his friend meant.
They looked at them, not happy that they were here. Zoe and her friends only went to parties to cause trouble and it seemed like they already had a drink or three. This was Ashton's birthday party and he really didn't want them there. He even forbid Calum to invite Zoe. He decided to not tell her anything about it at all.
"Stan, over there." Johanna shouted into Zoe's ear, making sure she heard it. Zoe looked over and saw him making out with a girl. Another one. Zoe rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. She found a bottle whisky when she noticed Calum's friends. Would she go up to them to ask where Calum was? She took a deep breath and handed Jenn the bottle before walking up to them with a smile on her face.
"Hey." She said sweetly and tapped on the tall blonde haired lad's shoulder. He turned around, his smile fading away as he saw who was talking to him. His bright blue eyes turned into a darker color. Zoe swallowed. Should she ask him? They didn't know about her nights out with Calum.
"Excuse me. Who are you?" Luke tried.
"That doesn't matter. Is Calum here?" Zoe asked, confidence rising.
"How do you know Calum?" Ashton questioned. Zoe looked at Luke, then at Ashton.
"That doesn't matter either. Is he at the party?" She repeated.
"We're not gonna tell you where he is until you tell us how you know him." Luke crossed his arms across his chest, trying to look tough.
"Okay." Zoe stated and pushed past Luke. If they weren't going to help her, she'd find him herself.
"I don't like her." Luke stated angrily as he went back into his normal pose.
"I wonder what she has to do with Calum." Ashton mumbled.
The boys didn't enjoy that night very much. They were scared Zoe and her friends would do something. In reality, they just wanted to party.
Zoe walked through the house. Opening every door she passed. Then she went upstairs and was about to give up when she opened the last door. In the dim light of the small bedroom and the moonlight, she saw him. He was sitting on the roof, beer in his hand.
"What are you doing here?" She asked, the same way he did at Katy's party. He startled as he looked at her. A smile spread across his face when he noticed it was her.
"Can I join?" She asked. He laughed and patted on the spot next to him.
"How did you get here?" He questioned.
"Does that matter?" Zoe asked as she grabbed a cigarette she had hidden in her bra and lit it.
"Yes it does."
"It doesn't"
She sighed.
"My friends heard there was a party and they wanted to come. I couldn't do anything else than come along or--" Calum completed her sentence before she could.
"Or you would lose your label?" She nodded slowy as she took a drag from the cigarette and blew out the smoke. The wind changed, making the smoke change its way to Calum's face. He coughed.
"Sorry." Zoe stated as she tried to get the smoke away.
"It's okay." Calum laughed as the smoke started to fade away.
They stayed quiet for a couple of minutes before Calum broke the silence.
"How long have you been smoking?" He asked as she dragged again.
"Since I'm fourteen." She answered blankly with a shrug.
"Is there a reason?"
"What is the reason?"
"I-I can't tell you."
Calum looked at her from the side. She was looking straight ahead, the smoke surrounded her face. She looked so precious and so beautiful. Calum couldn't understand why someone so beautiful would dammage herself. He just couldn't get it.
"Who's party is this actually?" Zoe finally asked as it kind of slipped through her mind that she forgot to ask.
"Michael's." He replied.
"It's his birthday."
The two of them sat in silence for a couple more minutes. That's when it started to rain. Big drops of water falling from the sky. The summer rain. That's what Zoe loved about summer. It could be so hot, but then suddenly start to rain.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Zoe asked Calum whilst she took her heels off.
"We should go inside before we--"
"You're so boring." Zoe groaned as she carefully jumped from the roof onto a branch of the big tree next to Michael's house. She let herself slowly glide from the tree, you know like they do in the movies. It went smoother than she ever expected it to be. Calum looked at her. He was still on the roof.
"We could've taken the stairs." Calum told her nervously.
Zoe didn't say anything, she just rolled her eyes and giggled.
"Come down, Calum." She said and he nodded, trying to make his way down. It didn't go as smooth, though. When he tried to glide down the tree, he tripped and fell. He landed on the grass with a loud thud. Zoe laughed and helped Calum get up. He smoothed out his shirt and brushed off the grass on his shoulder.
"That didn't go as smooth as I expected." He mumbled to himself as he let out a small laugh.
Zoe grabbed his hand and started running onto the street. It had started to pour, making Zoe's long hair dripping wet. She still had her heels in her hand and Calum's hand in the other.
"I love the summer rain." She mumbled as she threw her head back, the raindrops falling onto her face. Calum watched her. She had a big smile on her face and her hair was dripping. She let go of Calum's hand and looked at him.
"You need to relax, Calum. Enjoy it. Enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy the rain." She stated. He smiled while she threw her head back again. It was funny how she enjoyed those small things like the rain in summer. He kept his eyes on her as she threw her hands in the air, her heels dangled from her left hand.
She sighed and looked at Calum again, letting her hands down.
"Let's go inside now." She said and took his hand again. They walked inside, through the front door this time. She didn't want Calum to fall again. He hurt himself enough by falling from that tree.
When they walked in, a big fight was getting started. Zoe saw Stan and Calum's curly haired friend. Jenn was on curly's side and the girl Stan was snogging earlier, was on his side. Curly looked furious.
"What the--" Calum muttered as he pushed past Zoe and walked towards the guys.
"You're a fucking bastard. Leave Jenn alone." Stan stated as he threw his fist in curly's face. Zoe forgot his name all the time Calum said it once, but she forgot. She always forgot. Stan's fist hit curly's cheek. Hard. It nearly sen him to the ground, but he steddied himself.
"Why? Didn't get enough from Daisyboo or any other girl you've kissed tonight?" Curly snarled as he hit Stan. He was stronger though and kept up straight.
"No because you're not worth her time and body." Stan growled at curly and tried to hit him again, but failed. Zoe followed Calum and walked over to Jenn.
"STOP IT! STOP IT!" Calum shouted at both of them and stood in between them. Stan didn't mind though and threw a fist, which was meant for curly, but landed on Calum's cheek. He fell on the ground and everyone gasped.
"Let's go. NOW." Zoe whispered at Jenn as she took all of her friends towards the front door. She took one last look at Calum, who was looking at her from his spot on the ground. She wanted to go up there and help him, but she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to it. She was scared.

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