Zoe couldn't really sleep that night. She thought about what happened to Calum. She wanted to call him so badly, but she was scared. She was scared that he might be mad at her because she didn't help him out there. She thought he would give up on her.
It was nearly 8am when she stumbled out of bed, not being able to even stay in bed anymore. Her head was throbbing and her stomach was aching. Hungover level 900.
She felt nauseous and ran off to the bathroom. She threw herself over the toilet seat and started puking her guts out. She hated this kind of hungover so badly. She groaned as she thought everything was out. She hoped everything was out. She slowly got up and brushed her teeth to get the bad taste out of her mouth. When that was done, she went downstairs. The house was dead quiet. She couldn't eat anything, so she sat on the couch to watch some TV.
She must've fallen asleep throughout the episode of Pretty Little Liars she was watching. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the big clock hanging on the wall. 4pm. Wait she had just nearly slept for 8 hours? Woah, bad hangover. Bad hangover.
She grabbed her phone from the coffee table. She didn't have any texts. Not even from Calum. She didn't really care about the others. They'd probably be hungover as well so she didn't expect any texts from them.
Right when she put her phone back on the coffee table, it started ringing. Jersey by Mayday Parade ringing through the house. She grabbed it and answered, not even bothering to check who it was and hoping it would be Calum.
"Hello." Zoe said into the phone.
"Hi Zo." it was Jenn.
"Hey Jenn." Zoe said a bit dissapointed.
She wanted to talk to Calum so badly.
"How's the hangover?" She asked worried.
"Level 900" Zoe answered with a sigh as she plopped back onto the sofa.
Jenn laughed.
"Same here, sweetie. Same here."
A silence fell, but Zoe didn't mind. The only thing she heard was her own mind, thinking of Calum and how he was knocked onto the ground last night. It gave her goosebumps and she shivered.
"What are you doing tonight?" Jenn asked, shaking Zoe out of her thoughts.
"I think I'm just gonna stay home." She replied with a sigh whilst she laid down, her head on the soft red pillow. She closed her eyes.
"Oh. Okay. Do I need to leave you?"
"You can come over if you want, I don't care."
"I'll be there at 10, okay? My parents aren't home so anything is better than being home alone." She stated. Zoe nodded, completely forgetting the fact that Jenn couldn't see her.
"Okay." Zoe spoke out before saying goodbye and hanging up.She dropped the phone, making it land on the sofa. She kept her eyes closed and drifted off once more.
It was 8pm when she woke up again. Another 4hours of sleep, because why not? She stumbled into the kitchen and decided to make some food. Luckily she could cook. Maybe just a little bit, but it was enough.
When her spaghetti was ready, she started eating it. Her mind drifted off to Calum again. Should she call him or not? She decided not to and try to keep her mind of off it. She plopped back onto the sofa once she was done eating and watched some TV for the next two hours. Then, Jenn rang the doorbell. Right on time.
Zoe went to open up and hugged her friend before letting her in.
"Wanna watch a movie?" Jenn asked as she grabbed herself something to drink. Zoe shook her head and sat down on the couch again.
"I've been watching movies and series all day. I just wanna talk."
Jenn nodded and sat down next to Zoe. She looked at her and knew there was something wrong.
"What's wrong, Zo? You seem a bit off."
"Oh, it's nothing really."
Jenn raised an eyebrow as she brought her glass of water to her lips to drink.
"When are we going to the beach?" Zoe blurted out, changing the subject. She wanted to tell Jenn but she also didn't want to. She was scared she might laugh at her and think she's stupid for liking Calum or even for caring.
"I don't know. Tine wanted to go tomorrow if that's okay for you?" Zoe nodded.
"That's fine by me."
Jenn took a sip from her water as her phone made noise, meaning she had a text. She took her phone from the pocket of her jean shorts and looked at it. She had a smile on her face.
"Who is it?"
"You know that kid from last night at the party?"
Zoe snapped her head up.
"The curly one?"
"What about him?"
"He wanted to take me on a date."
"He what?"
Jenn's cheek started to get red.
"He wants to take me on a date." She repeated. Zoe smiled. This was getting better.
"What did you say?"
"Yeah, 'no'. He's not really my type. He's--"
"Not in your label?"
"Jenn, what does that stupid label matter? If you like him, you like him. You shouldn't even put a label on him, let alone on yourself. You're a great girl, Jenn and you deserve to have a cute boyfriend like curly..."
"Like Ashton. He seemed really into you and you are into him as well. I can see it in your eyes. Just go for it and fuck that stupid label."
Jenn nodded and started typing something on her phone. Zoe let her own words sink in. If Jenn could do that, she could do that too right? Should she tell her now or wait?
Jenn made Zoe snap out of her thoughts again.
"I told him."
"You told him what?"
"That I want to go on a date with him."
"Oh yeah. Sorry. I'm not very bright today." Zoe chuckled and so did Jenn.
"Where were you yesterday at the party when the fight broke out?" Jenn asked.
"I- ehh...- I was outside."
"What were you doing there?"
"So you don't know what happened?"
"Should I tell you?"
Jenn laughed. She loved those silly conversations with Zoe.
"So I was just talking to Han, Yas and Tine when Ashton came up to me. He told me I looked good that night and I blushed and then he asked me if I wanted to dance and of course I said yes. We danced and talked, but we were both a bit drunk, so he started to roam his hands over my body and then Stan came in between us and started the fight. So it's basically my fault, but also Ashton's, but mostly Stan's because--" Zoe cut her off.
"Woah, calm down, Jenn! Stop rambling." Zoe laughed softly and so did Jenn. Her cheeks were a bright red colour.
"But I didn't know who that kid was that came in between them before you got us out there." She pondered out loud. Zoe bit her lip and shrugged, pretending she didn't know. Just tell her Zoe. It isn't that hard. Jenn was so open about it, why couldn't Zoe be like that?
After a long time of talking, they decided to watch a movie anyway. Half through, Jenn fell asleep. Zoe was wide awake, though. How could she possibly be asleep when she had been sleeping the whole day? She looked at the clock 1am. Normally, Calum would be here already. He hadn't text her or called her all day long and she was more scared than ever. Scared of losing a good friend because of those stupid labels people had put on them.
She got up from the couch and jumped into some sneakers. She grabbed her bag from the table in the hallway and took out a cigarette, then walked outside. The cold air hit her and sent shivers through her whole body. She crossed the road and sat down on the usual spot.
She lit her cigarette and took a drag. Right then she knew Calum wouldn't turn up, but she'd stay. Just in case and because she needed the fresh air. She closed her eyes and breathed in.
"Zoe?" She heard a voice in the distance and opened her eyes, only to see a tall, lean figure standing there. She squeezed her eyes, trying to figure out who it was. She smiled when the person came closer and more visible. It was Calum. He did came.
"Hi." Zoe said as he sat down next to her. His lip was bruised from last night.
"Oh God, Calum. Your lip." She gasped and carefully touched it. He flinched and Zoe pulled away quickly so she wouldn't hurt him too much.
"It's fine. It doesn't hurt that much." He mumbled with a shrug whilst Zoe pressed out her cigarette. She didn't need that one right now.
"I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"For not helping you."
"Doesn't matter."
"It does matter, Calum. I've been so stupid for keeping up with those labels even though I hate them and not helping you. You're my friend and friends help each other. I wasn't being a good friend. I--"
"Zoe. Stop." He cut her off. Zoe looked at him. His eyes looked sad and dissapointed. Why was he dissapointed?
"It's okay. It happened. Let's get over it." He stated sternly. Zoe nodded as she fumbled with her hands. She drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes again, trying to hold back the tears.
"How was your day?" He suddenly asked.
"I kinda slept all day so I didn't have much on it." She replied with a giggle. Calum laughed as well.
"How was yours?" She shot the question back, looking at him. He was staring straight ahead of him. He looked precious with those sparkles in his eyes from the street lights and those moles on his cheek. His plump, bruised lips that curled up into a smile.
"Very progressive... laid in bed all day." He laughed and Zoe did too.
"That's very progressive." She said.
He looked at her, his smile didn't fade.
"How much have you smoked today?" He asked.
"Can you do that tomorrow too?"
"Why not?"
"Because I won't be asleep most of the time."
"Will you try to smoke less?"
Zoe stared at him. What the hell did he just ask?
"For me?" he added.
"I'll try."
"That's all I'm asking."
They remained silence for a while. They didn't hear anything. It was dead silent. Only their heartbeats, beating for each other and only each other. Zoe's mind was going wild. She didn't know what to say anymore. She didn't know if he was mad at her or dissapointed. Or was he happy to be with her? All she knew is that she was happy to have him with her. She loved being with him.
"Who's in your house?" Calum questioned out of the blue.
"Jenn, why?"
"I saw something moving."
"She probably went to the bathroom, don't worry."
"What if she comes to look for you?"
"Then she'll see us."
"You don't care about that?"
"How's that?"
"Jenn's in love with that curly haired friend of yours. What's his name?"
"Ashton?!" Calum had a surprised look on his face.
"Yes, that one. God, I need to remember that name."
"So she doesn't care about the labels?"
"I told her not to."
"Then why don't you listen to yourself?"
"Why would I?"
"Because I'm gonna as-"
"ZOE?!" A shocked and surprised Jenn stood in the doorway of her house. Calum and Zoe both looked up as she crossed the road and ran towards the two.
"Hey Jenn."
"Who's this lovely fellow?"
"He's Ashton's friend, isn't he?"
"Hi, Calum."
"Hi Jenn."
There was an awkward silence.
"Soooo... Are you two dating now?"
"No." They both said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed.
"How long has this been going on?"
Was this a quick fire or something?
"Ehh... For a couple of weeks actually." Calum answered.
"No, Jenn. NO. We're just good friends. We just like to talk in the middle of the night, okay?" Zoe explained to her.
"Because of the labels?" Jenn asked.
Zoe looked at her best friend and then let her gaze fall to the ground. She nodded slightly.
"Fuck those labels, Zoe." Jenn whispered loud enough for Calum to hear as well.
Zoe looked up and smiled.
"I'm gonna leave you two now. I'm tired." Jenn yawned before walking off again.
"Jenn!" Zoe shouted, making her stop in her tracks. She ran up to her and hugged her tight.
"Thank you." She whispered into her ear before letting her slip away from their embrace. Jenn smiled at her friend and turned around to walk into the house again.
Zoe stayed there for a while and looked dramatically to the semi-closed door. She didn't jump when she felt Calum's hands on her shoulders. He made her turn around so they were facing each other.
"Fuck those labels." Calum whispered and wrapped his arms around her waist. Zoe went on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. There they were, in the middle of the road; cuddling. There didn't pass that much cars, so it was okay.
Zoe breathed in Calum's scent. She loved his smell. It made her feel safe, just like his arms wrapped around her. She just loved his presence.

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