When Zoe woke up the next morning, she had this good kinda feeling. That feeling you get when you think something's great gonna happen.
She rubbed her eyes and noticed she wasn't alone. Four pairs of eyes were on her. She immediately recognized them though. Tine, Jenn, Johanna and Yasmine were sitting on the couch, watching her.
"What are you guys doing here?" She asked her friends, followed by a yawn.
"Jenn let us in." Tine stated shortly.
"Get up, lazy bones! We're going to the beach!" Johanna shouted out. She was excited.
"Wait, what?" Zoe asked, clearly not very awake yet.
"We're going to the beach. Get ready!" Jenn grabbed Zoe's hand and pulled her from the couch. Zoe went upstairs and got in a pair of jean shorts and a band shirt. She stuffed some things in her bag and went downstairs. She quickly grabbed something to eat and to drink before walking out with her friends.
They got onto the train and sat down in the first empty booth they found.
"Remember that guy from the party with his blonde hair?" Tine started.
"Yeah." everyone else nodded.
"He came up to me yesterday saying it was our fault. He said he never wanted to see us again at their parties." Zoe felt her heart sink. She knew Tine didn't like it and she wanted to tell them today.
"I hate those guys." She mumbled.
Zoe and Jenn looked at each other, begging for help.
An hour later, they arrived at the station. They got off the train and walked out of the station. People were running to get to their trains in time, others were ordering food. Zoe still had that weird feeling in her stomach. She wanted to tell her friends, but she couldn't. They hated them so much.
After a while of walking through the crowded streets, they finally arrived at the beach. The weather was beautiful. The sun was out and there was no cloud to see. The seagulls were squeaking as they flew around their heads. All five of them stopped before their feet could touch the burning sand.
"This is great." Tine stated.
Zoe drew in a deep breath. This was going to be great. Getting away from the responsibilities at home and just being able to do weird stuff with friends. To get away from Calum for a day.
They stepped onto the sand and walked for a little while. They had taken their shoes of, making the sand go in between their toes. Zoe liked this. A lot. She loved the sea so much.
After an hour of walking, they sat down on the sand. They were surrounded by a couple other teenagers talking and even swimming in the sea.
"Let's play a game." Han started.
"What game?" Jenn asked.
The other girls approved. This was gonna get nasty.
"I'll go first." Tine said. "Yas. Stephen; the nerd from science class, Troye; the cute gay boy or the blonde one from the party?" This was gonna get awkward. Yasmine had a thing for blonde guys.
"Bang Stephen because I'd bang the nerd out of him, marry Troye. I'd turn him straight first or just marry him in his gay-state and kill the other kid probably." Zoe gasped.
"You'd kill a blonde guy?"
"Yeah... But..."
"No buts, move on!!" Jenn shouted excitedly.
"Okay... Han!"
"Liam from French class, Finn Steward or Caspar from maths?"
"Bang Liam, marry Caspar and kill Finn. That was easy."
The girls looked at her. That came out pretty smooth.
"Okay... JENN!" Han shouted with a big smile.
"The curly one from the party, Thomas from geography or .... Jake Hiddleton?"
Jenn thought about it for a while. She didn't know what to say.
"Ehh... marry Thomas, kill Jake and bang Ashton." She answered with confidence.
The other girls looked at her confused. Did she just say Ashton? Zoe glared at her, maybe then she'll realize what she just had said.
"How do you know his name?" Tine wanted to know.
"Ehh... He told me at the party." She replied. Well, that wasn't a lie though. He did tell her at the party.
"Why would you bang him and not Jake?"
"Because Ashton is hot and I think he'd be a freaking tiger in bed!" Jenn let herself fall back on the sand. Her hair was gonna be dirty at the end of the day, but she didn't mind.
"Okay, Jenn. Your turn!"
"ZOEEEE!" she shouted very loudly. She had a sly grin on her face. Zoe glared at her. If she ever mentioned Calum, she'd kill her.
"Mason Montgommery, Ian from maths class or ...." Zoe raised an eyebrow at her friend. "Calum."
"Who?" Tine asked.
"Calum, Ashton's friend? The one with dark hair?"
"Oh, that kid. He looks like an idiot. He doesn't seem strong though, he got hit by Stan." Tine laughed, making Zoe even more nervous. She had to say kill or else she would be killed.
"Uhh... Bang Mason, marry Ian and kill Calum." She answered softly.
They played the game for a few more hours until they got tired of it. They found out that there was a party a bit further away and of course they had to go. They went to a shop to get some clothes and heels so they would look a bit better.
*That night*
When all five of them were dressed and ready to go, they went to the place of the party. Zoe had kept on her jean shorts and band shirt, but she had bought some heels so she would look taller. The place was already pretty crowded and the music was blasting through the speakers. While Zoe went to get something to drink for everyone with Jenn, the others went to dance already.
"5 pints." Zoe ordered. She looked around.
"Why didn't you tell them?" Jenn asked. She had to scream into Zoe's ear before she could actually hear her.
"You heard them, Calum is an idiot and he's weak because he got beaten up by Stan."
"Do you think that's true?"
"No of course not. Calum isn't an idiot and he definitely is strong. Stan's fist just came out of the blue." Jenn nodded. She knew what Zoe meant and she understood.

"Oh man, do they littrally have to turn up at every single party?" Luke asked, a tone of annoyance in his voice.
"You know them." Ashton muttered as he sipped from his beer.
Yes, the boys were at the same party as the girls. Big surprise.
"I literally asked them to stop doing that."
"Oh and you think they would listen?" Michael asked his best friend.
"... no. But... never mind."
"That's what I thought."
"Let's just ignore them and make the best of the night, okay?" Ashton suggested, trying not to sound too obvious about it.
All the other guys agreed. Calum didn't say a word. He looked around, trying to find Zoe. Once he saw her at the bar, a smile appeared on his face. He was glad to see her.
"Why the smile, Cal?" Luke asked his best friend.
"Oh... Ehh... Nothing. Just a little thing that slipped through my mind, you know." Luke nodded, not too sure if he should believe it or not.

Zoe and Jenn went to the dance floor with the beers to find the others. Once they found them, they handed the beers and started to dance. It was time for a proper party now.
They danced for hours and hours. Zoe's feet started to ache and she was sweating.
"I'm gonna go outside for some fresh air." She shouted at her friends so they could hear.
"I'll go with you." Yasmine stated. Zoe nodded and walked outside, closely followed by her best friend.
They sat down on the concrete, not even caring about the people passing. Zoe lit up a cigarette, it was the third one from one whole day. She was getting better for Calum though. Normally she'd smoke like five cigarettes a day. Yasmine followed Zoe's example and did the same.
"I love the sea." Zoe drew in a deep breath and shut her eyes for a second.
"It's amazing, isn't it?"
They sat in silence for a little while until Yasmine broke it.
"You've changed, Zo."
"You've changed."
"How come?"
"I don't know what it is, but something has changed about you. You're not the same Zoe since Katy's party. Did something happen there?"
"Yeah." Zoe bit down her lip and licked them afterwards. Yasmine didn't know about that habit, though. Only Jenn did.
"Do you think Jenn has something with that curly kid?" Yasmine suddenly asked.
"How do you know his name?"
"Because Jenn said it earlier?"
"Oh yeah. Well, anyways. I think something's going on between them but I have no idea what."
"I don't know either." Zoe mumbled. She felt her phone buzz in the pocket of her shorts so she took it out and checked it. It was Calum.
"Where are you?" it said. Wait, did this mean he was at her house? She completely forgot to tell him she was going to the beach today. Zoe mentally face palmed herself. That was so stupid.
"Who is it?" Yasmine asked, making Zoe jumped out of her thoughts.
"Oh no one. Just my mom to check up on me." Yasmine raised an eyebrow at her best friend.
"Your mom always calls."
"Not today." Zoe shrugged as she got up.
"I'm gonna take a little walk. Do you wanna come?" Zoe was actually hoping she'd say no so she could call Calum.
"Oh no, thanks. I'm just gonna go inside again. Come back, will you?" Zoe nodded while Yasmine got up as well and walked back inside. Zoe sighed. She didn't like lying to her best friend but she had to.
She dialed Calum's number and started to walk down the sand.
"Hello?" Calum shouted into the phone.
"Zoe Ella Valentine..." It sounded too close, but it wasn't Calum.
She turned around and was met with her worst nightmare. Sophia Mitchell. With all of her friends, including Kevin McCall.
"Hello?" Calum sounded from the phone, but Zoe couldn't answer. She was a bit too scared now. She took her phone away from her ear.
"Sophia..." Zoe whispered.
Sophia and her friends used to bully Zoe, that's why she moved to Sydney in the first place. The girl took a step closer to Zoe, making her heart race.
"How's your dad?" She asked teasingly. She knew what happened to her dad. "Oh no, wait. He killed himself because he was a freak. A murderer."
Zoe boiled with anger. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.
"Stop, Sophia." she muttered.
"How's your new school? Do they know about your dad?"
Zoe didn't say anything. She dropped her phone and punch Sophia in the face. Now she was really mad. Zoe would never punch anyone. She wasn't that violent. Sophia looked at Zoe again. Her nose was bleeding and Zoe's knuckles were a bit bruised. She smirked, making Zoe feel uncomfortable.
"You're actually as bad as your dad." Sophia muttered before slapping Zoe on the cheek, sending her to the ground. She whinced in pain as her head hit the floor.
"STOP IT! Leave her alone!" Calum's voice rang through her ears.
"Oh who's that, Zoe? Your boyfriend?" Sophia asked as she saw Calum running up to them.
Zoe looked up at Sophia who was hovering over her. Zoe got up. She had tears brimming in her eyes and blood dripping from her head.
She punched Sophia once more, but she stopped her. Sophia had a strong grip on Zoe's wrist.
"TOUCH HER ONCE MORE." Calum shouted. He was a lot closer now.
"OR WHAT?" Kevin asked, turning towards Calum.
"Just fucking let her go." Calum muttered as he looked over at Sophia.
"You're lucky your boyfriend is cute." Sophia stated as she let go of Zoe and pushed her to the ground. Calum immediately knelt down next to her.
"You're as crazy as your dad, freak." Sophia spat at her one last time before leaving.
"Who was that?" Calum asked as he helped Zoe get up and Sophia was out of sight.
"Sophia." Zoe muttered.
"Are you going to tell me what made her hate you so much?"
Zoe remained silent for a moment while Calum brought her to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. He sat her down on the washing sink and took some toiletpaper. That would do for now. He cleaned up the blood, Zoe still didn't say anything. She didn't even move.
Once her head was cleaned up, Calum took her outside again.
"Please tell me what happened? Why's your dad a freak?"
They sat down on the sand and looked at the ocean. Zoe drew in a deep breath.
"My dad..." She started, but choked. She couldn't go any further. It was too hard to talk about.
"Ssh... Zoe... it's fine. Stay calm, okay? Don't rush it."
Zoe took another deep breath and started to tell the story.
"My dad... he... he killed my mom. I was four and it was late at night. I should be asleep, but I couldn't because mom and dad were in a heated argument." Zoe stopped for a moment. Calum rested his hand on her bare thigh, reassuring her everything was okay.
"My dad had... he had a gun. In-in his hand. He-he pointed it towards mom and he... he pulled the trigger. I saw all of it. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do. I remember sitting on the staircase in fear. I saw my mom. She-she was lying on the ground, lifeless. I was-I was so scared of my dad. I looked at him. I could see how scared he was. He just shot his own wife."
Zoe stopped for a moment as the tears started to fall. Calum understood why she was the way she was now. He was proud of her to tell him this.
"I remember dad looking at mom and then at the gun. He set it on his temple, but took it away again. He went to grab something, but I couldn't see what. Then I heard a gun shot. I was terrified. I didn't know what had happened. I-I remember going down the stairs completely and walking into the kitchen to see mom and dad, both lifeless. A puddle of blood surrounded them both. I didn't know what to do."
Calum had a lump in his throath. He looked at Zoe and saw the tears rolling from her cheeks. He took her hand and held it. He held it very tight. Then she continued.
"The neighbours came over. They heard the gun shots and they needed to know what was going on. I remember seeing them, both in terror. Catherine, she was fourty at the time, she ran up to me and held me. Very closely. She comforted me while Nicholas called the ambulance. When he hung up, he-he had a piece of paper in his hand. I remember him saying 'we need to take her to her uncle. Tom's orders.'. I didn't know what happened after that with mom and dad. I was four, all I knew was that my uncle Cedric took care of me. When I was six, he got married. To a bitch named Elise. They adopted me and I had to say 'mom' and 'dad'. I knew they weren't my mom and dad, but I had to. Elise would slap me if I called her by her name. Sophia, the girl that just beat me up, was in my school. She bullied me because she thought my dad was freak. I told Cedric and we moved, to Sydney. I never told anyone what had happened to my real parents. I made new friends and they loved me the way I was. I wasn't being myself, but I kept up with the personality."
That was very hard to talk about. Zoe was crying hard, she was sobbing and couldn't get a word out.
"Shh..." Calum shushed her as he wrapped an arm around her and hugged her tight. He pressed a kiss on her hair as she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck.
"It's very brave of you to tell me this." He whispered.
"It's not over yet." Zoe chuckled as she had calmed down. Being in Calum's arms really comforted her.
"Elise never let me out to parties. She even hated all of my new friends. That's why I sneak out all the time. Everyone tells me I'm a smart girl for getting straight A's without studying. I never study because I can't concentrate. The scene of my dad killing my mom still haunts me."
Zoe had completely calmed down by now. Calum did something special to her, but she couldn't tell what it was.
"That's also the reason why I never love anyone. I forbid myself to love anyone because love kills. Sometimes literally."
Calum was taken aback. That was very deep. He'd never expected that from Zoe.
"So you've never experienced love because you forbid yourself to love anyone?" Calum tried to make it clear for himself.
"Yeah. I don't want to get attached to someone because they will kill me in one way or another."
"You're very smart, Zoe."
Zoe's cheek started to flush.
"Do you wanna go back to the party?" He then asked. Zoe shook her head.
"No, I'd rather stay here with you."
Calum nodded as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"Did you tell your friends about our friendship yet?" Calum asked softly.
"Why not?"
"Because they still label you. Tine doesn't like you since your blonde friend told her to never come to parties anymore."
"Yeah, that one."
"Don't mind him, he's stupid."
"Why is he your friend then?"
"Because I'm stupid too."
"That makes all of us."
Calum smiled.
"It does, but I like stupid."
"Me too."
They stayed there for a while until it was time to go home. Zoe was glad she told Calum about all of it. She was happy he took it well. Calum was a real friend and she knew she was getting attached to him, but she didn't mind. She knew he wouldn't kill her. She knew he couldn't.

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