Calum woke up the next morning with Zoe still asleep on his chest. Her hair laid messily across her face, making him smile. He carefully wiped the hair out of her face, trying not to wake her up. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep. Well, she always does but Calum thought this was special. She looked so peaceful. As if she was happy, really happy. No cares or fears.
He wondered what she was dreaming about as the corners of her mouth curled up into a precious smile. He stroke her bare shoulder with his fingertips and pressed a kiss on her hair.
He remembered the first time he saw her and how beautiful she looked. He remembered the first time they spoke and how her lips moved when she talked. The first time they kissed and how her lips tasted like cherry.
Zoe shook him out of his day dream when she slowly moved, meaning she woke up. A small groan escaped from her perfect lips and her hands went up to her eyes to rub the sleep out of them.
"Morning, beautiful." Calum greeted with a smile whilst Zoe sat up straight.
She went through her hair with her hand and smiled back.
"Morning." She leaned in and pressed her lips onto his for a good morning kiss.
Then she got up and walked into the kitchen. Calum followed her with his eyes and smiled when his gaze fell on her ass which was softly swaying with every step she took. Morning wood, great.
Calum coughed.
"I'm going to the uhh... bathroom..." He stated awkwardly while getting up and walking to the bathroom as fast as possible.
Zoe laughed and shook her head while starting to make eggs for breakfast. She softly hummed a song that was stuck in her hand and swayed her hips. Talking about her past as a dancer made her think; why not start again? She was eighteen, she could do whatever she wanted.
She shook her head, shaking herself from her ridiculous thoughts and concentrated on the eggs so they wouldn't burn. That's when she felt a pair of arms snake around her hips, pulling her close and pressing warm lips in her neck. She smiled and turned around. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.
"Set the table." She mumbled against his lips and pulled away soon after.
She turned back to the eggs whilst Calum set the table. Zoe put the eggs on the two plates and they started eating. They enjoyed the delicious made breakfast and each other's company. When they had finished, they started to do the dishes and teased each other by splashing water and soap on each other.
"Calum, stop. I don't want to clean the whole kitchen." Zoe laughed as she looked at the wet floor.
They heard a door close and footsteps in the hallway, then coming closer. Calum looked confused at his girlfriend while drying a plate with his towel.
"Zoe, I got your mail. Girl, you need to open that mail box more often. I'm not--" granny walked in the kitchen and stopped when she saw Calum.
"Hi gran." Zoe smiled awkwardly.
"Who's this?" She asked rudely.
Whenever Zoe brought home a guy, granny needed to know everything. She started being rude and pretended to be the 'stern grandmother', but when she approved of the guy, she started to losen up and then she was a lot more polite. The granny-polite. Squeezing cheeks and that sort.
"This is Calum." Zoe introduced her boy while drying her hands on his towel and moving closer to her granny, taking the mail from her.
"Calum who?"
"Calum Hood."
Granny looked at him from head to toe while he put the plate in the cupboard and dried off his hands. He put the towel on a chair to dry and walked over to granny.
"Hi, m'am. It's nice to meet you." He said while extending his hand.
She didn't take it though, she just stared at him. He awkwardly took his hand back and scratched the back of his neck.
"Sociology and laws, m'am." Calum answered politely. Gran nodded, still not impressed.
"Soccer and music, m'am."
Zoe looked at him and smiled.
"I don't know. Make it in the music world or be a soccer player."
"Then why are you studying sociology and laws?"
Zoe rolled her eyes while going through the mail, which was mostly for Elise and Cedric. One letter was for her. Confused and curious, she opened it while putting the rest of the mail on the counter.
"Because my dad tells me to?"
Calum was getting nervous and insecure, Zoe could see that.
She put the letter on the counter and decided to read it another time. She needed to save Calum now.
"Okay, gran. That's enough questions." She stated and grabbed Calum's hand.
"No, one more; what are your plans with my granddaughter?"
Calum looked shocked, not expecting that sort of a question.
"Uhh... Make her feel safe and happy. I want her to feel like a princess, so I'll treat her like one. I'll make sure nothing happens to her and I will love her with my whole heart."
Zoe smiled. Her heart almost melted. That was the sweetest thing ever. Calum looked down at his girl, smiling like a fool as well. He then looked at granny and he swore he saw a smile.
"That's... That's good, boy. Keep that promise or I will find you." She threatened and walked away into the living room.
Zoe and Calum looked at each other and smiled. He then leaned down and was about to kiss her, but miss party ruiner needed to stop him.
"And no kissing in this house when I'm around!" She shouted from wherever she was.
Calum softly groaned while Zoe giggled.
"Where are we going today?" Zoe asked Calum when the kitchen was completely clean.
"I thought we could... maybe... go out with Luke, Ash and Michael? Since Ash is coming out of the hospital today and the boys wanted to do something fun and Jenn would come along and I want you to come along too and--"
Zoe stopped him from his ramble.
"It's okay, Calum. If they don't have a problem with it?"
Zoe was still a bit insecure about that. She hadn't seen Luke since she snapped at him so she didn't know what he was going to do, which made her a bit anxious.
"They shouldn't. If they do, they have a problem with me." He stated as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pressed her close to him in some sort of a side hug.
Zoe told her granny they were going out to the park. Zoe quickly changed clothes and walked out with her boy.
Ashton had send Calum a text to tell him they would be at Luke's house in a bit, so Calum and Zoe would go there as well. They took the bus and drove to Luke's house. When they arrived and Calum rang the doorbell, Zoe started feeling very anxious. Her stomach twisted and turned and she felt as if she was going to pass out.
The door opened, revealing a tall, blonde haired guy. But it wasn't Luke.
"Hey Jack!" Calum greeted and shook the guy's hand.
"Hey Calum! Come in!" Calum practically dragged Zoe with him inside. Jack closed the door behind them and lead them further into the hallway.
"Luke is upstairs. You know the way." He directed. Calum nodded and thanked him before going upstairs with Zoe. He knocked on the door and after getting a 'come in' from Luke, he opened the door. He and Michael were sitting on Luke's bed, eyes glued on the TV. They were playing FIFA. Typical.
"Hey guys!" Calum greeted with a smile.
"Hey Cal! Sit down and play along!" Michael said without looking.
"I'd rather don't today, guys. Sorry." Calum refused.
Zoe was still standing next to him. He squeezed her hand reassuringly while she felt more and more sick. This wasn't going to be good.
"What do you mean you--" Luke started, but stopped when he noticed Zoe.
"Hi." Zoe said, barely audible, with a wave.
Luke paused the game, making Michael look up as well. His eyes grew wide.
"Zoe..." Luke mumbled.
"Guys... Can we-Can we talk. Please?" Calum asked.
Luke nodded.
"Look, I know you aren't very fond of her. But I am. I got the honor to get to know her better this past month and she really isn't who people tell you she is. People make up rumours for attention. They don't care wether it's true or not. Everything you hear about her isn't true. They say she's a bitch and not trustworthy. Thay she's rude and mean. Well, she is mean, but only in a teasing way." Calum paused and let out a small giggle. Zoe bit her lip and looked at the two other guys. They were listening intently. A soft expression on their faces. They didn't seem mad, not at all. Zoe was kind of relieved to see that.
"The Zoe that I got to know this month is the real Zoe. She's sweet, funny and caring. She's insecure and very stubborn, but you learn to live with that. I'm not going into detail about her past, but it wasn't as good as it should've been." Another pause. Zoe felt a lump forming in her throath. He brought up her past. He shouldn't have done that.
"All I want from you guys is to try and get to know her. At least respect her and the fact that you're going to see her a lot if you still want me around."
Luke and Michael looked at each other and Calum's grip on Zoe's hand became firmer.
"We would like to get to know you better, Zoe. Friendship needs a little time, doesn't it? So we ask you to give us that time." Luke explained.
Zoe nodded, her stomach finally calming down.
"Do you play FIFA?" Michael asked, pointing at the paused game.
"Actually. I do." She nodded.
Luke and Michael both looked shocked, but invited her to play with them.
An hour had passed and Zoe had won most of the games.
"Fuck, you're good at this." Michael mumbled as another game was won by her.
"Thank you, me and my brother played this when--" Zoe cut herself off, knowing she shouldn't have said that.
"When?" Luke asked curiously.
Zoe looked at Calum. He nodded reassuringly.
"When he was still alive..." Zoe continued.
Calum smiled a little. She actually dared to tell something about her past. That was a great first step.
"You're brother's death?" Michael asked as Luke paused the game again, turning to Zoe.
"Yeah... he... He comitted suicide..." Zoe said softly as the tears started to brim in her eyes.
"Oh my God, Zoe. I'm so sorry." Luke mumbled.
"No, it's fine. You couldn't know that." She drew in a deep breath, trying to stop the tears from falling.
"Why?" Michael asked carefully. "Wy did he do it?"
Zoe bit her lip.
"I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about it..." She said.
"It's okay. You don't have to if you don't want to." Luke said with a smile.
Calum looked at his friends and his girlfriend, finally getting along.
There was a knock on the door and everyone turned in sync when it opened. Ashton and Jenn walked in, both with smiles on their faces.
"Ashton!" They all shouted and walked over to him.
They all hugged him and he felt great to be with his friends and away from the hospital.
"Will you be able to play tonight?" Michael asked his buddy.
Zoe and Jenn looked at the boys confused.
"Play tonight?" Jenn asked.
"Yeah, I forgot to tell you that! But we're going to play some music in a cafe tonight." Ash explained.
"Wait, you're a band?" Zoe asked, pointing at all of them.
"Yep." Luke nodded with a smile.
Zoe looked at Calum and raised an eyebrow.
"Sorry I didn't tell you that, babe." Calum said with a small smile.
"That's not why I'm looking at you like this, Calum. You said you were insecure about your voice and now you're telling me you're in a band?"
Calum threw his hands up.
"TADAAA?" He tried, making Zoe laugh.
"You're so stupid." She muttered.
"Do you wanna come and watch us tonight?" Luke suggested.
Jenn and Zoe looked at each other.
"Of course!" they both shouted in unison.
*That night*

Zoe and Jenn went to the cafe with the boys. Whilst they set up their instruments, the girls took place at a table right in front of the stage. They ordered some drinks and talked until Calum and Ash walked over to them.
"We're gonna start in a couple of minutes." Calum told Zoe.
"Are you nervous, Hoodie?" Zoe asked teasingly.
"What? Me? Nervous? Nahh..." He tried sarcastically, but Zoe just laughed at him.
"You'll do great, babe. Don't worry." Zoe told him and pecked his lips.
"You're my lucky charm, so don't go anywhere." He whispered before pressing his lips onto hers once more. He and Ash went back on stage where Michael and Luke were all ready to perform. Ashton sat down behind the drums while Calum took his bass again. They started to play a Katy Perry song, Teenage Dream.
It sounded so great! Zoe enjoyed every second of it. All of them were great singers. They could really make it far in the music industry. But Zoe didn't want that. It sounds selfish and it is selfish. The boys would get hate from kids all over the world. Every move, every word, every mistake. Everyone would notice it and they would be punished for it. Twitter is a bad thing to be on these days. All you see is hate and drama. People don't deserve all of that. It's okay if you don't like someone, but you don't need to rub it in their faces and send them death threats or tell them to go selfharm. It's a bad thing and you shouldn't tell someone to do things like that. It's wrong and it should be illegal. Gay marriage is illegal, why isn't cyberbullying illegal?
They ended the song and everyone in the cafe applauded.
"Thank you." Luke said into the mic. "Okay, so this next song we wrote ourselves and we wrote it in London town. It's called Heartbreak Girl." He continued and they started the next song. Zoe was taken aback. They actually wrote songs?
It sounded really good. Like, amazingly good. Zoe was in complete awe.
The evening came to an end and the guys' set was over. All four of them walked over to Zoe and Jenn's table. The girls had proud smiles on their faces.
"That was actually really good!" Jenn compimented and hugged Ashton very tight.
"I didn't know you wrote songs?" Zoe asked, still in utter shock of that.
"Yeah, sometimes..." Luke answered shyly and shrugged.
"You're really good!" Zoe said with a nod, making sure they knew it.
"Thank you." Calum thanked his girlfriend. He had wrapped an arm around her and looked down at her. Zoe looked up and smiled. He leaned down to press a soft and gentle kiss on his lips.
"I seriously need to get used to that." Michael stated pointing at the couple.
Everyone laughed at his antics.
They stayed for a few more hours, drinking and talking. They had a blast and got to know each other a lot better. This turned out better than Zoe thought it would and she was happy that the boys accepted her. Now she only needed Tine, Han and Yasmine to do the same with Calum. That was going to be a task, but she had to do it. For him. For them. For their future. It needed to be done.

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