It was three days ago when Zoe told her friends about her relationship with Calum. She was devestated but also relieved that she 'broke up' with them. Calum didn't leave her side though. He made sure she didn't think about it and told her how amazing she was every single day. They were at Zoe's house, still in bed, cuddled up and chatting a bit.
"The guys wanted to watch some movies tonight at Luke's house, do you want to go?" Calum asked while stroking a lock of hair behind her ear.
They have been spending a lot of time with the boys and Jenn. It seemed like they started to like each other. Calum liked that. He liked to see his girl with his best mates getting along. He never thought it would happen, but it did and he couldn't be happier about it.
"Sure." Zoe whispered with a smile.
"You don't need to if you don't w--"
Zoe placed her finger on his lips to shut him up.
"Cal, I'd love to watch some movies with your friends. It'll keep my mind off of things." She whispered and pressed her lips onto his. When she pulled away, he had his eyes still closed and a smile spread across his face. Zoe laughed and Calum opened his eyes.
"Can we watch Frozen though?" She asked.
He laughed.
"Sure, baby. I think Michael would love to watch that movie." He stated and pressed his lips onto hers once again.
They talked for an hour before heading downstairs to have some breakfast. When they were done eating, they cuddled up on the sofa and watched reruns of some sort of series. They didn't pay much attention though, Calum distracted Zoe by kissing down her neck and when she finally turned, he kissed her on the lips. Which ended in a makeout session. Their romantic moment got interrupted by Zoe's phone ringing. She groaned onto Calum's mouth and pulled away. She grabbed her phone from the coffeetable.
"Mom..." she whispered and swallowed away the anxiety that was about to hit. She drew in a deep breath and answered.
"Hey mum." She said happily, or she tried to sound like that.
"Hey sweetie, how are you?" She asked too nicely.
"Great, everything's great." Zoe answered and looked over at Calum.
"Put on speaker." He whispered and she did so.
"How's Europe?" Zoe asked.
"Oh it's great, we had a lot of fun here and we also brought something for you." Zoe looked at Calum again. Her eyes were wide and she didn't know what to expect. Calum looked rather confused. He was fighting the urge to take his girlfriend's phone and tell that woman what he wanted to say.
"Oh really, what is it?" Zoe asked, trying to sound surprised.
"I'll hand him over." This made Zoe even more curious.
"Hello?" It sounded. It was a small voice, a little boy's voice.
"Hi... uh... who's this?" Zoe asked politely.
"Robin." The little voice answered. He sounded scared.
"Can you give my mom back for a moment, please?" Zoe asked sweetly.
There was a fumbling noise and some voices in the background. Then Zoe heard her mom again.
"Zoe?" Elise's voice sounded through the phone again.
"Who's that?" she asked.
"Robin. He's your new brother."
Zoe's mouth widened and her breath hitched in her throath. Brother? They adopted a kid in Europe? Zoe didn't know what to do. She didn't want the little kid come into their 'family'. It's not like she hated kids, she loved them. She just didn't want it to get hurt.
"You've adopted a kid?" Zoe finally spoke out.
"Yeah." She sounded chirpy and very happy about it.
Zoe looked at Calum again. He looked stunned. Zoe bit her lip as Calum placed his hand on her knee and rubbed small circled patterns on it to sooth her. It did help a bit.
"Why?" She asked.
"Because we wanted to. I've always wanted a son. Or someone to be proud of at least." Elise mumbled.
Calum stopped in his tracks and looked at Zoe. He gritted his teeth. He had to stay quiet, but he knew he couldn't do that.
"Oh..." Zoe quietly said and swallowed her tears away.
"We're coming home a little earlier than expected. We have to stay here for another week before we can take Robin home. I want you to clean up the house and make sure everything's on point for when our little one comes home." She ordered.
Calum looked very annoyed, but he tried to stay as calm as possible.
"I-I don't have time for that." Zoe mumbled into the phone.
"What do you mean 'you don't have time for that'? Of course you have. It's summer vacation."
"I made some plans with my friends." She continued.
"Cancel them. They don't like you anyway. Who would possibly want to be your friend?" Zoe felt the tears well up in her eyes. She didn't want to cry, but she probably would.
"I'm not gonna clean up the house." She mumbled as a tear rolled down her cheek. Zoe was very stubborn. It didn't matter how bad it would hurt, she didn't want to give in.
"You have to, or else..."
"Or else what?" Zoe asked. She was afraid, but she wanted her to say what she would do so Calum could hear it too.
"You know what I can do, Zoe. And this time you won't end up with a red cheek." She dared.
Calum couldn't hold it in anymore.
"Listen here, miss." He started and took Zoe's phone from her hand. She looked scared, yet sad.
"If you even dare to point at Zoe when I'm around, I won't be the good person I am. I know what you've done to her and I forbid you to do it again. Zoe won't be home when you are. She will be with me and there's no way you will ever see her again. You can't hurt her like that anymore."
"Who are you? Zoe, why is there a guy with you?"
"I'm her boyfriend and I will protect her from you, like I told her grandmother. I will stick to this promise until you're death and believe me, if you dare to come after her your death will be close enough." Calum threathened.
Zoe had never seen him so mad. It made her smile that he actually cared about her.
"You can't tell me what to do. You're still a kid." Elise was laughing.
"You won't see Zoe ever again, miss. Goodbye." He said and hung up.
He looked at Zoe. Her cheeks were wet from the tears and her eyes were red and puffy. He hated to see her like that. He only wanted to see her smile and never frown or cry. She looked so fragile and he wanted to fix every broken piece of her heart. He knew he would be able to do that. Only if she wanted to. Only if she wanted to come with him and never go back again.
"Baby..." He started and came a bit closer to Zoe. "I-I want you to be safe. Please come with me? You can stay at my house for as long as you want. I don't want you to be here when she is." He drew in a deep breath as he cupped her face in his hands. "Please, babe? I want you to be safe. I-I... I'm scared..."
He looked into her watery eyes as another tear escaped. He wiped it away with his thumb.
"Scared of what?" She asked, looking for the answer in his eyes. She wasn't able to find it though. His eyes looked sad and scared, but she couldn't make out why he was scared.
"Scared of losing you." He whispered and kissed her lips. She brought her hands up to his cheeks too and deepened the kiss. One hand of his went to the back of her head and he tangled his fingers in her ponytail while his other hand wandered down her body and ended up on her hip. She moved and slowly laid down on her back without breaking the kiss, so Calum followed. He was now on top of her and still kissing her. His cheeks felt like little baby butts and his tongue was hungrily twirling around Zoe's.
All of her problems seemed to fade away everytime he kissed her. It was as if she was in another place. Something like paradise. Somewhere happy. Where she was happy and where she didn't have to think about anything. Maybe it was just Calum. Maybe he made her feel as if she was in paradise, like she was happy and nothing could harm her. She wanted to spend her life with him, is that too early to say? She really felt like she could grow old with him and love him forever.
"There's no way I will ever let Elise hurt you. Not anymore." He mumbled against her lips.
"Just shut up now, Hood." She muttered and let her hand roam over his body. She pulled at the hem of his shirt and pulled it up a little. She traced his abs with her fingers while Calum pulled away and started kissing her neck, leaving a couple of hickeys on her skin. Zoe felt as if she was ready for this. She felt like today would be the day. The right day, the right boy. She waited long enough for this.
She pulled on his shirt, she wanted it off his body. Calum stopped and looked into her eyes.
"Are you sure you want this?" He asked, just to be sure. She nodded and he smiled. He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head. He threw it through the living room, not caring where it landed. Out of his back pocket, he took his wallet. Zoe looked confused, but her face lit up when he took out a grey package. She hungrily connected their lips again with one hand in his hair and the other one on his toned chest. She pulled away and kissed his tattoos while both her hands went down to his belt. She was a little too nervous to be able to get his pants off. Calum laughed softly and helped her whilst she took her top off. He pressed his lips onto hers again. This definitely was the right moment.

"I fucking love you." Calum panted as they were laying next to each other on the sofa, cuddled up.
Zoe smiled and looked at him.
"I love you too. Thank you." She whispered, completely out of breath too.
"You're amazing." He breathed out.
Zoe felt his breath in her neck and it tickled. He pressed his lips right underneath her ear. Their moment got interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Zoe shot up and looked at Calum. She quickly put on his shirt and her leggings before walking to the door. Calum got into his pants, but remained shirtless since his girlfriend took his shirt.
Zoe opened the door, revealing Yasmine. It looked as if she was crying. Zoe frowned.
"Yasmine?" She brought out, confused.
"Zoe... I'm so sorry. I-I don't want to lose you. You're my best friend and- I shouldn't have listened to Tine. All I thought about was my popularity in school and how it could be ruined by those guys. But your words made me think that it doesn't matter whether you're popular or not. All you need to be is happy, right?" Zoe looked at her friend as she sobbed.
Calum walked towards them and looked at Yasmine. He felt bad for her.
"Listen, Yas. I love you and I don't wanna lose you either. But if you still want to be my friend, you have to take Calum as well. He comes with the package of being my friend now and I hope you understand that. Calum is a great guy. He made me see things I didn't see before. He made me feel human for once. If you want to be my friend, you have to be friends with him as well. Or at least respect him and not label us." Yasmine nodded and looked at Calum.
Realization hit her when she saw his shirtless body and Zoe's messy hair. A grin spread across her face.
"Did you guys just...?" She didn't finish her sentence, they all knew what she was talking about.
"Maybe..." Zoe mumbled shyly and her cheeks went red.
"That's... great..." Yasmine tried with a big smile, but it fell when she continued. "Will you... will you be my friend again?" She asked. Zoe tilted her head to the side and smiled.
"On one condition..." Zoe stated with a grin.
"And that is?"
"You come along with us to Luke's house to watch some movies and bond with them and Calum." Yasmine looked at Calum and then at Zoe again. A smile spread across her face. She nodded and Zoe took her in a hug. This was definitely going to be great.
"And I think Luke is something for you." Zoe teased as she pulled away from the hug and let her in the house.
Calum and Zoe got dressed properly and went to Luke's house with Yasmine. Calum rang the doorbell and Jack opened up again. Zoe recognized him and smiled.
"Hi Jack!" Cal and Zoe said at the same time.
"Hey guys, come on in! They're in the attic." He said and pointed at the stairs. Calum and Zoe walked in and Yasmine followed. She smiled at the tall boy.
"I've never seen you before..." He stated, a bit confused while he closed the door behind him.
"That's Yasmine. She's my best friend. I think you're gonna see her a lot around here." Zoe explained with a wink and dragged Yasmine upstairs.
Both of the girls followed Calum to the attic and he knocked before opening the door. All three of them walked in and the boys and Jenn inside greeted them with smiles and 'hello's. Luke's smile fell when he saw Yasmine. He recognized her though. He knew who she was.
"What is she doing here?" He asked, rather harsh pointing at the girl behind Zoe.
"She's trying to give you a chance. Can you please try to be nice?" Zoe pleaded.
Luke sighed and nodded.
"As long as she's not going to smoke here."
"She won't." Zoe replied with a smile.
The three of them sat down on the pillows they had sprawled over the floor in front of the screen.
"I'm glad you're here, Yas." Jenn said with a smile and Yasmine nodded.
Jenn cuddled up to Ashton while he played with her hair as Luke started the movie. Zoe sat between Calum's legs, their fingers entwined. The blonde lad looked at Calum and his girlfriend and smiled whilst sitting down.
"You two are cute." He stated with a wink. Zoe looked up at Calum and he looked down. They smiled and pressed their lips together, earning wolf-whistles and 'aw's from the others.
All of them stayed quiet during the movie. Zoe knew they would watch a lot of movies and it was going to get cozy and fun. When the first movie ended, the girls went to the toilet. Of course they had to go together. They're girls and Jenn and Yasmine needed to ask Zoe a couple questions.

"So Calum..." Ashton started and wiggled his eyebrows.
"You and Zoe huh... Did you do it already?" Michael asked curiously.
"That's none of your bussiness, Clifford." Calum snapped.
"Oh, is it so bad?" Luke asked with a chuckle.
"No, honestly. It's the best sex I ever had..."
"But?" Ashton added, knowing there was a but.
"But it was only the first time so maybe it'll get even better."
"It was the first time?" Michael asked, shocked.
"When did you do it?" Ashton wanted to know. Calum's friends were litterally the most nosy guys in the world.
"About two hours ago." Calum replied with a grin on his face. His friends looked at him.
"So it is true?" Luke asked.
"What?" Calum was starting to get annoyed by all these questions.
"There was a rumour that she was still a virgin. Was she?"
"She was, okay? It was her first time and she did great."
"Aw, thanks boo." Zoe's voice sounded from behind them. The three girls sat down again. "You are the most nosy boys I ever met." She said while shaking her head. The boys' cheeks turned red, making Zoe giggle. Calum looked at her and pressed a kiss on her cheek. He really loved this girl to death.
They watched yet another movie before heading downstairs for more food. Luke's brothers were in the living room watching Ellen DeGeneres and laughing their butts off. They didn't look up when the group came downstairs though. Luke shook his head laughing and walked further into the kitchen where his mum was.
"Oh hi, kids! Need a little more food?" She asked and Luke nodded.
He grabbed some chips from the cupboard while his mom handed the others some other snacks. Luke's mom turned to Calum and smiled.
"So Calum, I heard you've got a girlfriend?" Calum nodded, a big smile appearing on his face. "Which one of the three is it?" She eyed all three of the girls, trying to find out which one was Calum's property now. She found all of them gorgeous. So whoever it was, Calum would be lucky to have such a beautiful girl.
"This one." He answered, pulling Zoe closer to him.
"Aw, you're very lucky with such a beautiful girl, Calum." She complimented, making Zoe blush. Calum looked down at her and smiled.
"I know, I'm a very lucky guy." He mumbled.
All of them went back upstairs and watched another movie. After that movie, they chatted for a little while. That was all they did. They had dinner together and all of them crashed at Luke's house. Yasmine bonded with Luke and the others and Zoe couldn't be happier about it. She was glad Yasmine gave them a chance and vice versa.

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