It was Tuesday, one day later. Calum slept at Zoe's again. He didn't want to do anything else. Even when Zoe told him to go home, he refused and said his parents didn't matter if he was at home or not. As long as they knew he was alive and alright, it was fine.
Calum was wide awake and looked at the beautiful creature next to him. Soft snores escaped her lips as he stared down at her. Her hair laid messily around her head and her nostrils moved, as if she smelled something. She drew in a deep breath and stirred, turning away from Calum. He pouted. He just lost his view. Very gently and carefully, he stroke her cheek and wiped her hair out of her face in the process. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on her cheek.
"You're so damn gorgeous." He whispered to himself. "I just wish you would see it too. I wish to stay with you forever. No, no no no. I promise to stay with you forever. And to keep you safe from Elise or anything that could hurt you. I promise you that--" She stirred again and rolled over on her back. Her eyes fluttering open, trying to get used to the light. Calum smiled as she rubbed her eyes to get the sleep out.
"Morning, sunshine." He mumbled, his voice husky and deep.
"Good morning." She whispered with a smile.
He leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers, then pulling away. His lips stayed close to hers though.
"Fancy some breakfast?" He asked, more of a whisper.
"Geez, Cal. Morning breath." Zoe groaned and pushed him away, laughing. He pouted and got up, walking out of the bedroom they had been sharing for the past few weeks. Now it was Zoe's time to pout. She didn't want him to leave or leave the bed. She groaned and got up anyway.
When she arrived in the kitchen, Calum was chewing on something while taking bread and Vegemite, shirtless.
"Are you mad at me?" Zoe asked, wrapping her arms around his hips and resting her head on his shoulder. Calum chuckled and walked to the other side of the counter where the toaster was, Zoe didn't let go off him.
"No." He said, still chewing whatever he had in his mouth and putting the bread in the toaster.
"Good." Zoe mumbled, holding him tighter.
"Are you planning to let me go or...?" Calum asked and tried to look at her.
"Nope." She mumbled and closed her eyes again. She inhaled his scent. Is it weird to say his skin smelled good? 'Cause it really did and she loved the smell. The sound of his laugh filled her ears with joy and she smiled. Oh how she loved this boy. They remained silence for a moment, waiting for the toast to be readdy.
"Hey babe?" Calum broke the silence when the toasted bread jumped out of the toaster. He took both pieces and put it on the plates, then walking over to the breakfast bar to put everything on there with Zoe still clinging on him.
"Mmh." She mumbled.
"Have you smoked since we are... you know... together?" He asked and Zoe's eyes shot open. He felt her lashes flutter on his back and it tickled him, so he giggled softly.
"The day after I saw Joe was the last time I ever smoked one." She answered and let go of him.
"Really?" He turned to face her.
"Yeah..." Calum got a big, bright smile on his face and it made Zoe's little heart melt.
"I'm proud of you, baby. So, so proud." He said and leaned in. "Can I kiss you now?" He asked and a minty scent filled Zoe's nostrils. She smiled.
"Did you seriously chew gum just to kiss me?" She asked, slightly amused.
"Yep." He answered with a smirk and closed the gap between them. Zoe brought her hands up to his face and pulled away. She softly rubbed her thumbs over his cheeks and smiled.
"I love you." He said.
"I love you toopeedoo." Zoe chirped and Calum let out a loud laugh while shaking his head at his weird, yet cute girlfriend.
They started eating their toast and talked a bit. When they finished, they cleaned up and washed the dishes. They'd go to Michael's straight after for a dive in his swimming pool, so they got ready and headed off. Zoe had never been to Michael's house, so she was quite nervous. They rang the doorbell and a happy Michael Clifford opened up. He led the couple to the backyard where everyone else already was. They said their 'hello's and got changed. Zoe had her bikini underneath her clothes, so she just took those off. Calum had put on his swimming shorts as actual shorts and put on a shirt on top of it, so he just took off his shirt. Men, they have such an easy life sometimes.
"How was your night?" Jenn asked Zoe, wiggling her eyebrows. The boys jumped into the water, splashing all three of the girls on the side.
"GUYS!" All three of them groaned.
The guys laughed and started playing around. Jenn turned towards Zoe again and repeated her question: "How was your night?"
"I don't know, I slept the whole night so..." She bit her lip and licked it afterwards. Shit, Jenn knew about her habit. She raised an eyebrow at her brown haired, lying friend. Busted. The truth is, when Calum and Zoe came home they went up to the bedroom almost immediately and a make-out session might've turned into sex.
Zoe looked at Jenn and blushed.
"Why'd you ask?" Zoe questioned shyly.
"Seriously? Calum has a huge hickey in his neck and you have a few." Jenn pointed out. Zoe's eyes widened. She forgot about that. Yasmine and Jenn both bursted out laughing and the boys looked at them. "Did you guys see the huge hi--" Jenn started, but Zoe shut her up by putting her hand on her best friend's mouth. She licked Zoe's hand a few seconds after. The brown haired girl took her hand away when she felt the warm, wet tongue and pulled a disgusted face.
"Jennifer, you're so gross! YUK!" Zoe whined and wiped her hand on her friend's arm. Jenn was in a laughing fit, she couldn't stop. She hiccuped and covered her mouth with her hand to try and stop. The boys were still looking and laughing as well.
"What did you wanna say, Jenny-bear?" Ashton asked and swam closer towards the edge of the pool. Jenn giggled at the nickname. They have been calling each other 'Ashy-boo' and 'Jenny-bear' for a while now, but she still wasn't used to it yet.
"I'm not gonna say it. Zoe will kill me." She replied, earning a knowing glare from Zoe.
"Calum and Zoe got hickeys!" Yasmine shouted. Zoe rolled her eyes and shook her head, giving Yasmine a death glare. Ash, Mike and Luke looked at Calum and Michael pulled him close to him so he could see the purple mark on his neck. He laughed.
"It's so big! Zoe, you're an animal!" Luke gasped, looking at Cal's neck. Zoe burried her face in her hands and shook her head, smiling a bit. She remembered herself to always check for hickeys after a wild night. Calum looked at his embarrassed girlfriend and smiled.
"Hey baby-boo, don't be shy. I'm proud of that mark." Zoe snapped up her head and looked at him. He swam closer to the edge where Ash still was. "It's the evidence of our love." He said cheesily. Zoe rolled her eyes. "No, seriously. It's the proof that I'm yours." He said softly, making Ashton laugh loudly.
"You're so stupid, Cal." Zoe stated jokingly.
"Stupid enough for a kiss?" He asked with a grin.
"No, not that stupid." Zoe replied cheekily and got up. "Mikey, can I use your bathroom please?" She asked and Michael nodded.
"I know the way!" Jenn shouted and shot up to follow her best friend. Yasmine got up as well and followed the two other girls. Jenn showed the way and found their way to the bathroom. Zoe looked into the mirror and saw the small purple marks Calum had left on her skin. She smiled and did what she had to do. When she was finished, she came back outside. Jenn and Yasmine smiled at her.
"Nothing." Yasmine and Jenn both answered in unison. Zoe shook her head and walked towards the kitchen. They all took something to drink and chatted for a bit in the kitchen.
"Hey Yas, I noticed something." Jenn started. Jenn always noticed everything. It was kinda creepy, but also very nice. It meant that she payed attention to everything. Zoe liked that.
"What did you notice, Jenn?" Yasmine asked, bringing the bottle of water to her lips to take a sip. She looked confused, yet scared.
"You and Luke get along pretty well today. What happened?" Jenn asked with another eyebrow wiggle. Yasmine's cheeks turned a bright color red and she nearly choked on her water.
"Nothing happened." She lied. Jenn and Zoe both looked at her, eyebrows raised. "Okay fine." She gave in. Zoe and Jenn looked at each other, pleased. "We might've... maybe... kissed?" Yasmine stated in more of a question form. Zoe's and Jenn's mouth fell open. They did not expect that.
"When did that happen?" Zoe asked as she had recovered from the small shock.
"Well... when you and Calum left... I might've stayed a little longer..." Yasmine sounded so insecure, yet so happy.
"Do you regret it?" Jenn asked,curiously. She knew Yasmine. She would regret things easily. Things she shouldn't regret though. This was a big step for Yasmine to take since she always had labeled the guys. She was finally getting unattached from her past and from her friendship with Tine.
A big smile appeared on Yasmine's face.
"No." She mumbled and her two friends burst out in cheers. They engulfed their friend into a hug.
"We're proud of you, Yazzie." Zoe stated with a grin.
They then went back outside and decided to dive into the pool as well. The water was so refreshing. It was such a warm day, which is pretty normal for Australia though, but still. It felt great.
Michael, Luke, Yasmine and Calum were playing around. Michael and Calum against Yasmine and Luke. Calum was on Mike's back and Yasmine on Luke's. They were trying to push one another down. Zoe was standing to the side, just enjoying the sun and watching her friends get pushed under.
"Come on team Malum!" Zoe cheered for her boyfriend's team.
"What about team Yuke?!" Yasmine shouted, not taking her eyes off of Calum. She never knew when he was going to surprise-attack her. Zoe laughed. Time to tease.
"Team Yuke sucks!" Zoe shouted jokingly. Yasmine looked at her friend, shocked. Of course Calum took that oportunity to push her.
"BABE!" Luke shouted. He quickly took a deep breath before they fell backwards, completely under water. Zoe laughed and so did team Malum. Yasmine and Luke came up again. Yasmine pushed her wet hair back and rubbed her eyes.
"I hate you so much, Zoe!" She muttered, Zoe was still laughing.
"I love you too, Yas." Zoe blew a kiss to her friend as they started the game once again. Zoe smiled and looked at Ashton and Jenn. They were seperated from the group, being all lovey-dovey. Ashton got his monitor taken away this morning and he couldn't be happier about it.
"Remember that time when Anya came into my room and she screamed because she didn't expect you there?" Jenn brought up the memory and Ashton nodded with a giggle. They were bringing up memories from the past few weeks they have been together, how cute is that?
"You're the cutest when you talk about your family." Ashton told her and she blushed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. He looked into her blue eyes he had grown to love. Those eyes with the pretty little twinkle in them when she talked about something she was passionate about or looked at someone she loved. She had that twinkle at that very moment and every other moment she looked at Ashton. Her Ashton.
"I love you, Jennifer King." She giggled at her full name as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"And I love you, Ashton Fletcher Irwin." They leaned in to kiss, but before their lips touched, Ashton said "Take a breath." She did and he pulled her under with him. The second they were completely under, he pressed his lips onto hers firmly. Aw, an underwater kiss. They came up again, still attached to each other's lips. Then they disconnected and smiled.
"Hey lovey-doveys!" Michael shouted and the two of them looked in his way. "Wanna get some food?" He asked. Both of them nodded and everyone got out of the pool.
They ordered pizza and waited for it outside in the sun while talking a bit. Zoe wasn't paying attention that much. She didn't know why, but she felt like something was about to happen. She didn't know what or how, but she knew something would happen. That's when her phone buzzed, signaling she had a text. It was from Tine.
"Party at Stan's tonight. Wanna wreck that bitche's party? Btw: sorry for what happened. I really am. Hope we can talk this out.X" Zoe smiled. She knew Tine would turn by somehow.
"Hey guys..." Zoe started as she looked at her friends.
"Wanna wreck a party tonight?" All of them looked at each other and they had evil smiles on their faces. That was a pretty clear 'yes'.
*That night*

The party started at 10, but the group decided to be 'fashionably late' and they would go at half past 11. Tine and Johanna came to Zoe's house were the boys, Yasmine and Jenn already were. Everyone was ready to go and already a bit tipsy.
"So this is how you guys do it." Luke mumbled, more to himself than to his friends.
"What's happening next?" Michael asked, just to prepare himself for it if he needed to.
"We don't really plan things out, but usually we just go to this kid's house and walk into the party." Zoe explained.
"That causes enough trouble already." Jenn stated with a smirk.
Ash and Jenn decided to stay sober tonight so they could get everyone at Zoe's house safely.
Tine hadn't said anything to the boys yet. She just came in and started drinking. Han on the other hand, had been talking to Luke and Ashton the whole time. She really did want to get to know them better and it made Zoe smile.
It was exactly half past 11 when the group of friends went to Stan's house. They weren't invited, not at all. But they figured Stan's party would be the best to crash. They got in and went to the table with all the beverages on. Everyone looked at them and started to whisper.
"Zo, why are they all whispering?" Calum asked as he sipped from the red cup his girlfriend gave him. She shrugged.
"They're not used to seeing us together." Zoe told him and dragged him along to the dance floor where Ash and Jenn were already dancing. Tine went upstairs with her 'friends', Yasmine stayed with Luke and talk to him on the sofa, giving each other kisses every now and then. Michael found himself a couple of girls to talk to and Johanna was talking to some strange kind of boy.
He had long brown, curly hair, pushed back. His eyes had an emerald green color and they seemed to shine. He had dimples in his cheeks as deep as the ocean. The guy leaned against the doorframe, hovering over Han as she talked about something and took a sip from her beer every now and then.
"This is nice." Calum shouted into Zoe's ear as they were dancing rather closely to each other. He had his hands on her waist whilst she moved her hips swiftly.
"What is?" She asked, not even bothering to stop dancing. She loved the song and she needed a little stress relief.
"Being together at a party without having to sneak out." He answered and Zoe smiled. She looked at him. Without saying a word, she pressed her lips onto his firmly. It might've been the alcohol, but she was very fluent with kissing. It didn't seem like she cared about anything but their relationship anymore and it made Calum kind of happy. To him, it meant she trusted him with all her heart and he would do everything to keep that trust.
*A couple hours later*
"HEY DUDE!" Someone shouted over the music. Calum pulled away when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and was greeted by Stan's smirking face.
"So, so... You came to wreck my party, huh?" Everyone was staring at them, but the music kept playing.
"We're here to have some fun, yeah?" Calum stated and Stan started to laugh.
"Fun? You're only making out, along with those three other couples over there." He pointed at Luke and Yasmine, Ashton and Jenn and Johanna with the strange dude.
"Sorry you don't have anyone to snog with, Stan. It's not my fault." Calum told him with a grin. Stan laughed again and shook his head.
"Just leave my house, or I will fucking kick you out."
"Ooh, now I'm scared." Calum said, pretending to be scared. He was just laughing with it. Stan gritted his teeth and tried to hit Calum, but he was stronger. Calum stopped Stan's fist from hitting his face and smiled at the lad. Zoe heard someone shout her name. The music was very loud, so no one else heard it. She saw Tine on the stairs with a pale face. She motioned to the door, meaning she wanted to leave. A guy with black hair and tattoos up his both arms followed behind her. Zoe nudged Calum and nodded in Tine's direction. Calum looked at the girl and knew what was going on.
"We'll leave." He said and let go of Stan's fist while making his way past the lad. "By the way, did you know Zoe has a rose tattoo right above her bum?" He said into the host's ear. Zoe couldn't make out if Stan was jealous or not, but he looked like he was.
Calum and Zoe went to find all of their friends and Ash and Jenn took care of them. Zoe walked to Tine and the stranger.
"What happened?" She asked her friend.
"We might've maybe almost set his house on fire..." Tine mumbled. Zoe looked shocked.
"You what?"
"We were smoking and one of Zayn's friends, Louis was very drunk and put his cigarette in the bin and sprayed deodorant and poof... fire..." Tine was kind of cute when she was drunk. So apparently the guy next to her was Zayn. He looked like a bad boy and he probably was. Zoe had never seen him before so he must've been from another school.
"Did you try to put it out?" Calum asked, clearly not as wasted as Tine.
"Louis and Liam kind of tried, but it didn't really work." Zayn explained. His voice sounded very deep and husky and he sounded a bit British.
"I hope everything's alright then..." Zoe mumbled.
They got home safely and crashed in the living room. Jenn and Ash couldn't sleep yet. They were curled up on the sofa, watching their friends sleep on the ground. He had his arm around her shoulders as she rested her head on his chest.
"It's pretty amazing what can happen in such short period." Jenn mumbled, playing with his fingers.
"It's crazy." Ashton said back and placed a kiss on her head. "I love you." He then said. Jenn looked up into his hazel eyes and smiled.
"I love you too." She said and connected their lips together.
They stayed awake for a little longer and talked to each other about the most random stuff.
"I'm gonna ask you to marry me one day." Ashton said. He was so tired, but wanted to talk to his girlfriend anyway. When he was tired, he confessed a lot.
"But I don't wanna get married."
"Well, if I ask you you're gonna have to say 'yes' or it will be embarrassing for me." He told her.
"Why don't you just ask me not?" Jenn suggested with a grin.
"No, that's not gonna happen. I will marry you, whatever it takes."
"Fine... But after we're married, can we live on a boat and sail the world?" She said. She always wanted to live on a boat and sail the world. Jenn was that kind of person that was crazy enough to change the world. Or she wanted to anyways. No one really believed in her, exept Zoe and Ash. They believed she could change the world. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they might change the world, eventually will.
"You can't raise kids on a boat, can you?"
"Of course you can. But I don't want children anyway, so that doesn't matter." Ashton gapsed.
"You don't want any kids?" He asked, completely in shock from what he just heard. Ashton wanted kids, he really did. He wanted a boy he could play soccer with and a girl he could spoil and call her his princess.
"No, why would I want screaming Jenns or screaming Ashtons waddling around like penguins?" Ashton laughed at her word choice and shook his head.
"I will convince you." He mumbled.
Both of them drifted off to sleep, happy and satisfied they had such a conversation. Ashton would convince Jenn to get married and have kids. He needed to in a way. It was his new life goal and he was going to acomplish it.

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