Zoe wasn't as hungover as she thought she'd be and she was glad. Normally, she'd be sick and could barely do anything.
It was 2pm and the boys went home. They had some family stuff to do, so they couldn't stay. Only that guy Tine brought with her stayed. Jenn was feeling a bit ill, even though she hadn't been drinking, and took a nap on Zoe's sofa. Tine, Han, Yasmine, Zayn and Zoe sat in Zoe's patio. Tine, Han and Zayn were smoking. Zoe was fighting the urge. She remembered Calum's proud smile when she told him she had stopped.
"You don't want a cigarette?" Tine offered and Zoe shook her head.
"No, I stopped." She answered with a smile.
"That Calum kid really fucked you up." Tine muttered underneath her breath before inhaling from the burning thing. Zoe heard it though and she sighed, not wanting to say anything. She had enough of the fights and just wanted them all together again.
All of them remained silence for a moment, not really enjoying each other's company but really trying to.
"Do you remember that time in Religion when we talked about dreams?" Yasmine remembered and the others nodded, not sure where she was going.
"The teacher said that when you're asleep, you say the truth?" She continued and the others nodded again.
"Jenn's asleep... Wanna know how far she and Ashton have gone already?" She wiggled her eyebrows while the others got sly smirks on their faces. Tine, Zayn and Han burned out their cigarettes and walked inside, following the others. Jenn was still fast asleep on the sofa. Her friends tiptoed towards her and Zoe bend down to get on her eye level. She was mumbling something.
"Jenn?" Zoe whispered, not waking her up.
"Ashton is adorable and sweet and god, so sexy." She mumbled. Everyone stiffled a laugh.
"How good is he in bed?" Yasmine whispered.
"He's... he's an animal. Like... like a gorilla."
"Jenn?" Zoe tried, but nothing came from her best friend's lips. She had fallen into a deep slumber again.
"Well, that's all we know. Ashton's a gorilla." Han stated with a giggle.
An hour later, Jenn was wide awake. Yasmine and Johanna went home. Yas had a party to attend and Han went out on a date with the curly haired lad from last night. Only Jenn, Zoe, Tine and that Zayn dude were left. They had nothing to do, so they just went to the park. They sat on their usual spot and started talking until...
"YOU! You set fire to my fucking house!" Stan's raised voice came from behind Zoe. He was furiously pointing in Zayn's direction.
"It wasn't that bad." Zayn stated. He wasn't even going to deny it. Stan had never been this mad.
"And he didn't even do it. It was Louis who did." Tine came in between the two, defending the tattooed guy. Zoe wondered if those two went out on a date or anything. They seemed too close after only one night.
"I don't fucking care who it was. You were with that Louis kid. You could've fucking stopped him, but no you were too fucking busy being fucking drunk." Stan spat. "You fucking ruined my party."
"We didn't ruin your fucking party, you already did by hosting that fucking shit." Tine snapped. Zoe and Jenn just sat there, just looking as if it was a TV-show or something.
"What did you just fucking say?" Stan asked angrily, stepping towards Tine. Zayn got up before Stan even could do anything and he pushed him on the ground. Stan winced in pain as his elbow hit the ground.
"Don't you fucking dare to hurt her, you hear me?" Zayn shouted. Stan got up again, holding his hurt elbow. He looked at Zayn. They were the same height, so it wasn't very intimidating to any of them both. Zayn glared at the other lad and he did the same. The tattoos on Zayn's arms didn't scare Stan. Zayn might look like a bad boy, but Stan thought he'd be just another wannabe.
"Why would I fucking want to hurt her? I don't stoop that low. I'm on a higher level as you, bad boy."
"Why would you be on a higher level?" Zayn asked, not even looking away from his eyes.
"I'm not the one dating her." Stan answered, nodding towards Tine. Zayn gritted his teeth and laughed a faked smile. He looked away for a second, as if he was going to turn around, but then lashed out at Stan. He punched him on his nose, his fist sent him to the ground. Stan cried in pain and Zayn looked at him.
"Don't you fucking dare to say that ever again, dick." He told him, then turned to Tine and her terrified friends. "Come on, girls. Let's go." He said and all of them left the park, leaving Stan on the ground with a bleeding nose and a lot of pain.
Tine and Zayn went to Tine's house. Ashton had called Jenn to come over to the family party, so she went to her boyfriend. That meant Zoe was home alone. She deserved a little alone-time though and decided on having it very girly. She made herself a face-mask, painted her nails and watched some episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Mean Girls afterwards. She had to admit, some alone time was great for her.
It was in the middle of Frozen when the bell rang. Yes, she was watching Frozen again. She's addicted to that movie, okay? Her face mask was long gone, so that didn't really matter anymore. When she opened the front door and saw who was standing in front of her, she froze. Sophia and Kevin were standing there with those mean smirks on their faces.
"Hello, Zoe." Sophia chimed. The evil smirk didn't leave her face.
"Sophia..." Zoe murmured,not sure what she had to do. The anxiety started to kick in. This was the feeling she always had when Sophia bullied her when they were younger. The memory flashed before Zoe's eyes and goosebumps formed on her arms.
"We were around, so we thought why not say hi to our good friend." Sophia explained. This was always what happened. Sophia would do the 'smart talk' while Kevin just stood behind her and looked at Zoe with a blank expression. As if he was her bodyguard.
"I'm not your friend, Sophia." Zoe told and looked at the ground. The lump in her throath made it harder to breath. Her heart was beating faster and she was sure it had skipped a beat. She wondered why it was still beating anyways.
"Of course you are, Zoe. Don't be silly." Sophia said with a fake, posh British accent. Sophia had moved from Manchester to Sydney when she was about 3. Or that's what she told everybody in town. She lived in New South Wales, which is quite far away from Sydney. "Can we come in?" She wanted to walk in, but Zoe stopped her.
"No you can not."
"Okay, that's just plain rude."
Zoe shrugged. She really didn't give a fuck about being polite towards Sophia. The red headed girl sighed.
"So tell me dear, how's your life going?"
Zoe glared at her.
"Good." She answered. It came out in more of a mumble and it was barely audible.
"I heard you have a boyfriend."
"Yeah, so?"
"I heard he's not so popular in school."
"Does that matter?"
"It does, actually. Dating someone who's in a lower rang than you are is the worst thing you could do. It would ruin your popularity and people will judge you. And they do. I heard everyone talking about you and how low you were for dating someone from another label. You don't want that, do you, Zoe? You don't want to be judged, right?" Zoe let the words sink in. Don't let this get into your head, Zoe. She thought. The tears started brimming in her eyes. She couldn't cry. Sophia had never seen her cry. She already thought she was weak, crying would make it even worse.
"Calum is the best thing that has happened to me." Zoe halfly said, halfly whispered.
Sophia laughed and so did Kevin.
"That's what you think. Don't let him get to you, Zoe. He's not worth losing your popularity." Sophia said before she started backing away slowly. "Bye, Zoe." She said before fully dissapearing with Kevin in the dark night. Zoe was stunned and tears started to stream down her face. She stared at the spot Calum and her would sit at night, talking and laughing. The spot where he had learned her how to play guitar. Then she remembered her fight with her best friends and the fact that Simon nor Kelly had talked to her since she and Calum went out in public. She had lost her friends because of him.
She then closed the front door and walked up the stairs. The first thing that came to her mind was the bathroom. She searched in the cupboards to find what she was looking for and when she found it, she smiled through her tears.

The silver metal dangled in between her fingers as a red liquid ran from her wrist and stained the bathroom tiles. She had stopped crying. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes burned. Her wrist was throbbing. She wiped away the blood on her skin and the tiles, then put a bandage over her cuts and hid the blade in the cupboard. She never threw the thing away, just in case.
She left the bathroom and went downstairs, grabbing her phone from the coffee table. She had five texts. All from Calum.
"Family is boring:(Talk to me, baby?:(x"
The second one was: "Are you busy?"
Then: "Baaaaaabe? xx"
Last one: "Are you alright?"
She decided not to answer him, but before she could put her phone back on the table, he called her. She hestitated, but answered anyway.
"Hey." She said, trying her hardest not to sound as if she had been crying for the past few hours.
"Are you alright, baby boo?" Calum's voice sounded so soft. It soothed Zoe a bit.
"Oh yeah, I'm fine." She bit her lip and wet them a few seconds later. Luckily he couldn't see her.
"Are you sure? Why didn't you answer my texts?" He asked. He sounded worried. Zoe didn't like that tone in his voice. It made her feel bad that she was the reason he was stressing out for something.
"Oh yeah, I was... busy..." She looked around the room to find something. "In... in the kitchen. I was busy in the kitchen." She stammered.
"What were you doing in the kitchen? It's almost midnight." Zoe panicked again.
"Uhh... Midnight snack?" She tried. Luckily he believed her.
After an hour of talking on the phone, Zoe's eyelids felt heavy and she was about to pass out.
"Cal, I'm gonna go to bed."
"Okay. I can't come over tomorrow, though. I need to help Mali pack her stuff."
"Why's she packing?" Zoe asked.
"She's moving in a couple of days so we need to pack everything for her. She has a lot of stuff, so." Calum replied with a chuckle. Zoe yawned. "Go to bed, baby. I will come around tomorrow when we're done, okay?" She nodded, forgetting he couldn't see her.
"Kay. Goodnight, Cal." She mumbled, sounding sad.
"Goodnight, princess." He said and they both hung up.
Zoe let the conversation sink in. Calum changed her life. In both good and bad ways. She thought about the things they had talked about and the things they had done. She didn't want all of that go away. But she wanted her old friends back. She wanted to talk to Tine and Han, without having to avoid the Calum-concept. She wanted to talk to Simon and Kelly again, but they didn't want to. They hated her to their guts. Zoe wanted her popularity back. She wouldn't be able to go back to school. Did she even want to go to school again? Did she even want to live? All those question kept haunting in her mind until she was too tired to think about it and she fell asleep. This wasn't going to be very great.

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