Slowly I stepped into my room. I had fought with my parents about my boyfriend. My parents really didn’t care about me, so what did I have to live for? Only him and was it worth the suffering? I picked up a rope from my desk and made the noose around my neck. I pulled a chair to the window where I hung the rope to the ceiling.
      “Goodbye world,” I whispered before I stepped from the chair, hanging myself. At first, I felt like I wasn’t dying yet, but then I felt my soul slipping out of my body and the rope cutting off my breathing. Finally I was free from my painful thinking and the pain everyone had done to me. When I had fully left my body, I heard someone running up the stairs. The next moment, I saw my boyfriend tumbling into the room with tears in his eyes.
      “No!” he screamed and the tears started falling down. He ran to my body and tried to get it from the ceiling. When it finally worked, he held it in his arms, rocking it softly.
      “Why did you do this to me, sweetheart, why?” he cried and then he kissed my body. I felt the tears burning in my eyes. I wanted to get into my body so hard now. Quickly I got to my body and tried to attach my soul to my body again. It didn’t work at first, my body was so cold. But when it started working, I did it as fast as I could. My boyfriend, still holding my body and crying. I just couldn’t stand watching him like this. I felt my soul was in my body and I tried to open my eyes. I saw a small stripe of light and I felt the warm touch of the boy holding me.
      “I’m so sorry, deary,” I whispered and he looked at me, then started crying harder. I held him tight to me, telling him I was okay now. He kissed me with love and passion, saying I should never do this to him again. That was the day I ran away from home with my boyfriend.

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