It was Thursday and Calum had stayed at Zoe's again. When Zoe woke up, Calum was no where to be seen. She was alone in her large bed and his side felt cold. She pouted. All she wanted was a cuddle on a Thursday morning, was that too much to ask? Cedric and Elise would come back in two days and Zoe felt anxious about it. She didn't know what Calum wanted to do. She didn't know what she wanted herself.
Zoe groaned and rolled out of bed. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw the breakfast bar was filled with food and a delicious smell of pancakes filled the air. She sniffed up the scent and smiled, then fully walking in. Her boyfriend was at the stove, baking pancakes. He was only wearing his boxers, so Zoe took the opportunity to let her eyes run over his tanned body.
"Good morning." Zoe mumbled as she walked up to him and pressed a kiss on his shoulder.
"Good morning, baby boo." Calum said and turned around to press a kiss on her lips.
"Looks delicious." She stated as she motioned to the pancake.
"All for you."
"You did this all by yourself?" Zoe asked, raising an eyebrow. She knew Calum couldn't cook.
"I might've had some little helpers..." He mumbled and nodded to the garden. Zoe looked through the window and into the garden. Her friends were sitting in the backyard. They saw her and waved. Zoe waved back while laughing.
"You really need to learn how to cook, Calum." She stated.
"I'm making pancakes, I know how to cook." He defended himself. Zoe laughed and shook her head at her silly boyfriend.
"You're burning it." She stated blankly. Calum turned to the pancake and flipped it around, revealing the burnt side. Calum pouted.
"You tried, baby. It's okay. Let's just leave the pancakes and eat the rest, yeah?" Zoe suggested. She turned off the stofe, put the pancake in the garbage bin and sat down at the breakfast bar with Calum. They ate everything he and their friends had prepared.
When they finished, Calum got up without saying anything. He then came back and handed Zoe an envelope. She looked at him quizzically.
"What's this?" She asked.
"Open up." He replied, a smile not leaving his lips.
Zoe opened the envelope and got out two pieces of papers.
"Mayday Parade 17- Nov - 2014 Front Row" Both of them said. Zoe looked at Calum, eyes wide.
"Yeah baby boo?" He acted inocent.
"Are we going to see Mayday Parade tonight?" She asked, shocked. Calum nodded with a smile. Zoe gasped and flew into the boy's arms. She held him tight as he wrapped his arms securely around her tiny waist.
"Thank you so much." She almost cried in his arms.
"I promised you you would see them live, didn't I?" He reminded her. Zoe nodded, she remembered that too. He slowly pulled her away from his embrace and looked into her eyes.
"Zoella Valentine," he started and grabbed her hands in his.
"I know we've been dating for the past couple weeks and I knew from the moment I saw you, you were very special. You were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. That night, when I talked to you for the first time, I was very nervous. As nervous as I am right now." Zoe giggled, feeling his trembling hands. She didn't know where this was going though.
"I got to know you better and I knew, I just knew I had to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm not gonna ask you to marry me, yet. But I am going to ask you, Zoe. Will you be my very official girlfriend?" Zoe looked into his eyes. All she saw was hope and fear, yet a lovely sparkle was visible. She smiled and shook her head.
"What?" Calum said and pouted.
"I'm kidding, you silly. Of course I want to be your official girlfriend." She squeeled and wrapped her arms around his neck. A smile formed on his face and he brought his hands up to her hips.
"I love you a freaking much lot." He mumbled.
"And I love you a freaking much lot too." Zoe chirped.
He connected their lips once more before they cleaned up the kitchen.
When they were done, their friends came in. Jenn, Johanna, Yasmine and Zoe decided to go shopping while the boys cleaned up the mess they had made in the living room last night. They had been eating chips and all that jazz, but they didn't clean up before they left.
"We'll be back before 6." Zoe told the boys as she took her bag and housekeys. All four of them nodded with smirks on their faces. "Don't burn down the house and don't break anything." She felt like their mom. The guys nodded again.
"I'll make sure everything goes fine, baby boo. Don't worry." Calum told her with a reassuring smile.
"That's the main reason why I'm worried." Zoe mumbled before pecking his lips and leaving the door with the girls. They took the bus into the city and started their shopping hunt.
"Hey Han, how was your date a couple of days ago?" Jenn asked and wiggled her eyebrows. Han blushed and smiled. Zoe guessed it was a great date, just seeing her smile like that was enough to know.
"It was great." She started. "He had blankets and pillows in his garden and he had set up a screen and we watched a movie and it was so, so romantic and so fun. I got to know him a lot better and it really was the bestest date I ever had." She explained dreamily.
"Who's 'he'?" Yasmine asked. She didn't know the guy and neither did Zoe or Jenn.
"His name is Harry. He's from Cheshire, but he's Simon's cousin so he came over for the holidays." She explained with a grin. The other girls nodded whilst walking in the first shop.
They fitted a lot of stuff and picked things out for each other. They never had this much fun when they were together. Of course they laughed a lot and did fun stuff, but it was never as fun as this. Maybe the boys are the reason for this?
The girls did a lot of clothes shops, but ended in a drugstore to buy some makeup. Zoe finished with a whole new brush collection and a couple new eyeliners and mascaras she wanted to try. A few lipsticks couldn't miss out. All of them payed for their stuff and walked further down the street.
As they passed a lingerie shop, they stopped. All of them looking at each other with smirks on their faces. They all knew what everyone was thinking. A small surprise for the boyfriends? Check!
They walked in and started searching, showing things to each other for approval.
"Hey Zo, do you know Ashton's favorite color?" Jenn asked her friend who was standing one aisle from her.
"Uh, no? I'm not his girlfriend so why should I know?" She said back and Jenn sighed. Zoe looked at her desperate friend and texted Calum.
To Cal <3: "What's Ashton's fave color? Trying to find him a pres. xx"

She put her phone away again and continued looking. She found something very cute, yet sexy in a turqoise-ish color. She really liked the way it looked and hoped it would look as good on her.
Her thoughts got interrupted by her phone ringing. Her text tone filling the shop. She grabbed it from her bag and checked the message.
From Cal <3: "I think it's red, not sure. U got a pres for me too, baby boo? Ooh, that rhymes. Hehe :-) xx"

Zoe laughed at the silly answer her boyfriend gave her and tried to find Jenn. Once she found her, she walked up to her.
"Ashton's favorite color is red, Cal thinks." She told her. Jenn nodded, thanked her friend and went to find something to surprise her boyfriend.
Zoe already decided she would take the blue one and went to fit it. While walking there, she texted Calum back.
To Cal <3: "Maybeee :-) Only if you're a good boy today ;-) xx"
After all deciding and paying, they called it a quit and went back home.
They entered a spotless living room at 5pm sharp, the guys just lazily hanging on the sofa. The girls dropped all of their bags somewhere in a corner and joined their boyfriends. Well, Harry wasn't there so Johanna couldn't do anything but sit with them. Poor girl. It's not like she was the only one. Michael was also alone. He didn't mind though. He had his friends, that's all he needed.
She was texting the whole time while the others were talking to each other. Very social, Han. Very social.
"Hey guys, do you mind if Harry comes over now? I want you to meet him." She told after a while.
"Oh no sure he can come." Zoe replied with a smile and the others all agreed. Han thanked them and went to the kitchen to call the guy.
"Who's this Harry kid?" Ashton asked.
"Oh it's her lover." Yasmine replied, eyes dilating as a playful smirk showed.
"I CAN STILL HERE YOU AND HE IS NOT MY LOVER" Han shouted from the kitchen.
The group started laughing loudly at their friend's antics before changing the subject.
"Remember when we ate pizza a couple days ago?" Jenn reminded everyone.
They nodded slowly.
"Yeah. At Michael's, wasn't it?" Yasmine asked, just to be sure she was thinking about the same day.
"Yes, that day and remember I was feeling ill the next day?" Everyone nodded again.
"Well I ate pizza again a couple of days ago and I was feeling ill again. We went to the doctor's and guess what?" Her friends looked at her, urging her to continue. "I'm allergic to tomatoes, so I'm allergic to pizza." She finished.
Her friends' eyes widened and some mouths fell open. They stared at her for a good minute.
"How can you possibly be allergic to pizza?" Michael asked in utter shock. Jenn shrugged.
"I wanted to go on a pizza date with you." Ashton pouted, making Jenn giggle.
"You can take me on any date, Ashy-boo. Just not anything Italian." She told him with a smile, her hand on his chest as she leaned closer to him than she already was. He smiled and pecked her lips, making butterflies erupt in Jenn's stomach while their friends bursted out into wolve-whistles and 'AW's.
After a minute or so, Han came back with a smile on her face and her phone in her hand.
"What did I miss?" She asked and sat down on her previous spot again.
"Jenn is allergic to pizza!" Michael basically screamed out. That guy didn't get out his state of shock yet and he wouldn't for a long time.
"I'm allergic to tomatoes, Mike. Not only pizza. If pizza wasn't made with tomato sauce, I could eat it." Jenn explained.
"But then it wouldn't be pizza." Luke stated obviously. Jenn thought about it.
"Yeah, you got a point." She muttered.
"I'm allergic to kiwis and pineapple." Han said. Calum looked shocked.
"I hope you mean the fruit, or else." Everyone knew Calum was half Scottish, half Kiwi. They all started laughing and Calum pouted. Zoe giggled at her boyfriend and pressed a soft kiss on his cheek, right underneath his freckle.
They continued the conversation until the doorbell rang. Zoe and Johanna both got up, knowing who it was. Zoe opened the door, revealing a tall handsome man with luscious chocolate brown curls and a beautiful pair of green eyes. He smiled, dimples appearing in each cheek. Johanna flew into his arms and hugged the guy. When she pulled away, both of them walked into the house. Zoe closed the door and followed the two into the living room to the others.
"Guys, this is Harry." Johanna introduced her newest friend, which would later definitly turn into her boyfriend.
"I'm Michael!" Michael chirped and waved like a little kid. That guy could be so cute sometimes.
"Calum." Zoe sat down next to him again.
"Zoe." She said with a smile.
"I'm Ashton."
"And I'm Luke." He ended with his deep voice and thick Australian accent.
"It's nice to meet you." Harry said politely and sat down when Han asked him to.
They talked for a little while to Harry and asked him questions about his hometown and family. Apparently his uncle moved to Sydney for his job and took his wife and kids with him, meaning they had to leave the rest of the family Styles behind in Cheshire. Harry didn't really mind though. He and his cousins were great friends and they didn't see each other a lot, but when they did it was twice as nice.
At 6pm, they decided to start eating. They were all going to the Mayday Parade concert, so they needed to be ready at 7 to be on time. They quickly ate their dinner and the girls went upstairs to get ready. Of course they took all of their bags from their shopping trip with them.
Zoe pulled on some new high waisted ripped jean shorts, a black crop top and tied a red plaid shirt around her waist. She did her makeup and curled her hair. Of course she had put on her new set of lingerie underneath her outfit. That was a must. She knew what she was going to do when they got back. She needed to thank Calum for the concert tickets in a way, didn't she?
She put on her new matte red lipstick while Jenn stood next to her, trying to get the tangles out of her hair. She groaned when the brush got stuck in her hair. Zoe giggled, put the lipstick away and turned to help her friend. She got the tangles out easily and braided the curly hairs of her friend.
"Thank you, you're an angel." Jenn thanked her and kissed Zoe on the cheek. She just smiled and looked at her own reflection. Jenn's eyes were on her, she could feel that. Her gaze went to her reflection and they both smiled.
"You look beautiful." Zoe told Jenn, making her blush.
"So do you." Jenn shot the compliment back. Both of them turned around at the exact same time and looked at their friends. Johanna was trying to get into her skirt as Yasmine tried to find the perfect necklace for her outfit. Zoe shook her head and walked over to Johanna to help her first. Once she got in her skirt, she helped Yasmine find the necklace. When they were all done, they walked downstairs where the boys still were.
The group split upt into two groups to fit in Ashton's and Michael's car. They drove the group to the arena where they'd see Mayday Parade in less than an hour. Zoe was excited. She had never seen any band play live. Elise never let her go to concerts or parties. After half an hour in the queue, they finally got inside and onto their seats.
When the opening act was done, they had to wait for about 15 minutes until the band appeared on stage. The group cheered and applauded for the band as they got their instruments ready and started to play the first song.
Zoe loved every single bit of it. She sang the lyrics along and was having a lot of fun. This band was so good! It sounded different from the studio versions, but it sounded better in a way. The concert was coming to an end, three more songs to go. They announced their next song, which was Zoe's favorite, called 'Stay'.

She looked at Calum and he looked at her with a smile plastered on his face. He knew this was her favorite song. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. He then wrapped his arms around her waist as he stood behind her, his head on her shoulder as the band sang the song. Everyone was singing along, Calum in Zoe's ear. She loved to hear his voice.
"Please," Calum whispered in her ear before the beat got louder and the band continued to sing. That was her favorite part of the song, when it got louder and heavier then softer again.
The concert came to an end and the band said their goodbyes.
Ashton and Michael drove everyone home again. Ashton dropped Calum and Zoe off first, then he'd drop Harry and then he'd go home with Jenn .
"Bye guys!" Zoe and Calum both shouted before slamming the car door shut. They walked to the door and Zoe unlocked it. Both of them walked in and she shut the door. Calum had already gone to the kitchen, to Zoe's dismay. She wanted him so badly right now. She had been waiting for this the whole day. She walked through the living room and to the kitchen. On her way, she bumped into the tall boy. He had a water bottle in his hand which he had brought up to his lips to take a sip from it. Zoe looked up as he looked down, not taking the bottle away from his lips.
"Hey babe." He said as he finally removed the bottle, a smirk playing on his perfect plump lips. He put the lid on it and put it on the table next to them, then putting his hands on the smaller girl's hips to pull her closer.
"Rememeber that surprise you'd get if you'd be a good boy?" She asked with a sly grin. Calum's smirk turned into a smile and bit down on his lip afterwards. Zoe's eyes filled with delight as she grabbed his hand to pull him up to the stairs, but he stopped her. He was stronger than her, so only a slight thug sent her flying into his chest.
Zoe opened her mouth to say something, but he shut her up by slamming his lips onto hers for the long waited kiss. He placed his hands on her thighs and mumbled "jump" against her lips. She did as he asked and jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He moved towards the breakfast bar and sweeped everything off of it with one hand to make some space. He then hoisted Zoe up so she was sitting on top of it. She tugged at the hem of his shirt, signaling she wanted it off. He broke the kiss for a moment so she could pull the grey fabric over his head. She threw it through the kitchten, not really caring where it landed before hungrily smashing her lips onto his again. He hoisted himself up on the bar, not breaking the kiss and slowly pushed Zoe back. He held himself up on one hand while the other trailed over her body and ended at the tied knot of her plaid shirt. He undid the tie and moved it from underneath her, throwing it through the room. Their tongues were swirling around each other, just like a beautiful dance. He then moved to her top. With all the abs she had, she pulled herself up giving Calum access to take her top off. That piece of clothing got thrown away as well. Calum pulled away, noticing the blue bra she was wearing. He looked at her with a smile and jumped off the breakfast bar. He pulled Zoe off as well and carried her to her bedroom, bridal style. He placed her on her bed and crawled on top of her. He started pressing sloppy kisses on her neck and collarbones, earning some moans coming from her lips.
"This might be a bit more comfortable." He mumbled between kisses. His hands went to her back and unclipped her bra. He looked at her and slipped off the straps from her shoulders, pressing a soft kiss on each of them. He then threw the brand new piece of clothing through the room.
"It looks better on the floor, honey." He said in a husky voice. Zoe giggled as he pushed her down onto her pillow. She was even more turned on right now and pulled him in for another passionate kiss. He cupped her breast in his warm hand and massaged it, then traced over her belly to her shorts. He undid them and broke the kiss to take them off. Once they were on her floor as well, her hands went to his belt. He quickly grabbed a grey package from his back pocket before she could pull his trousers off. Their underwear came off lastly. Calum looked into Zoe's eyes.
"You look so fucking beautiful." He whispered and pressed his lips onto hers whilst slowly thrusting in his hard, covered manhood. Zoe moaned his name as she dug her nails into his back.
When they both reached their climax, Calum laid down next to her. Both panting like crazy.
"I love you." He said, completely out of breath as he turned on his side to look at her.
"And I love you." She whispered, not even able to get out a sound. His eyes flickered to her lips before connecting his with them. They pulled away and just stayed like that for a while. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, rubbing small circles as they stared to the ceiling whilst talking about everything that came to mind. Zoe wished she could stay like this forever.
"Good night, Zoella." Calum whispered, planting a long kiss on her lips.
"Good night, Cal." She said as he had pulled away.
She cuddled up into his bare chest and fell asleep. The feeling of his lips still lingered on hers as his scent filled her nostrils. She pouted her lips, causing them to touch his skin before she fell asleep. This was a day she would remember forever.

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    Wat een verrassing toen er een half uur na het nemen van een abo opeens 2 nieuwe hoofdstukken waren!
    Cal&Zoe zijn zo lief en ik vind het heel leuk hoe je Zoe en Joe Sugg gebruikt!
    Meer? ;D

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