Zoe was the first one to wake up in the morning. She turned on her side, facing Calum. He was still fast asleep. She started tracing his skin with her fingers. From his tattoo to his belly button and back up. Goosebumps started to form on his arm that was draped around Zoe's waist. She smiled and looked up as he started moving a bit. Zoe looked up, his eyes were still closed, but a smile played across his lips. He softly groaned and pursed his lips. Zoe giggled and pressed her lips on his.
"What time is it?" He asked when his eyes fluttered open.
"11:37" She replied.
He looked down at her and smiled, remembering last night's events.
"You're so fucking gorgeous." He mumbled and kissed her again.
"And smelly. I'm gonna take a shower." She stated whilst getting up. He grabbed her wrist, stopping her before she could walk away.
"Don't take too long? The bed is cold without you." His voice was muffled because of the pillows he was lying on. Zoe could only see his eyes, which made her kind of melt a slight bit.
"Why don't you join?" She suggested and he pondered about it for a while.
"Nah, I'm too lazy." He mumbled and let go of her hand.
"Smelly pants." Zoe muttered before leaving into the bathroom. Calum dozed off again. He was a tad too tired to stay awake.

When Zoe had washed her hair, she came back in her bedroom. Only a towel covered her body. She hummed to the song that was stuck in her head as she tried to find something to wear. She put on Calum's boxers which were lying on the floor and her bra. That's when she noticed Calum was asleep. She smiled and pecked his lips softly before leaving the room. She went downstairs and saw the mess in the kitchen. She shook her head and started collecting the clothes. She threw on Calum's shirt, which was a bit too big for her. But she loved it. It carried Calum's smell. She threw all of her clothes in the laundry basket in the washroom before cleaning up the rest. Calum had literally tossed everything from the breakfast bar on the ground. Zoe laughed and started cleaning everything. Once all that was done, she made two cups of burning hot coffee. She added milk to hers and Calum's, but added a sugar cube to Calum's. Just the way he loved it.
She carefully walked up the stairs and into the bedroom again. There he was, still asleep. Lazy bones. Zoe shook her head and placed the cups on the bedside table, then crawled on top of him. He groaned as she straddled over him. He lazily opened his eyes and looked at his chirpy girlfriend. His eyes went to her neck.
"Ooh, you might need to cover that up." He mumbled, stroking the two purple spots on her neck. Zoe rolled her eyes.
"I hope our friends aren't here today, because it will cause me a lot of trouble, mister." She scowled at him as she crossed her arms over her chest. She remembered the day at Michael's when everyone was teasing them for having hickeys.
"Oh come on, baby boo. It looks sexy." His eyes wandered over her body. "Just like you in my shirt... sexy..." He mumbled. Zoe smiled and shook her head whilst hitting her boyfriend's chest. His hands went up to her back and pulled her closer, making her lie down. Her head rested on his bare chest as she listened to his steady heartbeat.
"Baby boo?" He started. Zoe felt the vibration of his vocal cords through his chest.
"Yeah?" She asked, not moving.
"You know Elise is coming home tomorrow, right?"
"Yeah..." She said, anxiety filling her voice.
"Do you wanna go home with me tonight?" Zoe sat up straight and looked at him.
"Cal, I don't think tha--"
"Babe, I don't want her to hurt you." Tears started to form in his eyes. "I'm scared that if I leave you here, she's going to hurt you. I don't want that. I promised your grandmother I would never let anyone hurt you. Please, just come with me tonight? I want to keep you safe." Zoe looked into his watery eyes. She sighed deeply and nodded.
"I love you, Zoe. I don't want you to get hurt." He sniffled and wiped a tear away.
"I love you too, Calum. I really do." She said with her whole heart.
Calum smiled as she leaned in and kissed his lips.
"Now get up, I made you some coffee." Zoe stated sternly as she pulled away.
"I'm going to the bathroom first, I need to peeeee" He said like a little child and Zoe moved away from him. He ran out, butt-naked. That's when Zoe noticed the red lines on his back. She giggled to herself. Her nails were sharper than she thought.
"Babe, I'm going to take a quick shower. I really am very smelly. You can make breakfast already!" His voice came from the bathroom. Zoe groaned and got up, taking the mugs from her bedside table.
"Is that all I'm good for, making breakfast?" She mumbled to herself and left the room, hearing the shower run as she passed the bathroom. As she walked into the kitchen, she poured the cold coffee in the sink. They weren't going to drink that anymore. Zoe sighed and started making toast.
When her toasts were ready, Calum came up behind her to snake his arms around her waist and he kissed her hair. Zoe sniffed. There was something about his scent that made her suspicous. He never smelled like that. He never smelled like coconut unless he used her body scrub.
"Babe..." Zoe started.
"Mmh." He hummed, still holding onto her waist.
"Did you use my coconut body scrub?" She asked whilst taking two plates and putting the toasts on it.
"Maybe..." He replied, innocently and let go of her waist. Zoe turned around, looking at him and laughing. She handed him his plate and both of them moved to the breakfast bar. Zoe giggled to herself, knowing what had happened here last night.
"Well at least we know this bar is good for something else as well." Calum stated, noticing his giggling girlfriend. He pecked her cheek and started spreading Vegemite on his toast.

They had a bit of a lazy day, so they didn't do much but watch TV. All they wanted that day was each other and nothing else in the world mattered. That's when Zoe's phone rang. Elise's name popped up on the screen.
"It's Elise." She said softly and looked at Calum.
"Pick up and put it on speaker." He told her and she did.
"Hi E- uhh... mum." She quickly corrected herself.
"Is the house clean yet?" She asked blankly.
"Listen here, Zoe. We're arriving at 2pm. If the house isn't spotless, I swear I will--" Cedric interrupted her by telling her something in the background. Zoe heard mumbling and ruffling before Elise's voice sounded through again.
"I have to go. If you aren't there tomorrow or if the house isn't clean, I swear I will come look for you." She threatened. Zoe didn't say anything, she hung up and looked at Calum.
"Babe.... You're coming with me, okay? No matter what she says. You're going to pack your bags and come with me. She won't find you, I promise." Zoe nodded, not entirely sure if this was such a great idea.
It was 5pm when Zoe started packing some essentials for a couple of weeks. She'd try and find an apartment by herself. She had worked at a bakery during the weekends, so she had the money for it. Until then, she'd stay with Calum.
His mom had asked them to be on time for dinner and Zoe would stay afterwards. She didn't know if Calum had actually asked his mom, but hoped he did. She would never want to be annoying or rude.
Zoe had finished packing at 5:40 and left the house with Calum about five minutes later. She had given Flounder a bit of food so he wouldn't starve tonight. She couldn't take the kitten with her since Calum's dad's allergic to pets. Sadly enough, though. Calum always wanted a puppy but because of the allergy of his dad, he couldn't.

"Oh sugar plums! Right on time!" Calum's mom exclaimed as they both walked in the living room where his dad and sister were sitting. Mali had moved houses, but came over for dinner every now and then. Joy hugged Zoe tightly.
"Calum told me a lot about you and why you would have to stay here. You can stay as long as you want, dear. I'd love to have a girl for a couple weeks."
"HEY" Mali shouted from her spot on the couch.
"Sorry, dear. I didn't mean it like that." Joy softly told her daughter and left.
Mali got up and took Zoe in an embrace.
"It's nice to see you again, Mali. And you're fully clothed, that's a new step!" Zoe said chirpily, making Mali laugh as they let go of each other.
"Yeah, that's a whole new step!" Mali agreed with a smile. "Why don't you guys go upstairs and drop your stuff there?" She suggested, looking at Calum. He nodded and basically dragged Zoe upstairs with him. She had been here before, so she knew where to go. His room was still as messy as last time. Zoe smiled and dropped her bag on the ground.
"Sorry about the m--" Calum started, but Zoe cut him off.
"Mess, I know." She giggled whilst sitting down on his bed.
Calum stood in front of her and cupped her face in his hands. She pouted as they looked into each other's eyes. Calum noticed the fear.
"Baby boo, I know you're scared but I promise you, everything will be alright." He reassured her and she nodded.
"CALUM! ZOE! DINNER TIME!" Mali shouted from downstairs. Calum smiled and let go of Zoe's face. He grabbed her hands and pulled her up. He didn't move, causing her to bump into his chest. They were an inch from each other and Calum quickly closed the gap.
Zoe pulled away and they went downstairs. The family Hood was already sitting at the table. Joy was handing out the food she had prepared while Calum and Zoe sat down, Joy and Mali on the other side and Calum's dad at the head of the table.
"So Zoe, tell me a bit about yourself." Dad asked as he sipped from his glass of water.
"What do you want me to say?" Zoe asked, nervously.
"Any hobbies? Pets? Special talents?"
"I used to dance. I own my grandmother's cat now, his name is Flounder and he's a little cutie."
"You left your cat at home?" Mali asked.
"Yeah, I couldn't take him with me. Calum said your dad was allergic."
"Yeah, that's true. But still. Why did you leave your cat all alone?" Mali continued.
"It's for one night, Cedric comes back tomorrow. He needs to take care of him." Zoe explained and Mali nodded. Calum had obviously told them about Cedric and Elise. Zoe hoped he didn't say too much.
Everyone had their food and started eating.
"Do you have any special talents?" Dad repeated his question while eating his food.
"Uh... no... not that I can think of right now. I'm pretty untalented, I guess."
"You can play guitar, that's pretty talented, baby." Calum told her.
"Because you learned me, that's not being talented, that's learning and remembering." Zoe said.
"You remember every little thing." Calum mumbled, then looked at his parents. "She literally can recall a memory in detail and she remembers everyone's birthday. She always knows who's birthday it is, it's amazing." He explained with a grin and his parents just nodded.
"Tell me, dear. How did your parents passed away? I don't think Calum ever mentioned it." His mom said and both Zoe and Calum almost choked on their food. The family looked at them, quizzically.
"I-I uhh..." Zoe started, looking at the family.
"She doesn't have to tell you if she doesn't want to." Calum said to his parents, but more to Zoe.
"No, Cal. It's fine." Zoe said and drew in a deep breath. "When I was four, my parents were in a heated argument. My dad, he-he had a gun. He shot my mom and comitted suicide right after." Zoe told and it rolled off her tongue easily. Better than she thought it would. Calum's parents looked at her in shock.
"Oh my God, dear. I am so sorry." Joy said.
"It's okay. I just wished they were still here. It would've been a lot easier for me and my brother."
"Calum told us he killed himself as well." Mali said softly.
"Yeah, he did. He never left me though, he's still with me." All of them nodded. Zoe looked at Calum. He had a proud smile on his face. He was happy she told his parents. It meant that she trusted them and him. It meant that she trusted herself.
They finished dinner and Zoe helped cleaning up. After that, Zoe and Calum went upstairs. They just laid in bed, talking until they fell asleep.

*2:39 am*

Zoe was wide awake. She couldn't sleep. Calum on the other hand was snoring next to her, sound asleep. She smiled and pressed a soft kiss onto his lips before slipping out of his grip and out of the room. She thought it would be a great idea to go sit outside for a minute. She tiptoed through the house, not wanting to wake anyone. When she arrived in the living room, a voice startled her.
"What are you doing up late?" It was Joy. She appeared in her night gown with a smile on her face.
"Couldn't sleep, sorry."
"It's okay, love. Do you want a cup of tea? I'll make you one." She asked politely.
"Oh yeah, that would be nice." Joy went into the kitchen and Zoe followed her.
"Do you think Elise would find you here?" She asked while starting to heat the kettle for hot water.
"I'm not sure. She's able to do everything, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually came here to get me." She replied with a shrug.
"I hope she doesn't. Calum told us about her and I think you should really report it to the police."
"I can't. Elise would find out and she would punish me for it." Joy smiled compassionately as she started making the tea.

"You're a nice girl, Zoe. You've changed our son's life and I really wish he could do the same." She said and handed her the cup.
"He already did, believe me." She took a sip from the hot liquid whilst Joy yawned.
"I'm going back to bed, dear. I'll see you tomorrow." She kissed Zoe on her temple and went upstairs. Zoe walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. She thought about what Joy had said to her and let it sink in. What if she did report it to the police? Would Elise go to jail?
"Can't sleep?" A voice made her jump out of her thoughts. She turned her head and saw Calum standing there. Half asleep.
"No and I didn't want to wake you, I'm sorry." He sat down next to her.
"It's fine, baby. I couldn't sleep without you next to me." He pouted and laid down with his head in her lap. She stroke his hair and drank from her delicious tea. When she had finished her cup, her and Calum went back to bed.
"Sleep tight, baby boo." Calum mumbled and kissed her lips.
"Good night, Cal. I love you." She was already drifting off to sleep.
"I love you too, baby." He said. "A lot." He whispered and they both fell asleep.

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    Ik heb zo veel medelijden met haar ):
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