Ashton pulled over at the hospital. All four of them got out, Calum didn’t let go of Robin’s hand. He needed to make sure he was alright.They walked into the building and met Cedric inside in the waiting room. He looked scared and his hair was a mess from tugging it. Cedric blamed himself for everything that had happened. He thought that if he'd be a better dad to Zoe, this wouldn't have happened. If he opened his eyes for once and noticed what Elise had done to his niece, nothing would've gone wrong.
"Daddy!" Robin squeeled and ran over to the tall man. He crawled on his lap and wrapped his tiny arms around his neck. Calum, Jenn and Ashton walked up to him.
"Is she alright?" Calum asked nervously.
"The doctors are busy. They'll be here soon." Cedric said softly and sniffled. He had been crying the whole time. The thought of losing Zoe was killing him. It was all his fault.
They all sat down and waited. The clock on the wall was ticking loudly and it annoyed Calum. He groaned and rubbed his face with his hands, going through his hair afterwards. After a while, the doctor came out with a small, sympathetic smile on his face. All of them shot up from their chairs and walked over to the doctor.
"She's alright. Only a couple of bruises and a huge headache. She might have got memory loss, but we can't say that yet. She's still asleep." The doctor explained. All of them sighed in relief. Zoe was alright, that's all that mattered at that moment.
"Can we see her?" Cedric asked. The doctor nodded and the group walked past him into the room he had just gotten out. There she was, in a white hospital gown and bruises up her arm. They looked so bad. Ashton shivered. He remembered when he was the one lying there. Jenn grabbed his hand and squeezed it. She looked at her best friend. Never had she seen her so fragile. She blinked away a tear while Cedric and Calum scurried over to her side. They both took one hand and Calum placed a kiss on her knuckles. They felt so cold. Tears started to form in Calum's eyes.
"This is all my fault." He mumbled and let the tears fall.
"No, Calum. It's not." Cedric started.
"I promised her grandmother I would make sure she didn't get hurt. I broke my promise. It's all my fault." His voice became louder and his tears started to fall quicker.
"Cal, it's not your fault okay?" Ashton came in between the two. Calum shook his head.
"It is my fault, Ash. I promised her." He cried.
"Calum, it really isn't your fault. If we're going to blame someone, it has to be me. I should've seen how unhappy she was, I should've noticed Elise doing this to her. Everytime I came home after work and Elise had been home for the day, Zoe always had red cheeks and bruises on her arms. I thought she had bumped into something and used a lot of makeup on her cheeks. But she didn't. I should've noticed. It's my fault."
"Cedric, don't blame yourself, okay? It's nobody's fault. Nobody knew." Jenn said. She was a clever girl and always knew what to say to make people feel better.
All of them cried for a minute until a nurse came in. She checked everything she had to check and left the room, sending everyone an apologetic smile. Zoe's eyes fluttered open and she blinked a couple of times to adjust to the light room. She had no idea where she was or what had happened. Her head hurt like hell. She brought her hands up to her temples, wincing when her arms hurt as well. She saw the bruises and wondered what had happened. She then saw all of the people in the room. She didn't recognize them.
"W-Where am I? W-who are you?" She stammered. All of them looked at her confused. Then they remembered the doctor saying something about memory loss.
"You're in the hospital." Calum said softly, stroking her face, but she flinched away. Calum felt bad about that. Jenn walked out to go and find the doctor and when she walked back in, the doctor followed closely behind. He walked over to Zoe's bedside and looked at everything the nurse had been looking at. He nodded and hummed.
"I'm going to ask you a couple of questions, miss." The doctor started and Zoe nodded slowly.
"What's your first name?" He asked.
"Your last name?"
"Do you have a middle name?"
"Your parents names?"
"Isabelle and Tom."
"Where do you live?"
"Do you have siblings?"
"Yes, one brother. Joe."
All of them looked at each other, not sure of what to say. She didn't remember he died or what?
"What happened to your parents?"
"Nothing?" Zoe said confused. The doctor looked at her friends and Cedric.
"What happened to your brother?"
"Nothing? He's fine. They're all fine. Why are you asking all of these questions?"
"Do you remember what happened before you woke up?"
"Uhh..." Zoe thought about it for a while. She pondered and pondered, but couldn't find anything. How did she get here? Her head started to hurt like hell.
"It's okay if you don't remember, Zoe. You have amnesia." Zoe's eyes grew wide. "Don't panic. You'll get it back soon enough. Your friends can help you with that, but don't overthink too much and don't force yourself into remembering, alright?" Zoe nodded and the doctor smiled. "I'm gonna go now, if you need anything you can always call a nurse." The doctor turned to Calum and his friends. "Don't push her into remmebering, alright? She will remembering all of the things, but not at once." All of them nodded and the doctor left.
"So... What happened to me? And who are you?" Zoe asked.
"I'm Robin!" The little chap shrieked. Zoe looked at him and smiled.
"Hello Robin. Where do I know you from?" Zoe asked.
"I'm your new brother! Your parents adopted me!" Zoe's eyes grew wide. She looked at the tall man who had the little kid on his lap. That wasn't her dad. Sure he looked like him, but it wasn't her dad.
"Who are you?" She asked Cedric. She wanted to remember.
"Cedric, I'm your uncle." Zoe bit her lip, hoping she'd get something.
"He's my daddy!" Robin told with a smile. Zoe frowned, her eyebrows knitting together as she tried to solve the puzzle.
"But he said my parents adopted him, why are you his daddy? What happened to my parents?" She panicked. Calum, who was still standing next to her, grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
"Calm down, Zoe. It's okay. Do you really wanna know what happened to your parents?" Calum asked. Zoe's eyes were glued on her hand in his. It felt like she was having a deja-vu. It felt like she remembered the feeling of his hand holding hers. Like hers was just made for his.
"Yeah..." She softly said as he let go of her hand.
"When you were four, you're parents were in a fight. Your dad killed your mom and committed suicide right after. Your uncle took you in, he's your dad's brother. He got married to Elise and sh-she used to hit you whenever you did something wrong..." Calum tried to swallow away the tears. "She's the one who gave you this amnesia." He finished as a tear rolled down his cheek. He couldn't hold it anymore. Zoe looked at the crying boy. She didn't know how to react or how to feel. She felt bad for making the boy cry, but she felt even worse that she didn't remember what happened with her parents.
"H-how do you know?" Zoe asked carefully.
"You told me." Calum stated softly.
"Who are you?"
"Calum, your... your boyfriend."
Zoe mentally slapped herself for not remembering she had such a cute boyfriend. He looked at her with watery eyes. She could tell he cared. His eyes told her he cared.
"I'm sorry, I don't remember that..." She mumbled, trying to recall the memory.
"It's okay, the doctor said it will come back." Calum told her with a small smile. Zoe almost melted. How could she forget that smile?
"Who are you guys?" She looked at Jenn and Ashton. They were still standing at the end of her bed, holding hands to comfort one another.
"I'm Jenn. Your friend. We've known each other since we were three, but lost contact because of Elise. We used to dance together." Zoe pondered again. Trying to recall that memory as well. She had never seen the girl, but the eyes, she remembered those blue eyes looking through her soul.
"I'm Ashton. Jenn's boyfriend and one of Calum's best friends. We know each other for about a month now." Zoe nodded, not even trying to think anymore. It hurt a lot and she couldn't remember anything.
"Are there other people I need to know about?" Zoe asked.
"Tine, Johanna and Yasmine are your other friends, they will come over to visit soon." Jenn told her.
"And Luke and Michael are our best friends, but they like you too. So they will come around soon too." Calum told her. Zoe tried to imagine how those people looked like, but she couldn't. She couldn't put a face on those names, not even if she tried hard enough.
"Wait... where's Joe then?"
"He killed himself..." Calum softly said. Zoe froze.
"He left me?" She felt the tears brim in her eyes.
"No, he didn't. He left the world, but stayed with you in your heart and you told him you'd keep him there forever." Calum told and Zoe nodded while bringing her hands up to her temples.
"Are you tired?" He asked.
"Yeah, a bit."
Jenn, Ashton, Cedric and Robin started to move to the door.
"Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Calum asked softly.
"Yeah, that would be nice." Zoe answered with a small smile.
"See you tomorrow." Ashton said before closing the door behind him.
"Bye." Calum and Zoe said in unison.
Zoe looked at the boy shifting in the chair, trying to take the most comfortable position he could. Then looked at Zoe and smiled as he noticed she was staring.
"Go to sleep, baby boo. You're tired." He told her.
"Will you be here when I wake up?" She asked, hoping he would. She liked this guy and it was her boyfriend apparently. Her heart fluttered at the thought of him being her boyfriend. She wondered why he loved her or how they met.
"Can you tell me the story of us when I wake up?"
Calum smiled and nodded.
"I will."
Zoe nodded soflty and closed her eyes.
When she woke up, Calum told her all about how they met and what they had done. Zoe loved every single minute of the story. She saw the sparkle in his eyes as he told and heard the happiness in his voice. She loved the way his lips moved when he talked and wondered how they would feel on hers. She wanted to know how it felt when she remembered.
Calum ended up with her in the hospital bed, cuddled up. He was tracing circles on her shoulder as her head rested on his chest. She listened to his heartbeat and every breath he took calmed her down. He told her more about them and what they done. He told her how badass she was for taking him to a weird building and their make-out session in the elevator. She loved the story. She loved them. She felt a connection with him and she hoped she would remember everything again soon.

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