Another month had passed and everyone had been suporting and helping Zoe getting her memory back. She could leave the hospital a week after she got there. Cedric made Elise leave so Zoe could go home safely. They'll get divorced when all of the papers are ready. Zoe also started dancing again. She called Stephanie, her ex-dance teacher to give her some lessons. Steph accepted it gladly. They had been dancing for the past two weeks already and Zoe still had it. Just like gran told her. Steph had set up a performance at the small summer festival in tow. Zoe, Jenn and a couple other friends were going to perform in front of all these people from their neighbourhood. She was nervous about it, but knew it would be alright. Calum told her.
Her friends have been telling her all the stories she needed to hear. Jenn told her about the times they've watched Frozen. She told about the times they went to the park and just sat there, talking. Johanna told her about the time they were playing tennis during gym and a group of guys walked by, yelling to Zoe how hot she looked. Yasmine told the story from that time they went to the beach together and sat on the beach at midnight, drinking and talking. Tine told her about the times they had gone out and been drunk together, which was a lot. Calum told her their story over and over again from beginning to start. She couldn't get enough of it and she even remembered a couple of things. The other boys told her when she went to their small concert the first time they hung out together.
Zoe loved each and every story and started to remember bits and pieces of it. She watched her mom's videos and read her letters again. She had been crying over them a lot, not remembering anything from the past. Maybe that was a good thing.

It was a Monday and Calum stayed with Zoe for the night. Cedric was okay with the two dating, as long as they kept the noise down for Robin. When they were at Zoe's, they never did anything but cuddling and kissing, so Cedric didn't have to worry about the noise. They haven't had sex since she got back from the hospital, but Calum didn't really mind. He would wait until she was ready for it.
The couple was lying in bed, cuddled up and talking. That's the way they had been spending every morning since Zoe was back. Calum just loved to have her in his arms again.
"What are we going to do today?" Calum asked and kissed her temple.
"It's the summer festival-thingy today, so I want to rehearse for the performance." She mumbled a response. Calum hummed as he stroke her arm softly.
"Can I watch?" He asked. Zoe could hear the smile in his voice. He sounded so happy and hopeful. He had never seen her dance, exept for her mom's video where a small Zoe was showing her moves at the ballet performance. He remembered her in her pink tutu. She looked so adorable.
"Sure, I think Ashton will be there too."
"Good, I needed to ask him something as well." Zoe looked up at him, rather confused.
"You couldn't call him or ask him yesterday?" Calum had a smile on his face.
"I just thought about it last night before we fell asleep." He told her.
"What is it?" Zoe wanted to know. Noisy little girl.
"A surprise." He mumbled, causing Zoe to groan and pout. Calum giggled and pressed a kiss onto her hair.
"You'll figure it out soon enough, baby boo." He told her.
That's when someone knocked on the door and pushed open the door. A small six year old waddled in. He had an apron covering his clothes and a spoon in his tiny hand. His face, arms and apron was covered in flour.
"I made pancakes! I made pancakes!" The little one shouted happily.
"You didn't burn them?" Zoe asked, sitting up and taking Robin on her lap.
"Nope! I am a very good chef, daddy says." He told her. Zoe remembered Calum trying to make pancakes and failing terribly. He didn't even tell that story yet.
"Maybe you should give Calum some cooking lessons." Zoe told her little brother.
"Hey!" Calum shouted, then realisation hit him. "Wait, I didn't tell you that." Zoe smiled at him.
"You remembered?" He asked, Zoe nodded. "YOU REMEMBERED!" He almost screamed out and took his girlfriend in his arms, making all three of them fall back. Zoe squeeled, but started giggling with Robin and Calum.
"Come eat!" Robin commanded and jumped off of Zoe's lap.
"We'll be there in a minute." Calum told the little guy. He sighed, let his shoulders hang low and walked away.
"We better be there quickly or he won't be happy with you, mister Hood." Zoe told him sternly.
"I just needed to give my girl a little something for remembering something." He said and started to lean in. Zoe smiled and Calum quickly closed the gap, not being able to wait longer. Zoe pulled away and looked into his eyes. He had his proud sparkle showing, making Zoe's little heart sing. She pressed a few short kisses on his lips before getting up, taking Cal's hand and taking him downstairs with her.
Cedric and Robin were both in the kitchen, making pancakes.
"Finally!" Robin shouted and ran over to Zoe. He took hold of her hand, making her let go of Calum's and leading her to the breakfast bar. She sat down on a stool and so did Calum. Robin carefully handed her a plate with pancakes on it.
"Don't drop it, Robsters." Cedric told him.
"I didn't, daddy! I'm careful!" He told his dad and gave Calum pancakes as well. Robin then crawled onto the stool next to Calum as Cedric handed him a plate with pancakes as well.
"They're really good, Robster!" Zoe told him. The little guy smiled like a fool as he started eating his.
"What are the plans for today?" Cedric asked.
"I'm gonna rehearse with Jenn for tonight and Calum's coming with me." She explained and took another bite from the delicious pancake. Cedric nodded in approval.
"We'll be there tonight to watch, aren't we Robin?" The small boy nodded, his hands were getting sticky from holding his food.
After breakfast, Zoe went upstairs to change into a sports bra, leggings and wrapped a plaid shirt around her waist. She pulled her straight hair up into a pony tail, brushed her teeth, did her makeup and went downstairs again. Calum was waiting for her, his keys jiggling in between his fingers. He had gotten his drivers license, so he took Zoe everywhere she wanted.
"Let's go!" He exclaimed, putting his hand on the small of her back. He softly led her towards the door.
"See you tonight, Zo!" Cedric shouted from the kitchen where he was cleaning up.
"Bye!" Zoe shouted and left the house with Calum. They got in the dark blue car and drove off to the dance studios where Stephanie and Jenn were waiting. Apparently, Jenn had asked Steph for an extra rehearsal and she invited the other girls as well. They all said hi to Zoe and Calum. He just waved and went over to the stereo where Ashton was sitting already.
"Hi Cal." He said, dimples showing.
"Hey mate." Calum said and sat down next to his best friend.
They watched the girls talking and arranging things. Zoe and Jenn were both listening carefully and you could see how passionate they were when they were talking about it. The boys digged that. It made them melt like snow in the sun.
"Ashton, can you please press play?" The blonde haired girl asked sweetly. Ashton nodded and pressed the play button. 'Swagger Jagger' by Cher Lloy started to play and the girls started to dance. Calum was looking proudly at his girlfriend. She looked really hot, yet adorable when she was dancing. He noticed she always licked her lips when she was concentrating on her moves.
They ended the routine and the boys applauded.
"Great job girls! Let's do it again!" Steph shouted and Ashton pressed play.
"I had an idea, Ash." Calum told his friend.
"Yeah, remember that song I wrote about Zoe?"
"Good girls are bad girls?"
"What about it?" Ashton wasn't even looking at his friend. He was keeping an eye on his dancing girlfriend. He knew what he was going to do later and he couldn't wait to get her home.
"I thought we could maybe play it tonight?" Calum suggested. Ashton tore his gaze of his girlfriend and finally looked at his friend.
"We could ask for permission, but I don't know if we could actually just do that." Ash said. Calum looked at his hands and nodded.
"We can try, okay? You'll get to play the song for her one day, Cal. I promise you." Calum looked up at Zoe and nodded again. He hoped she could hear it one day. He was hoping she'd remember a bit more if he sang it to her.
The girls ended their rehearsals and Jenn and Zoe went out for lunch with the boys. They were sat at a table at a salad bar, just talking and eating.
"We've already been here, right?" Zoe asked the others. Calum and Ashton looked at Jenn, they didn't know. They had never taken her to the salad bar, but maybe Jenn had.
"Yeah we have. Once or twice maybe." She answered with a smile. Zoe nodded.
"I remember bits of it." Jenn smiled. That was good.
After lunch, they went to the park where the performance was going to be. A couple of bands or singers would be playing. It was some sort of neighbour-party-ish. A lot of people from their school would be there. But Zoe didn't remember how they looked or what they had said about her. Calum and Jenn told her, but she couldn't place it. She didn't feel like she was the 'bad girl'. She didn't understand the labels.
Zoe, Jenn and the other dancers went behind the stage with Stephanie to arrange some things. After that, they had time to watch the other performances or rehearse. Zoe and Jenn went to sit with their boyfriends and watch the others. A couple of singers, some duets and some bands had sung their songs and then it was showtime for the dancers.
"Good luck." Calum said and kissed his girlfriend before she went backstage.
Jenn saw how nervous Zoe was. She could forget everything because of the amnesia she had. It damaged her brain so much, she was afraid she could never dance again if she couldn't remember the moves. Even though Calum had told her multiple times that day she'd do great. She had been rehearsing every day for about three weeks. Everytime he saw her, she was dancing. He thought it was cute. She really wanted to get this right.
Jenn took her friend into a tight hug.
"You'll do fine." She said, Zoe nodded and walked on the stage with the others. Jenn followed behind. The music started playing and all of the girls gave all they had. It was amazing and Zoe didn't miss a step! She was very proud of herself. The crowd applauded as the girls ended, panting.
Zoe looked over at Calum, who was sitting almost in front of the stage. He had the proudest smile on his face. He formed a heart with his hand and blew a kiss. Zoe giggled at her boyfriend's antics. He sure was a great support and absolutely adorable! She still wondered how she could forget about all that.
She stared into the crowd, trying to recognize someone. She couldn't. She only knew Calum, Ashton, Johanna, Yasmine and Tine. They were standing in the back, smiling. Zoe smiled back. She loved having her friends back like it was before Calum came into her life. Tine had accepted Calum and his friends and it made Zoe happy. Like, really happy.
The girls walked off stage and went to Calum and Ashton. Both of them took their girlfriends in their arms. They both whispered how good they were.
"Hey Zo!" It sounded. Zoe turned around and saw Yasmine, Johanna and Tine. Luke, Michael and Harry were standing behind them. All with smiles on their faces. Zoe hugged everyone of them, glad to see them.
They sat down and watched the other performances. The boys went to get some drinks while the girls just talked to each other. They brought up more memories. Never had they laughed more than that moment. Zoe remembered a lot of it, which made her friends happy.
"Look who we have here." A male voice sounded from behind them. Zoe turned around and saw a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes standing there. She didn't recognize him and it made her feel bad.
"Uhh... Excuse me?" Zoe asked and looked at her friends.
"Stan." Jenn mouthed. Zoe's eyes widened. They had told about him and she didn't like him.
"How's your relationship with Calum? Did you guys break up yet? He didn't keep up with you, did he? He couldn't stand to be with you." Stan explained, a sly smirk on his face.
"Listen here, Stan. I have no idea why you even care about my amazing relationship with Calum and I don't even remember what happened, but all I know is that you're a fucking dick so leave me the fuck alone."
The boys walked up to the table and saw Stan with his friends. They put the drinks on the table and Calum crossed his muscled arms over hist chest. He looked at Stan.
"What do you want, Stan?" Calum asked him.
"I'm just talking to your girlfriend, Calum. Got a problem with that?"
"We both know you're not here to 'just talk', Stan." Calum said. Stan shook his head.
"We both know she loves bad boys and you're not really a bad boy, are you?"
Zoe came between both.
"Listen here, you little shit. I love Calum to pieces and I don't fucking get those fucking labels you have put on us. It's absolute bulshit and you shouldn't label anyone. People are people, so treat them like people." Zoe scowled at him. Stan was taken aback. He didn't know about the amnesia and he didn't know what he just heard. He had never thought she would say anything like that, let alone act like that.
"Just leave, Stan and stop being a dick." Stan huffed and walked away with his friends. Zoe's friends looked at her and smiled.
"That was really great, Zoe." Calum said and kissed her cheek.
"You're a hero!" Jenn shouted and hugged Zoe tightly.
They stayed at the park for a bit more and talked about everything and nothing. At 10pm, they went to Zoe's house and asked Cedric if they could crash at her house. Cedric agreed, as long as they were quiet and stayed in the living room. Zoe laid on top of Calum on the couch, Jenn was cuddled up against Ashton's side in the other sofa. Tine and Michael were lying on a matress on the floor. Yasmine and Luke laid on another matress and Harry and Johanna were sprawled over the floor in each other's arms. This was what Zoe wanted. Calum's friends and her friends all together. She fell asleep happily. She didn't want anything to change now.

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