The next morning, everyone stayed at Zoe's for a while. They had breakfast together and played along with Robin for as long Cedric let him. After an hour or so, Cedric decided to go grocery shopping with him so he wouldn't bother the teens that much.
The group of friends was watching TV after they had cleaned up the mess they made during breakfast. All of them were cuddled up. Michael rested his head on Zoe's lap while her head laid on Calum's shoulder. Tine laid on Jenn's shoulder as her head rested on Ashton's broad shoulder as well. Yasmine was cuddled up to Luke and Harry laid in Han's lap.
"What are we going to do today?" Jenn asked, wanting to spend the day with her friends. Ashton shifted a bit. All he wanted to do was go to his house with Jenn. Alone.
"Family things." Tine answered, not taking her head off of Jenn's shoulder.
"Luke and I need to go to his family." Yasmine answered. Luke looked down at her and bit down on his lip ring. When Yasmine looked up, she blushed. He knew how much that affected her.
"Jessy and I are going on a date." Michael said and everyone looked at him.
"Who's Jessy?" Zoe asked and looked down at the boy in her lap.
"I-I uuh... she's an old friend really. I've known her since primary school and I bumped into her a couple of days ago." He explained dreamily.
"Is it the ugly nerdy girl?" Calum asked, earning a slap from Zoe. "What?" He asked.
"You don't say things like that."
"You've never seen her when she was younger, baby boo. She had this ugly sticky black hair and glasses, the round, thick kind and her breath was always smelly." Calum told his girlfriend.
"I'm telling you, she's really hot now." Michael said with a grin.
"I'm happy for you, Mikey." Zoe said and ruffled his hair.
"Only you guys are left. Han? Zoe? Anything to do today?" Zoe shook her head, but Han gave her friend a sad smile.
"I have to uhh... help Hazel with the horses... She uhh... she can't do it alone today... and Harry is coming with me, so..." She lied. Only Harry knew the truth and he'd be the only one who knew in the end. He had a smirk on his face, his dimples showing.
Everyone nodded, not fully believing her. But they had no choice. Jenn looked at Zoe.
"We didn't plan anything, we're staying here." She said and Jenn smiled.
"Mind if we join?" Jenn asked and Ashton cleared his throat, causing his girl to look at him confused.
"Oh it's nothing, I had uhh... a cough. Just a cough." Ashton said and she nodded slowly, turning back to Zoe. Calum looked at Ash and he tried to mention what he wanted. Calum needed to bite back a laugh once he understood what his friend was saying. He hoped they'd get home in time or else Ash would explode. Horny teenage boy.
Another hour had passed and everyone left, except Ash and Jenn. Zoe knew they would stay here for a while. She knew Jenn, she never really got Ashton's hints while everyone else did. Everyone knew what he wanted to do, except for her. Jenn's a clever girl, but not everytime. She'd be the one who would know when someone liked somebody else, but she'd never know when someone liked her. She just never gets the hints.
The four of them were watching Frozen for the first time since Zoe got back from the hospital. They told her she could quote almost everything Olaf said, but she didn't remember. Only, "I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs." was something she remembered. She cried at the same scenes she always did and remembered most of it, like a deja-vu.
When the movie ended, Ashton finally got Jenn home. They'd go to his house since Jenn wanted to meet his siblings. They were never home when she was there, which made her sad. Jenn was a family-girl and likes to spend time with her family. She really wanted to spend time with Ashton's too. He had told her about them a lot and it made Jenn curious.
Ashton unlocked the door and let his girlfriend go in first. She was met with the familiar smell of his home. The pictures on the walls, capturing memories from when he was a child. A couple of shoes on her left and a mirror on the right. A small table with some keys and the sound of two kids laughing. Ashton softly pushed Jenn further into the house. Jenn walked into the living room and the two kids looked up. The girl smiled and got up from her spot on the couch.
"Hi! My name's Lauren." She had beautiful blonde hair which she had braided into two braids. Her bright blue eyes looked straight into Jenn's soul, but they looked kind and loving. The girl was a couple inches smaller than Jenn, so she still needed to look up.
"Hi!" Jenn said and embraced the girl into a tight hug. She recognized the smell. The smell that lingered in her nostrils everytime Ashton left, the smell she got used to and the smell that she loved.
"Ashton has told me a lot about you!" Lauren said as they let go of each other.
"I hope only good things?" Jenn asked and Lauren nodded heavily.
"I could only say good things about you, boo." Ashton said, wrapping an arm around Jenn's waist. Lauren 'aw'ed and clapped her hands, earning a glance from Ashton.
"You two are the cutest. I'm really happy Ash found a girl like you, Jenn. He deserves the best." This time Jenn 'aw'ed.
"Look who's the cutest now." She winked, causing Ashton to giggle.
"Harry, come on and say hi!" Ashton commanded sweetly and the guy walked over to them. He was watching Spongebob reruns, which made Jenn giggle a bit. She always watched that with Ashton in the morning when he stayed over.
"HI!" The 12-year old said with a grin, ressembling Ashton's.
"You're Harry, right?" Jenn asked and the guy nodded heavily. He had the same curls as Ash, only a lighter colour. He had the same eyes as Lauren though, bright blue. Almost like Jenn's.
They sat down on the sofa and watched Spongebob with Harry. Lauren and Jenn got tangled up in a conversation about YouTubers and bands. Both of them loved Troye Sivan. Jenn told Lauren about the time she and Zoe said they would lock the guy up and keep him. Lauren laughed at the silly stories.
Ashton looked at his girlfriend getting along with his sister. He loved it. The smile on his face wasn't going away. His dimples were showing and he had the loving sparkle in his eyes. He always had it when he looked at Jenn. That girl really did something to him.
When Spongebob ended and the Big Time Rush reruns started, Ashton and Jenn went outside into the garden with a book. Ashton wasn't a reader, but Jenn was. She would read him the book and he would listen. It was 'The Fault In Our Stars', one of Jenn's favorites. They laid down in the hammock, Jenn's feet at Ashton's head and his feet at her head. He softly stroke her bare leg whilst she read the story out loud. He just loved to hear her voice, he didn't really care about the story. All he wanted was to hear her voice.
Jenn's voice was soothing, it made him fall asleep. She continued to read in silence until her chapter was finished. She closed the book and looked at his sleeping face. He looked so precious. She just wanted to kiss him all over his face. She crawled out of the hammock, getting the meanest idea she ever had. She laid her book down in the grass, spread her legs and with all the strenght she had, she tilted the red hammock, making Ashton fall out of it. He let out a loud scream before he fell onto the grass. Jenn laughed her butt off. Ashton looked at her sleepily and pouted.
"Aw, come here." Jenn said and extended her hand. She wasn't strong enough to pull him up, so he pulled her down instead. She fell on top of him, letting out a shriek. Their faces were just a couple inches away from each other. Jenn looked into Ashton's hazel eyes she had grown to love. He smiled, his dimples showing off. Another thing she loved about him.
"I love you." Jenn tried, making Ashton chuckle.
"I love you too." He said and closed the gap between the two of them. Their lips moved in sync and...
of course they needed to be interrupted. Someone cleared their throat about a feet from them. They snapped their heads up, seeing Ashton's mom. Jenn had met her before, so it wasn't that awkward.
"Lunch time, love birds." She said sweetly before heading back inside. Jenn pecked Ashton's lips once again before she got up and helping her boy up as well. They went inside and ate the delicious prepared lunch his mom had prepared.
After doing the dishes together, Ashton's mom went out with Lauren and Harry. It was like she knew what Ashton wanted to do and she would stay away as long as possible. She would even let the kids sleep over at their uncles house while Anne-Marie went to work. She was a nurse, so she had night shifts as well. Normally Ashton would watch them but when Jenn stayed over, his mom made sure they were somewere else.
Ash and Jenn were watching a movie together, not really paying attention. They were sharing kisses and drowning into each other's eyes. Jenn loved those moments with him. Where everything else just froze and it was just him and her. Those were the moments she wanted to treasure forever.
They watched another movie and half through that one, they were already heading up to Ashton's room. Neither of them bothering to turn off the TV. Ashton held up his girlfriend on one arm whilst the other held onto the banisters, trying not to break the kiss. They finally managed to get onto his bed without falling or tripping over anything in his room.
Ashton was on top of Jenn and hungrily kissing her. He disconnected their lips and moved to her neck, sucking on her skin. Jenn's hands were in his messy hair as she tilted her head back in pleasure. She knew it would leave purple marks and she knew she had to cover them up whenever they went to their friends the next day. Ashton stopped for a second and looked into her eyes before kissing her again. His hands roamed over her body and went up underneath her tank top. He started tugging at the hem. He wanted it off and he wanted it as quick as possible. She broke the kiss and let him take the fabric from her body. It ended up somewhere in the room, they didn't even care where it landed. Ashton continued kissing her whilst her hands went to his hair again, tugging on his soft curls.
"God Jenn." Ashton moaned into her mouth while their tongues swirled around like a perfect tango. Jenn's hands traveled down his body towards his shirt. She pulled away from the kiss and pulled it over his head, also throwing it through the room. Quickly enough, their pants were somewhere in the room as well. Ashton broke the kiss and opened one of the drawers of his bedside table. He grabbed a grey package and said:
"Don't be silly, cover the willy." Jenn glared at him.
Ashton just laughed and connected their lips again. Soon, they were completely naked and Ashton was thrusting into her. Jenn moaned and tugged at the duvet underneath her.
"A-Ashton." She panted and dug her nails into his back. That was obviously going to leave ugly scars.
Both of them reached their climax and Ashton plopped down next to her after throwing the condom away properly. Jenn laid her head on his sweaty chest and stared up at the ceiling. His fingers were playing with her curly hair as he pressed his lips on her temple.
"I love you, Jenn." He said.
"I love you, Ash." She said, still panting. "You're like a gorilla." Ashton laughed softly. He heard that before.

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