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*6 months later*

Zoe got all her memory back. She remembered everything and could tell every single story again. The group was still together, Stan moved and nobody in their town put labels on them anymore. They never heard anything from Sophia nor Elise. Cedric found another girl, who was the sweetest person alive. She felt more like a sister to Zoe than a mom.

"Zoe, where do I put your jewelry?" Yasmine shouted from the bedroom. The girls were packing Zoe's stuff up in boxes so they could easily move everything to her new apartment. Zoe bought an apartment, where Calum would stay a lot and they were moving everything. While all of the girls were at Zoe's house, the boys were at the apartment, doing the 'men-stuff'.

"Put it in that blue bag on my vanity and then in the box with my makeup!" Zoe shouted back from the bathroom whilst she was taking all of her makeup and shampoo, shower gel and body scrub. She put everything in a toilet-bag -maybe two toilet bags- and took it to the bedroom where Yasmine, Jenn, Han and Tine were packing her things. Zoe put the toiletries in the box with the jewelry and closed it with tape. Tine and Han were going through her clothes while Jenn was packing her shoes.

"God damnit, Zoe. You've got a lot of shoes. Ooh, these are pretty!" Jenn said, looking at a pair of black heels with golden detail. Zoe remembered wearing those when she met Calum and smiled. That was such a long time ago.

She walked over to Jenn and helped her while Yasmine helped with the clothes. Shortly said: Zoe had too many clothes and too many shoes.

It was about an hour later when all the boxes were downstairs, ready to be moved to the new apartment. The girls were in the kitchen, enjoying a cold drink.

"Packed everything up, ladies?" A dark haired woman appeared in the kitchen. She had brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. That was Zoe's new 'mom', Chelsea.

"Yep everything's ready to go!" Zoe exclaimed.

"I'm really gonna miss you, Zo." Chelsea said. They only knew each other for like a month, but they got along so well. Chelsea knew everything about Zoe and vice versa.

"I'll miss you too, Chels." Zoe said when the front door opened. Cedric walked in the living room with a couple of papers in hand. All of the girls looked at him.

"Let's go ,girls!" He exclaimed. The girls got up from the stools they were sitting on and walked out with Cedric and the boxes. Chelsea would stay home for when Robin got back from school and to watch Flounder. They put the boxes in the back of the car and drove over to Zoe's newapartment. She felt proud to turn over the keys in the lock of the front door and open it. They took the elevator to the second floor and walked down the hallway. A lot of cheers and laughter was heard in the corridor. Zoe recognized Ashton's laugh, which made her giggle as well. Apartment 3B. That's it. She opened the door with her key and let everyone in.

There was no one to be seen in the living room, nor the kitchen. The girls put down the boxes in the living room and went over to the kitchen to drink something whilst Zoe looked around for the boys. She heard a giggle and knew where it came from. She kicked off her shoes and walked into the bedroom. There they were, all on her new bed. The boys had completely put it together, along with the big wardrobe and the small bedside tables. They had been working hard (note hint of sarcasm).

"Hey baby boo!" Calum exclaimed when he saw his girl. Michael head-locked him, which made it hard to move even though he tried to. Ashton looked at Zoe with a smile, lying beside the two idiots and Luke was sat on the other side, trying not to get kicked in the face by Calum.

"Look what we've done today!" Ashton said, motioning towards all the furniture in the room.

"Let me guess, you and Luke have done basically everything while those two just messed around?" Zoe guessed while the other girls walked in.

"HEY! I did something too!" Calum protested with a pout as Michael let him go. He looked up from his spot on the bed.

"Like what?" Jenn asked.

"I helped with the bed."

"Only the bed?" Yasmine asked.

"Yeap, 'cause that's the only thing that needs to be very steady for those times I stay here." He said with a wink and a smirk on his face. Everyone started laughing, except for Zoe. She just rolled her eyes.

"You're so stupid, Calum."

"I love you too, baby boo." He said, pursing his lips and he made a kissie sound.

"Get off your lazy asses and help with unpacking." Zoe commanded, playfully slapping Cal on his chest. The boys got off the bed and walked into the living room with the girls. Cedric was on the phone with someone, but hung up when the kids walked in.

"I've gotta go now, kids. I'll see you tonight." Cedric said, pecking Zoe on her head.

"Bye, uncle C." Zoe said with a smile.

"Where are you actually going?" Nosy Jenn asked.

"You can't ask that, Jenn." Tine told her, smacking her friend's arm.

"It's okay, Tine. I'm going to the law court."

"Why?" Michael wanted to know.

"You'll hear that tonight." He said with a smirk. Not even Zoe knew what was happening. Cedric left the apartment and the teenagers started unpacking Zoe's stuff. Well, the girls did that while the boys tried to find some food.

"Why isn't there any food?" Michael complained, closing the fridge.

"Because I didn't have time to go grocery shopping?" Zoe shouted from the bedroom whilst hanging one of her dresses in the wardrobe.

"We'll go!" Ashton decided and took his keys from the breakfast bar where he had left them.

"WAIT! I'll make you a shopping list for all I need." Zoe said, running into the living room. She took a piece of paper from her bag along with a pen. She wrote down a couple of things she needed and handed it to Ashton. He looked at it and nodded, then left with the other boys.

"We got rid of those idiots now." Zoe sighed when she walked into the bedroom again. The girls laughed as they continued unpacking.

When everything was in the wardrobe or in its place, they went into the living room and sat down on the floor since there wasn't any furniture yet. The company would bring all of it today and so did the TV-company. She already had a screen, she just needed the electricians -magicians- to come over. They only had to wait.

After an hour or two, the guys came back from grocery shopping. The girls helped them to put everything in its place. When everything was done, they sat down on the floor again in front of the TV screen with a bottle of beer -or coke for Jenn- and talked about everything and anything until the furniture came. The workers put everything where Zoe needed it to be and then left.

About an hour later, the TV and internet was installed as well. Thank God! They were sat on the new sofas, watching TV. The girls made the guys watch Pretty Little Liars and Michael was the only one who didn't nearly pee his pants in fear.

"You guys are cowards." Jenn giggled, looking at Ashton who flinched at something that happened.

"Can't we watch anything else?" Luke asked, trying to play it cool but everyone know he was scared as hell. The girls laughed, shaking their heads. They didn't want to watch anything else. They were scared, but they weren't too 'cool' to admit it.

"I have to pee." Calum mumbled and got up, leaving Zoe to sit by herself. She giggled and shook her head. He was such a quitter. A cold chill ran through her body, making her shiver. She covered her bare arms with her own hand, trying to rub them warm.

"I'm gonna go get a sweater." She stated and got up from the couch. She walked into her bathroom and grabbed a sweater from her closet, accidentally dropping a few other sweaters. She cursed at herself and picked the other sweaters up. She neatly folded them again and put them back. She put on the first sweater when she felt two arms wrap around her waist. Two warm lips were pressed against her cheek, making her smile.

"Hey baby boo." Calum growled in her ear.

"Hello cuddle cakes." He giggled at the nickname. He had never heard that one before.

"Can I ask you something?"

"As long as you're not asking me to marry you, then yes."

"Wait, you don't want to marry me?"

"No, yeah. Yeah. I do, but not now." She sighed in frustration, blowing some loose strands of hair, that were falling in front of her face, away. Calum laughed softly and turned her around so she was facing him.

"It's okay, baby boo. I know what you mean. I wasn't gonna ask you to marry me yet." Zoe blushed at the 'yet'. He took her hands in his. "What day is it today?" He asked. Zoe looked at him confused.



"The 12th of May?"

"When did we meet?" She was still confused.

"October 20nd."

"When did we first kiss?" She thought about it for a while and her eyes grew wide once she realized it.

"November 26th." She said with a smile.

"Happy six months, baby boo." Calum whispered, attaching his lips to hers with a smile.

"I didn't think about it, I'm sorry." She stated when they pulled away.

"That's okay, I get that. Your apartment was a bit more important now."

"I'm still sorry."

"It's okay, baby boo." He giggled. "I've got you something, but I'll give it tonight when everyone is gone."

"You make it sound very kinky."

"Maybe it is." Zoe raised her eyebrows at him. "Just kidding, I have an actual present for you."

They walked back into the living room when they heard the door unlock. Uncle Cedric walked in, followed by Chelsea and Robin. The little guy immediately ran towards Michael and jumped onto the older guy's lap.

"Whoa there, big boy." Michael said as Robin threw his arms around his neck, giving him a big bear hug. Michael smiled and instantly hugged back. "How was school today, Robsters?" He then asked when the small boy let go.

"Good! I made a new friend." He said with a smile.

"Ooh, I thought I was your friend?" Michael said sadly and pouted.

"You're my best friend, Mikey! Bethany is just a friend." Robin told him and smiled.

"Bethany? You have a girlfriend?" Zoe asked teasingly.

"She's not my girlfriend, she's just a friend." Robin told his older sister.

"Okay, sorry." Zoe held up her hands in defense.

"Now, let's go guys. We're going for dinner!" Cedric exclaimed.

"Err... Can I first change? I look like a sloth in these clothes." Zoe asked. Cedric rolled his eyes, but nodded. Zoe walked into her bedroom, followed by Yasmine, Jenn, Tine and Han.

"I still think you look great!" Calum shouted before sitting down on the couch again.

Zoe mocked him, luckily he didn't see it. The other girls lend some clothes from Zoe's closet since she had enough anyway and all of them changed. Zoe went for a patterned corset top with black jeans and a beige cardigan. She paired it with nude heels and some cute jewelry.

When all of the girls were finished, they walked back into the living room where the others were waiting. Calum's eyes grew wide when he saw his girlfriend, all dolled up.

"You look beautiful." He whispered in her ear as he interlocked their fingers together. All of them walked out of the apartment. Zoe, Calum and Mike drove along with Cedric and Chelsea whilst Jenn, Han and Tine drove with Ashton's car and Luke drove Yasmine.

They arrived around the same time and walked in together. The waiter walked up to them with a smile.

"Can I help you, please?" He asked politely.

"Yes, I reserved a table for twelve." Cedric replied.

"Name, please?"


"Right, follow me." The waited said and let the group to somewhere in the back, behind the corner where nobody in the restaurant could really see them. "There you go."

"Thank you." Everyone said, but not all together and sat down. The waiter handed them the menus before walking away. When they had decided what they wanted, they ordered and started talking when the waiter was gone.

"What are the plans for the near future, guys?" Cedric asked everyone.

"College." Zoe and Yasmine said at the same time.

"Same." Michael said and Luke, Han, Tine and Calum agreed.

"Ash? Jenn?" Tine asked, confused at why they didn't say anything.

"We might err..." Jenn started.

"We might need to tell you something..." Ash completed and smiled at Jenn.

"Remember when I said I always wanted to travel the world on a boat and try to get world domination?" Jenn asked Zoe and she slowly nodded. "I'm gonna make half of that wish true."

"We're gonna travel the world on a boat." Ashton told and everyone's mouth fell wide open.

"YOU WHAT?" Zoe asked, almost shouting.

"Calm down, Zo. We're still in a restaurant." Cedric told her.

"We're going to travel the world, Zo."

"When do you leave?"

"Next week." Zoe felt her heart break. She had to say goodbye to her best friend and she was not ready for that. All she wanted to do was go to college together and mess things up like they used to do. They were partners in crime, Zoe couldn't do anything without her.

Zoe felt her eyes water. She shook her head at being so self-ish and stood up. She walked outside as fast as she could on those heels and sat down on the stairs. The cold air hit her and made her shiver. She tugged on the sleeves of her cardigan, pulling them over her hands as the tears started to fall. She knew she was being self-ish to try and keep Jenn with her, but it just came so fast. All she wanted was a few more years to spend more time with her and to cause trouble here and there. Maybe then Jenn could go.

"Hey..." Jenn's soft voice sounded from behind her. Zoe quickly wiped the tears away with her sleeve before letting out a soft "Hey".

Jenn sat down beside her best friend and looked out into the distance.

"Remember when we talked about this a few years ago and nobody believed I could do it? Nobody believed I could travel the world on a boat and dominate the world. Nobody, but you." She said softly. Zoe smiled, she remembered that all too well. "You were the one that made me believe I could do it. I know I always said I was your mommy lion, but in a way; you were my mommy lion too. You've supported my crazy and weird dreams for as long as I know you and that's more than anyone would ever do for me." Jenn had started crying too, which made Zoe cry even more. "Now you have to be strong for me and let me go, Zoe. Let me make my dreams come true." The last part came out in a whisper as her voice broke.

"You were the one who was crazy enough to say you dominate the world and those who are crazy enough to say that, will mostly be able to achieve it." Zoe whispered with a shrug. "But it's just... I just wanted a couple more years together before you traveled the world. I knew you would do it, but I didn't know you would be gone so fast." She sobbed softly. Jenn wiped away the tears on her cheeks and rested her head on Zoe's shoulder. She took Zoe's hand in hers and intertwined their fingers together. She caressed her thumb over Zoe's soft skin.

"We can Skype every night?" She tried to enlighten the situation. Zoe chuckled.

"It's not the same, but it's better than nothing." Jenn tilted her head up and looked into Zoe's eyes. Both of them smiled. Their makeup was completely ruined.

"Let's go back, I think our food is there already." Jenn said and they both got up and walked into the restaurant again, hand in hand. The waiter had just arrived with their food and everyone looked at them.

"We're gonna go to the bahtroom very quickly to clean up this mess." Jenn stated, pointing at her face. Everyone laughed and nodded. The two girls went to the bahtroom and when they had fixed their makeup, they went back to the table and started eating.

After dessert, they stayed for a little longer, just talking to each other and having fun. Zoe told herself to enjoy Jenn's and Ashton's company while it still lasted.

"Boys and girls, we have a little announcement to make." Cedric said and stood up, looking down at his girlfriend with a smile. Everyone looked at him confused. "Today I went to the law court and..." He stopped mid-sentence, building up the tension. "Elise and I are officially divorced." Everyone errupted into cheers and Zoe got up. She walked around the table towards Cedric and hugged him tight.

"I'm sorry for all that happened because of her." Cedric said into her ear.

"That's okay, C. She wasn't who we thought she was." Zoe said as she let go of her uncle before sitting down again. Calum, who was sitting next to her, rested his hand on her thigh. Zoe looked up at him and smiled. He leaned in and pecked her soft lips.

"EWW. You kissed!" Robin shouted, covering his eyes with his small hands. Everyone laughed at his silly antics.

It was getting very late, so they paid and all of them went home. Well, most of them. Calum stayed at Zoe's apartment for the first night. She said she'd be too scared alone. Calum had texted his mom to tell her he'd stay at Zoe's while she changed into PJ's and took off her makeup. When she was done and came into the bedroom again, Calum was sat on the kingsized bed with a smile on his face and a dark blue velvet box in his hands. Zoe looked at him confused as she stepped closer. Calum got off the bed and looked into her eyes.

"I told you I got you a present." He said with a smile and carefully opened the box. There was a silver moon necklace perfectly laid on the soft fabric of the velvet box. It reassembled her moon necklace she left on Calum's bedside table when Elise came to get her. "Look closely." He whispered. Zoe took the necklace out of the box and studdied the moon charm. Then she saw it. There was a 'Z' and a 'C' engraved in the silver metal and on the other side it said '20.10.2014'. The day they met.

"Calum." Zoe whispered, not being able to speak out loud.

"It's actually your necklace. I've been wearing it since the day you had left it at my house that day you left. I thought it would be a nice gift to engrave our initials in it along with the day we met. I know it's stupid, but that day means a lot to me. That was the day a miracle happened for me. I would never think I would be able to call a beautiful girl like you mine, let alone talk to her. You know me better than anyone else, Zoella. Even better than the boys. You know about my past relationships and you know they weren't the fairytales I've dreamed of. But this is, we are the fairytale I've always dreamed of. I love you, Zoe Ella Valentine. To the moon and back." He smiled proudly at his pun, making Zoe giggle.

"You're so stupid, Calum." She said as she wiped the single tear away that had escaped her eye. Calum took the necklace from her and put it around her neck, not taking his eyes off her face. His face was so close, it was breath-taking. Even when Zoe was used to seeing his face this close, it still had that impact on her. She smiled and looked down at the necklace. Calum tilted her chin up with his index finger. She looked into his eyes again. That sparkle she fell for was visible as always and his white teeth showed up from underneath his perfect lips.

"This is perfect." She whispered as she cupped his cheeks with her hands and brought his face closer to hers. Their heads rested against each other as they stared into each other's eyes. Zoe played with the curls at the nape of his neck as his hands rested on her back underneath the shirt she had stolen from him two months ago. Calum softly pressed his lips to hers and pulled away almost immediately.

"Just like you." He whispered and kissed her again. This time longer.

"I. Love. You. So. Much." Zoe said inbetween small kisses. Calum smiled as she pressed her lips fully on his again. Zoe thought about the time they met and how much her life had changed because of that day. Because of him.

They pulled away and crawled into bed. Both of them were super duper tired and even though both of them had enough space in the bed, they were still cuddled up in the middle. Zoe stared up to the ceiling, her head on Calum's chest as it rose and fell with every breath he took.

"Goodnight, baby boo."

"Goodnight, cuddles."

Calum giggled at the nickname again and kissed the top of her head. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a deep slumber. Zoe thought about the memories they had made. From the party where they met, to the nights they spent together and the day at the pool with Jenn and Ashton. The parties they had ditched together and the times Calum insulted Stan. She thought about how every kiss and every hug felt so special. She thought about how his smile gave her butterflies. The memory of her friends came back. From the day they fought about Zoe dating Calum and the days the girls had accepted the boys.

She knew how much her life had changed and she knew it was thanks to Calum and her other friends. If she didn't have them, she'd be nowhere. Elise would still be there and she would be unhappy. Calum made her happy. Calum and her friends. They were a good team and Zoe loved them. A lot.


As I'm writing this with trembling hands and wipe my watery eyes, I think of how much those people have affected me. They changed me for the better. Yes, me. I'm Zoe Ella Valentine. 30 years old, married to Calum Hood and...

"MOMMY! Mason's being mean!" my little princess, Olivia shouts.

Being a mom of two isn't always the greatest thing. The boys toured Australia and made some music. That was his job. I'm half part writer, half part therapist. I help people who suffer with the same things as I did. Self-harm, depression, anxiety, ...

If you suffer with any mental illness, you'll survive. If I can do this, you can too. I'm a warrior, my skin is thicker and I'm stronger than I've ever been. You can be a warrior as well. You'll find your miracle too. Whether it's love or just friendship or something else, you'll get your miracle and you'll survive that hell. You can do this. You'll be a warrior.

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