Foto bij Dear diary

Time changes people,
is what they say
I didn’t agree until the moment came
when you walked away

from me and all the things
for what I got the blame
I needed you and all I got
was nothing but your name

All I wanted was to hold you again
feel your warmth, your touch
feeling what I’ve had to miss
since then

then you came back and
I was surprised as I
was as much as in love like
I was, the day you left

I see your face, feel my heart
pounding and the heat in my cheeks
is rising and all I can say is that
I really, really, really, really
like you

Kiss me, kiss me senseless
hold me until I feel nothing
but love,
and just love me
love me again, love me this time,
love me forever.

- c.s.

Reacties (3)

  • Manonxxx

    Wow (: xx

    4 jaar geleden
  • oomsjes16

    Serieus. Krijgen we maar zo'n hoofdstukje.
    Wacht al dagen op nieuwe hoofdstuk!
    Snel verder!

    4 jaar geleden
  • BiebStyless

    snel verder!!

    4 jaar geleden

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