Foto bij • 3.5 ~ Can I Stay?

Part 5

They barge into their `nest´ still excited and laughing, reliving the explosion. Liam disappears for a minute coming back with a large bottle of light brown colored liqueur, brandy or whiskey, Louis doesn’t know and he doesn’t really care. They are going to celebrate, Louis is going to celebrate his first blown up car, he feels proud of himself, he could pat himself on the shoulder and that’s what he does, after plopping down on the black leather couch besides Niall. Zayn brings five glasses, and if one is bigger than the other it doesn’t matter, he sets them on the table and Liam fills them up. They grab one glass each and raise them in the air for a toast.
      “For new adventures and Louis!” Niall cheers grinning at Louis. They repeat the words all as one, smiles on their faces and sparkle in their eyes and drown their drinks. Louis coughs, the liquid is strong, it burns his throat on the way down, but he makes himself to swallow it no matter what. He already feels like he would be drunk, but maybe he isn’t, maybe he is just drunk in love.
There is thin light brown line at the bottom of the bottle, reminder that once there was something in it just few hours ago. Louis feels dizzy, but happy. Everything is spinning and he feels like he has 16 eyes and all of them are looking at different directions. He sees Zayn, he is sitting on the floor, one leg of his jeans are cut open in front and he is drawing a lot of fur and eyes and Louis thinks he sees nose and ears too? Oh, it’s a wolf. Liam is beside him, he is pointing at his leg with scissors in his hand, Louis thinks he hears him slur something along the lines of `that eye is bigger than the other´, but he isn’t sure, Liam be better careful with those scissors though. Louis looks next to him and there is Niall, his mouth hanging open, trail of saliva dribbles from it on his shirt, softly snoring. He looks peaceful, but Louis thinks he sees him still smiling, even in his sleep.
Someone moves in his peripherals and he turns his head to see Harry, beautiful Harry, stand and little sway, or it’s just Louis, he have, wait, how many eyes again? Yes, it’s Louis swaying and spinning and he doesn’t see right. Harry makes his way away from the couches and up the spiral stairs. Louis sits for a moment still feeling dizzy and he stands. As soon as he does he loses his balance and he flails his arms around to grab something, something to keep him steady. His palm ends up on Niall's sleeping face, two of Louis fingers in his mouth. He regains his balance and takes his hand away from Niall, wiping his saliva covered fingers off on his jeans. He stumbles his way up the stairs, he doesn’t even know why he is doing this, but his legs seem to have mind of their own, so he just follows. Somehow he reaches the door of Harry’s bedroom and without the knocking he goes in.
It’s dark and he doesn’t see anything. Someone opens bathroom door, it must be Harry, definitely, and sets the room on dim light. Louis blinks his eyes rapidly and sees black spots in front of his vision. He turns and looks at the figure standing in the beam or bathroom light, it surrounds him in a glow, making his curly hair look like a halo, he could be an angel not Harry. Is it even Harry?
      “I’m going to sleep princess” Harry says and makes his way over to the bed. Louis turns, following him with his stare.
      "Where do I sleep?” he asks. Harry sighs stopping by the bed and turning to look at Louis.
      “You can sleep on the couch and tomorrow we figure out where to put you” he says running his hand through his curly hair. Louis stares. He doesn’t like the idea about going back downstairs when he has made his way all the way up here.
      “C-can I stay?” he asks, he doesn’t even know why. Harry furrows his dark eyebrows making a deep line between them. He watches Louis for a while and Louis swears he must be magician, because Louis blinks and when he opens his eyes Harry is standing right in front of him with nothing but his boxers.
      “Where?” Harry asks and brings his hand up, softly ghosting his fingertips over Louis cheekbone, Louis swears he will burst like a balloon from those butterflies.
      “In your bed” Louis whispers, not willing to break the magic spell, “with you” he adds and the next thing he knows he is kissing Harry. Hot breath and soft lips is all Louis can think of. He is kissing Harry and Harry is kissing him back. Louis is afraid that soon those butterflies in his stomach won’t have enough space and their will start to crawl up and out of his mouth. He doesn’t want that, he want’s feeling to never end. Harry kisses him, too slow for Louis liking, it seems like he is testing the waters and Louis brings up his arms, he doesn’t feel that drunk anymore, but maybe it’s because his eyes are closed. He brings up his hands and tugs at Harry’s curls, he lets out unexpected gasp and Louis deepens the kiss intertwining his tongue with Harry’s. Too soon Harry recovers and pushes Louis against the closed room door, his hands on Louis shoulders keeping him there. He pulls off of Louis lips, Louis already misses them on his, and stares right into Harry eyes, Louis thinks he even stares in his soul. He stares and he doesn’t blink, Louis is about to ask when he really isn’t, because Harry’s soft, red lips are back on his and his hands seems to touch every tiny bit of Louis body. He kisses Louis like he would drink him and Louis kisses him back like Harry would be his life line. Louis claws at Harry's back when he moves from his mouth to his jaw and neck, kissing and sucking at his skin, Louis can feel that there will be bruises, but he doesn’t care, he lets Harry do whatever he wants, because he is full of love and fluttering butterflies and he can’t think of anything else than Harry.
Louis lets out a moan and digs his nails deeper into Harry’s pale skin when he bites harder on his skin, just above his collarbone where Louis t-shirt doesn’t cover it. He lets out a soft growl against Louis neck and grabbing Louis wrists pins them above his head. Louis feels his heart pounding, he feels it beating so fast and loud it might beat out of his chest. He has nothing left to be able to touch and Harry is back on his lips and he presses himself flush against Louis body. Louis can feel how hard and big he already is, he rolls his hips as much as he can being between Harry’s body and door and Harry moans in his mouth setting Louis hands free. As soon as Louis is allowed to touch his hands go straight to Harry's curls and he tugs and earns another moan of Harry. He could scream in surprise if his mouth wouldn’t be so occupied with Harry’s tongue, exploring every part of it, because suddenly he is being lifted off the ground and in the instant Louis legs wrap around Harry’s waist. Harry’s hands are roaming and groping Louis bum and Louis can feel his pulse quicken, he feels like he will run dry of the speed his heart beats.
Harry ruts against Louis own jean coffined cock and that sends Louis over the edge, he already can feel the familiar feeling of heat pooling at the pit of his stomach and this isn’t enough, he wants more, he wants Harry, but Harry is magician, because the breathes out.
      '“I want them off, take them off” tugging at Louis t-shirt and his tight jeans. Louis can’t do anything more than nod and pull off his t-shirt with Harry’s hands already attacking his bare skin. He trails them up and down Louis sides, like he is enjoying the curve his body makes downwards Louis hips. He holds Louis under his tights and Louis can’t even process this when he is on the bed, lying on his back. He tries to undo his jeans impatient, but his hands don’t listen to his orders to be quick. Harry seems as impatient as Louis, he slaps his hands away and takes it upon himself to get rid of Louis jeans, in one quick motion Louis lies in the bed stark naked like new-born, Harry kneeling between his parted legs, his eyes exploring the boy lying in front of him. Suddenly Harry hovers above Louis and draws him back in a fiery kiss. He trails his hot, full lips down the Louis neck and bites at his collarbone, making Louis breath hitch, and Harry blows cold breath on the bruise afterwards. He trails his hot kisses and licks down the Louis chest, stopping at his left nipple and softly nibbling at it, while his fingers work on the right one. Louis doesn’t know how long he will be able to last, his fully hard cock already lying heavy on his lower tummy, hot pre-come leaking from it. He tugs at Harry's curls again and lets out a strangled.
      “Harry!” when he bites harder on his sensitive nipple. Harry continues on exploring and marking Louis body with love bites and dark bruises, Louis stops breathing when Harry’s large palm wraps around his cock and gives it long and slow stroke. His thumb runs over its flushed, red head collecting the pre-come. He looks up at Louis through his eyelashes, hovering just above his cock and brings his thumb to his mouth, licking Louis come off of it, tasting him and Louis knows he can’t hold any longer. Harry must read it on his face, because he squeezes Louis at the base of his cock with his other hand relieving some of the pressure and taking Louis a tiny step away from the edge of his climax he is ready to fall in. He crawls back up to face Louis and kisses him again, this time slow, but deep, Louis can taste his own come on his tongue, he chases after it, because Harry makes it so much sweeter.
Louis lies on Harry’s bed, his hands into fists holding onto sheets under him. He feels Harry’s hand trace between his tights and he ghosts his dry fingertips over Louis puckered hole. Louis breath catches in his throat and for a moment he can hardly breathe, this is new and suddenly he fears what he been asking Harry of. Harry senses that something isn’t right though and looks at Louis in confusion.
      “What’s wrong princess?” he whispers scanning Louis face for any answer.
      “I-I I’m,” Louis feels his cheeks flush, it’s difficult to speak when his heart feels like crawling out of his mouth, “I-I haven’t… I’m” he tries again, but fails. Harry looks at him for a moment and the corners of his red lips turn slightly up, Louis knows Harry understood what he meant and he thinks it’s funny, Louis is about to run, even if he is naked, but he feels ashamed under Harry’s gaze and that’s not what he wants. He doesn’t get that far though, because Harry leans down and brushes his nose against Louis, he looks him in the eyes and whispers.
      “Relax Lou and let me take care of you”, and he kisses him before Louis can say anything back, he kisses him with passion and the promise that just left his soft lips. Louis realizes that he called him by his name and he swears he can feel his heart making somersaults in his chest.
      “O-okay, I trust you” Louis whispers barely audible when Harry leans back, breaking their kiss. Harry leans off of Louis and over to the nightstand by the bed opening the bottom drawer and taking a small bottle out of it. Louis doesn’t have to guess twice what it is, he isn’t that ‘virgin’. Harry settles back hovering over Louis, he gives a quick kiss on Louis lips, breathing him in and opens the small bottle with quiet pop. Louis looks how he takes Louis abandoned cock in his palm and strokes it back to full hardness. Afterwards he lets it lay thick and heavy back against Louis tummy as he coats three of his fingers in lube. Louis swallows lump in his throat, because he knows what is about to follow.
Harry lowers his hand again between Louis tights and rubs one of his fingers around Louis tight entrance. Louis squeezes his eyes shut when he feels Harry’s digit breaking its way into Louis hole.
      “So tight,” Harry breathes rubbing soothing circles with his other hand against Louis hip, “so tight, just for me” he whispers against Louis skin. He starts to nibble at Louis hip where he was rubbing soothing circles just moments ago and Louis doesn’t recall when one finger became two. Harry fucks him with deep and steady strokes and Louis wants more, this isn’t enough.
      “Harry... please,” Louis moans when Harry accidentally rubs over his prostate and Louis feels him smile against his hot and already sweat covered skin. He adds third finger and Louis lets out a shaky breath, this is new and it’s kind of painful, but it feels too good in a matter of few deep strokes from Harry to let himself relax and enjoy the feeling, but even with three isn’t enough and Louis wants to chase the same feeling when Harry brushed against his prostate, he wants that feeling of his skin tingling and covered with goose bumps.
      “Harry I want you” he breathes and tugs at Harry’s hair. Harry pulls out his fingers and Louis hole clenches around the air, he already misses the feeling of his fingers buried deep inside. Harry stands on his knees and pulls his black boxers down his tights and off of his long legs. It’s dark, but from the light coming through the still open bathroom door Louis can see how hard and big Harry is, suddenly he isn’t sure that three fingers was enough. He watches how Harry gives himself a few strokes and takes the small bottle of lube coating his cock in the liquid. He leans over to Louis and giving him yet another kiss whispers.
      “Turn around Lou”. Louis does, he rolls over and lays on his stomach, Harry grabs a pillow and places it under Louis tummy, making his round bum stand in the air. He squeezes both of its cheeks and lines himself up with the Louis already red and little sensitive hole. Louis can feel his cock’s head at his entrance and when Harry rubs over it a few times, Louis shivers from the feeling what’s to come. Louis feels Harry’s cock nudge at his entrance and he holds his breath. The next moment Harry slides in with one fast motion and a growl making Louis cry out in pain and pleasure, his eyes rolling at the back of his bead. He feels tears prick at his eyes, but this feels good, he feels full of Harry. Harry hovers above Louis on his hands, flush with his back and buried fully into Louis tight hole, he rolls his hips after a moment and hisses into Louis ear.
      “Fuck, you are so tight,” he growls making Louis moan just from the words and Harry’s deep voice, “so good for me” he says again and starts to make slow thrusts. He pulls his cock out of Louis completely and thrusts in again, this time making Louis moan in pleasure. Harry continues to thrust in and out of Louis with deep and fast movements bringing Louis closer to his edge and chasing his own. Louis rolls his hips meeting Harry’s thrusts and Harry hits the exact spot Louis been craving to feel. He cries out Harry’s name and he continues to pound into him filling the room with shallow breaths and sounds of skin slapping skin. Louis feels the familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach and he knows he is close, he doesn’t know how longer he is going to be able to hold.
      “Harry, I’m gonna-” he chokes out biting on the corner of duvet.
      “Come for me Lou, now,” Harry breathes out with every thrust still hitting his spot, holding onto Louis curvy hips and Louis does just that. He comes untouched so hard he thinks he sees stars and his vision goes black. White come coats the sheets beneath him and pillow he been propped up on, catching a little of his bare tummy. He clenches around Harry and he comes too, shooting into Louis still deeply buried inside, he fills him up and rides out his orgasm. He collapses on top of Louis and breathes heavily against the nape of his neck, his sweat covered forehead resting against Louis scalp. He finds the last remains of his strength to roll off and pull out of Louis, falling on his back, exhausted. Louis cringes at the feeling of him pulling out and already feels too sensitive. They probably should have taken it easy. Louis still lays on his tummy unable to move any of his too heavy limbs, he takes a look at Harry where he lays on his back, covered in sweat and his chest heaving, eyes closed and he thinks, even like this he is beautiful. Harry opens one eye and looks at him staring.
      “Come here,” he says lifting his arm for Louis to crawl under. Louis does so, he throws the come covered pillow on the floor and winces from already present pain when he crawls at Harry’s side hugging him around his waist. Harry drapes his arm around him and pulls him closer, kissing Louis on his temple and covering them with the other end of the duvet. Louis squeezes impossibly closer and smiles at the warmness he already starts to feel, he kisses Harry’s chest, right where he hears his heart beating and it isn’t long after he falls asleep.

En zoals in elke one shot, Larry porn. Haha
Hierna nog één stukje van dit deel.

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