Foto bij • 7.3 ~ Under house arrest

Part 3

      "Harry, what the fuck, sit still, you twat!" Louis giggles. He's sat on a stool, sketchbook in his lap and pencil in his hand, facing his shirtless boyfriend who's stretched out on his bed and cackling. Harry demanded to be drawn this way because he apparently wanted to `see how it looked on paper,´ but that's less of the point. They've been dating for about a month and some days now (the term `going out´ would've been cruel to use in Louis' instance), and things have been going along swimmingly, especially sex-wise. They've settled with giving good old handjobs and blowjobs, fingering and so on, but Harry's been teasing and tempting him lately and all Louis' been wanting to do now is just stick his arse up in the air and tell Harry to own him and make him his.
      "I'm sorry, it's just, the look on your face right now, you look like you're gonna combust!" Harry laughs, covering his mouth. His cheeks ache and he's so fucking happy. Louis knows he's right, he can feel the heat bombarding his cheeks and he knows his face is as red as the pair of worn-down Vans in his closet. He frowns grumpily and really, he's on the verge of begging Harry to stop teasing him already, but no, he doesn't beg. Instead, he sets the sketchbook flat on his lap (mainly to cover his erection) and studies him, how his abdomen twitches and clenches as he laughs, how his pale skin stretches taut against his chest and arm muscles, how ethereal he looks in this pastel light and the words that have been sitting on his tongue since late last week threaten to fall out. I love you. He looks out the window and narrows his eyes against the white brightness of the gray clouds.
      "It's gonna rain today."
      "Yeah, I know, I can tell. You know, maybe you should come a bit closer to me so you can get the definitions better, or whatever," Harry says with a sly grin and Louis hates him so much, but he's not gonna win this. Not if it's not on his own terms. So he puts on a small smile and stands, dropping his sketchbook and letting it lie on the floor. Smoothly and slowly, he walks over to his bed and straddles Harry's waist swiftly and gently before the boy even knows what's going on, and he leans down until his lips are pressed against his ear.
      "I jerked off to you, you know." Harry stays silent for a while and Louis can feel the smirk grow across his face
      "Did you now?" he asks, hands settling on his hips and sliding down to his thighs. Louis laughs, shoving his bare shoulder and his hand lingers there a bit longer than it should. Harry catches his hand and squeezes it, and Louis sighs.
      "Yeah, I did. Often, anytime I could, if I was honest. Three times a day on the weekends." Harry groans and pulls him close again his face is buried in the crook of his neck.
      "Stooooop, you're getting me hard now," he whines, rubbing his semi against Louis' hip. Louis giggles and bites the tip of his ear.
      "Nothing I can't fix anyway," he purrs. He reaches down and gropes him, cupping him and making him hiss. "I'd think about what you'd do to me if we were in a room alone together, just us two, with the chance to do anything. I'd think of you holding me down, you know. I like being manhandled." Harry shivers and digs his fingers into the soft skin of his waist, closing his eyes.
      "Really? Is that so?" Louis nods and hums, leaning back until they make eye contact. Harry's eyes are nearly blown out already, murky and lustful. Louis is certain that he looks the same, but really, they're both to blame here this time. He brings a hand up to cup his jaw and grins, eyes dark and daring as he leans in. Their lips meet in a mess of saliva and tongues, the kiss is an unkempt result of both of their teasing. Louis' hands find their way into Harry's hair and tugs, gently at first because he doesn't want to hurt Harry, he wants Harry to hurt him and Harry just might've read his mind because the boy is gripping his hips so hard that they start to bruise, light blue hand prints rising to the surface of his skin. They lie there, making out like. Well. Like teenagers because that's what they are until Harry's hands finally slide down to his ass and squeeze it, and Louis pulls back abruptly and pats Harry's chest, lips glossy and puffy.
      "Well, I think that's enough action for today. You hungry? Cos I'm starving," he teases, a smirk on his face as he moves off of his beguiled boyfriend and walks down the hallway.
      "Oh no, nononono, you're not going anywhere, come back here right now," Harry murmurs, chasing after the smaller boy who's started to fucking run down the hallway. He catches up to him rather quickly, though, because Louis' legs are stubbier and shorter and can't gather as much distance as Harry's can. He's got an arm around his midsection, pulling him up off his feet until he has him pressed up against the wall. Louis laughs breathlessly, cheek pressed against the cool wall as his fingernails cave into the skin on Harry's forearm.
      "Well, Harry? You gonna do something? Sometime this year would be lovely-"
      "Oh, I'll do something. Gonna make you forget your own name, how's that sound?" Harry whispers into the boy's ear, hands going down to cup and squeeze him. He grins in satisfaction when he feels him shiver. Slowly, so fucking slowly, he unbuttons Louis' skin-tight jeans, and he has to get on his knees to get them around his ankles. "Jesus, Lou, what'd you do? Did you paint these on or something?" Louis rolls his eyes, pushing his ass back into Harry's face and gasping when the boy squeezes his hips in warning. He really does expect an answer. He huffs.
      "Well, you certainly can't be the one to talk. Don't think I could even fit my calf through one of your pants' legs. I don't think I could even fit my foot-"
      "Alright, alright, hush up," Harry grumbles with a grin, moving his hands back to spread his fingers across his ass. "Can't believe I never really noticed you, especially with an arse like this. I mean, have you seen yourself, Lou? I just wanna-" He pauses and fondles his ass for a moment, just reveling in Louis' desperate sighs until he speaks up again. "-eat you out. Can I eat you out, Lou? It's good prep and-"
      "Yeah, yeah, God, yeah. Don't even have to ask, just - fuck," Louis falters and moans, pushing his ass back into his hands. "Just do something." Louis doesn't expect him to pull his hand back and bring back down roughly, a loud slap resounding through the hallway, and he's so fucking lucky that Troy is gonna be out for the day. He stutters on a gasp, one hand gripping the edge of the wall as the other goes down to squeeze himself. Oh God.
      "Stop talking, yeah? I'm the one in charge here, I'll do something when I'm ready and, hey-" Harry reaches around and grips his wrist, pulling his hand away from himself. "Stop touching yourself, don't do that without my permission, yeah? It's my responsibility to make you feel good. Keep your hands on the wall." Louis nods his head dumbly because in all honesty, there's not much else he can do anyway. He presses his forehead against the wall, waiting for anything, something, but he's waiting for his tongue most importantly. Harry stays there on his knees, squeezing his ass and admiring how the shades of red make it look better than it already had before spreading his cheeks and grinning at the way his hole twitches at the sudden exposure.
      "Eager 'lil thing, aren't you?" he murmurs, pressing a chaste kiss to the center of the red mark of his palm on his cheek. Louis clenches his jaw to refrain from saying `Fucking do something already!´ and inhales deeply, closing his eyes tight and the anticipation is killing him, he just might literally die from it.
      "Alright, alright, I'll spare you," Harry laughs, pressing a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss to his greedy hole. He can't help but love the feeling of it twitching sporadically beneath his lips, and he laughs a little, hoping that Louis enjoys the vibrations. Louis does, his knees buckle, but he presses the palms of his hands firmer against the wall to keep himself upright, and he really should've reminded himself beforehand that Harry is a professional at teasing. (He remembers the first time Harry fingered him and found his prostate, how his finger pads brushed past it and against it, how he pressed into it insistently and then never paid it any attention. Louis came from just that, and he feels himself give a rough twitch right now at the thought of it.) Harry kisses his hole sloppily, huffing out hot, moist breaths against him and groaning, squeezing and gripping his hips and ass. He nibbles at it then, teeth nipping at the rim and the skin above it and all around it and Louis feels so close and they've barely started and it's like Harry knows this because he's gripping his hips again.
      "Don't you dare, Louis. Keep it together or I'll be very disappointed." And Louis wants to keep it together, he wants to behave so badly, but he's still not allowed to touch himself and he wants to grip his base until he's allowed to come, and he lets out a pathetic whimper, pushing back into his face and earning a hard spank to his right cheek.
      "You're not behaving very well, Louis. D'you want me to go home and leave you here until tomorrow, unable to touch yourself until I decide you can? That doesn't sound like much fun for you, but I've got no problem with. Is that what you want? Answer me," Harry demands, punctuating his last sentence with another harsh spank.
      "I don't - don't want that, I'll behave, I'll be good, I swear, Harry, please," Louis begs, tightening his hips until it becomes painful, and he's never begged before in his life like that, but then again, he's never done a lot of things until Harry came along. Tears spill over his cheeks, and he feels so soft and pliant, wants Harry to take all of him but at the same time wants to take a bit of himself, wants to stop himself from falling into a faraway darkness he's never approached before. He can already feel himself slipping more and more as Harry continues to tease his hole, circling the rim with the tip of his tongue and bringing his hand back and down to spank him and watch the blood rise to the surface of his cheeks. Harry finally pushes his tongue in, and he doesn't hold back or tease, but Louis is already oversensitive, whimpering as the boy thrusts his tongue in and out in an imitation of sex, exploring his smooth heat and moaning at the feel of him. Louis almost pushes back, hips twitching but he's got more self-restraint right now. All he wants to do is be good for Harry, loves the feeling of the possessive hand radiating heat into his skin and desperately wants it stay there. Please he wants to say, but his voice has already left him, and he's barely spoken a word or uttered a noise. Harry spanks him and fucks him with his tongue for the longest time, and he's so close, so fucking close, hips tightening and thighs shaking. Harry knows the signs, though, and reaches around and fast as lightening to grip his base and squeeze. Louis cries out desperately, a loud sob of protest leaving his mouth, but Harry chastises him.
      "Hey now, none of that. Don't come without my permission, do you hear me? Be good for me." Louis nods, he can't stop himself from doing so and he's vaguely certain in his murky state of mind that his balls are positively blue. He opens his eyes, knows they're crossed when he sees three of everything, and the pain he feels from being denied release isn't killing him as much as it would be if his mind was with him. He tries to speak Harry's name, tries to tell him how badly he wants to be good, but all that comes out is a breathy `Haaaa´ as Harry's thumb rubs around his rim. He can imagine how he looks like, chin wet with saliva, his hair a sweaty, flat mess around his head and face, his biceps flexing and rolling as they retract from his ass and slap back down to it like opposite magnets attract, his eyes dark and mischievous, and Louis' legs are about to give out until Harry grabs the back of them with a sweaty hand.
      "I'm gonna finger you, yeah? Need more prep, you're always so tight." Louis whimpers and pushes back into nothing, his way of begging now because he's absolutely incoherent and absolutely gone. He spreads his legs more to the best of his ability, cock hard as granite and bobbing a bit between his legs. He looks heavenly, Harry thinks, eyes examining his wrecked body even though they've just started. His ass cheeks are rosy red and pretty in front of his face, round and large, his back curved deliciously and sweat pooling at his back dimples, feathery hair settling around his head and he looks so lovely, Harry wishes that he could see his face.
      "I won't do it for long, love, don't worry. Hey, are you with me? You hear me?" Harry says, smoothing a hand over his ass cheek with a look of concern on his face. Louis tries to say his name again, but the same noise comes out of his mouth. Louis feels like he can't breathe, feels like he isn't breathing and that his heart has stopped, and he barely feels Harry's hands grip his waist and turn him around and sit him down on the floor. Harry knows that he's gone by the distant, cross-eyed look in Louis' eyes, the way the boy reaches out for him but doesn't really make it, and he whimpers quietly. His balls are drawn up and blue, and Harry sort of feels bad for putting him wherever he is.
      "Alright," he murmurs, patting his hip. "Alright, I think that's enough prep. You want me to fuck you now?" he asks, though he knows he won't get a verbal answer, hands moving to his back as he pulls him close until they're chest to chest. He lifts him up until he's on the settee near the window. The window is open, but there's a screen, so Harry figures that it's safe enough to have Louis rest his back on it. He smooths a hand over his thigh, leaning down to kiss his jaw lightly before leading himself in slowly and smoothly. It's all Louis can feel, and it takes every fiber in his conscious being to not come right then and there. He doesn't want to come, not until Harry says he can. Harry looks so far away, but he feels so close, and his heart is about to pop through his chest and lie there on his stomach, insides twisting as Harry starts to rock slowly, but Louis doesn't want slow, oh no, not now. He wants Harry to be hard and rough, want him to go fast, wants him to fuck him so hard that he's all he can think of every time he moves, wants to be completely encompassed by Harry. To the best of his abilities, he reaches behind Harry and roughly grabs his ass, pulling him closer. Normally, he wouldn't dare to do such a thing as rush him, but he isn't thinking straight right now, all he wants is for Harry to fucking claim him, and he wants to make him feel good. The tight squeeze on Harry's ass sends him into something, unleashes some wild beast he's been holding back on since he stuck his tongue in Louis' ass, and he pulls back and thrusts back in until Louis' ass is close and snug against him, and he starts to fuck him roughly, he can't hold back anymore. He digs his nails into his hips, unworldly groans and shouts leaving his mouth as he loses all self-control, and he's positive, absolutely one hundred percent positive that he's never fucked anybody this hard in his life. His hips and thighs are already aching with the exertion. Louis' body rocks wildly against the settee and screen, soft moans and whines escaping him, toes curling by Harry's hips as the boy hefts up his legs and presses his thighs against his chest, and he's so close. The tip of Harry's dick is pressing into his prostate with a harshness, and he's coming hard, all over the place - his come actually hits the screen itself and a scream is tearing through his lungs as his cock pulses, releasing string after thick string of come onto his stomach and chest. He lets Harry use him like a rag doll, body shaking and jerking even more rough than before he came, and as his groans and grunts gradually get louder, Louis' hands slip around the back of his knees as he hold himself up. One rough thrust, Harry is coming with a shout, the screen breaks, and Louis is falling out of the window. Cock still releasing a few weak ropes of come, Harry pokes his head out of the window with a gasp and watches as Louis lands in the section of purple flowers, the section where Harry had picked the bouquet of flowers he gave to Louis on their first date. Shit.
      "Shit, Lou, are you okay? You hurt?" Louis doesn't respond for a while, and Harry is really ready to run outside in the buff to see if he's alright and alive when he hears him groan and sees him shift a bit.
      "Ow," he whimpers, and Harry laughs, leaning against the windowsill.

Dusjaa, Larry porn + Louis die het raam uit valt.
Ikzelf kwam niet meer bij toen ik het las,
ik heb deze namelijk niet zelf geschreven.
Thank you Audrey voor dit geniale idee haha

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