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Part 6


He started off slow. Just casually resting his hand on Harry’s leg, massaging circles into his inner thigh, trying not to be too smug when Harry started fidgeting with the remote the second Louis edged further and further up until his pink was grazing the seam of Harry’s jeans.
      “Nice!” Even though Louis was barely paying attention, he laughed at the lame one-liner on the TV and snuggled into Harry’s side with his legs tucked under his bum. When his palm ghosted over Harry’s half-hard cock on his way to resting on Harry’s hip, well. Accidents happened.
      “Yeah.” Harry let out a weak chuckle, squirming. If Louis had actually been aware of what was going on on the screen, he’d have asked Harry to explain what he’d found so funny, just to see him try to flounder his way out of it. Too bad Louis didn’t even know what the fuck they were watching in the first place. Didn’t know, nor did he care. Not when torturing Harry was so much more imperative.
      “Can you hand me the water, please?” Louis asked, sweet enough to give even himself diabetes.
      “Here you go.”
      “Cheers.” He took the glass off Harry and tilted it up to his lips. “Ah, bollocks!” he promptly spilled the entire glass down his T-shirt, maybe not entirely by accident. Ah, well. Since he did.- He took off his T-shirt.
      “Shit, I hope you don’t mind.” He balled it up and started wiping down his torso. Just to be thorough. “I’m so bloody clumsy.”
      “Do you want one of mine to change into?” Harry asked, taking the empty glass off him and almost dropping it when his eyes didn’t leave Louis’ chest. Now that he had Harry’s unwavering attention, Louis put the damp T-shirt down on the corner of the table and rubbed his hand down his torso. Just to check he was all nice and dry, obviously.
      “No, I’m all right. But if you could bring me some water from the kitchen, that would be lovely. Still thirsty, I’m afraid.”
      “Yeah.” Harry swallowed hard and nodded. “Same here. I’m, um- parched.” The look on his face told Louis his thirst was of a decidedly different nature.
      “What are you going to do about it then?” Harry started to lean in when Louis tapped his wrist, nodding down at the glass he was still holding. “Water, please?" Harry blinked down at the glass as if he had never seen it before.
      “And some fruit, maybe? If you have some.” Harry’s gaze flickered between the glass and Louis’ tented crotch, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.
      “I have strawberries? Is that all right?”
      “Perfect,” Louis said with a grin. When Harry came back and sat down again, Louis wasted no time in picking up a freshly washed strawberry from the bowl and pursing his lips around the tip of it to suck off the droplets of water. The flesh was ripe and soft and sweet when he bit down, a single droplet of sticky juice running down his chin.
      “You’ve got-” Harry’s thumb caught the juice before it could drip down on Louis’ chest. The point of contact was like a kick of electricity.
      “Sorry I’m so messy today,” Louis said quietly, holding onto Harry’s wrist and staring him dead in the eye as he slowly sucked Harry’s thumb into the wet heat of his mouth. He pursed his lips around it tightly, tongue rolling over the pad of it, swirling leisurely around the entire finger before letting it out with an obscene pop. The beat of Harry’s pulse was rabbitting against Louis’ palm. “Delicious.” Harry tried to inconspicuously about adjust himself. Louis caught the motion from the corner of his eye. For a second, he almost felt bad. Almost.
      “Sorry about that. Now, where were we?” He curled up against Harry again, rested his head in the crook of Harry’s neck under the guise of platonic cuddles as he ate another strawberry. He felt Harry’s breath stir his hair, heard him inhale, hand clenching around the cushion he’d placed in his lap. Louis wondered how close to the edge he was. Whether he was as hard as Louis was, constricted to the point of pain. He picked up Harry’s hand and turned it over to trace over the heart line cutting across his palm, his lips grazing the shell of Harry’s ear as he asked:
      “Enjoying the film, Harry?”
      “Huh? Oh.” His breathing picked up, fingers curling in. “Um, yes. Yeah, it’s- good."
      “Good. Because I could’ve been sucking you off right now.”
      “Wh-” Harry choked on his own words, his head snapping to the side so quickly he almost head-butted Louis.
      “Could have unzipped you right here on this couch, would have teased you a bit, maybe.” He pushed the cushion off Harry’s lap, loving the way Harry sucked in a desperate breath when he circled the silver button at the top of his jeans. “Would have kissed the tip first, licked it just to have a taste. Fuck, I love the way you taste.” Harry whimpered.
      “But, we can-”
      “Isn’t this what you wanted though?” He pressed his finger against Harry’s parted mouth, smoothed over the pillowy softness of his bottom lip. “To watch the film?”
      “Louis,” was all Harry breathed out, the tip of his tongue catching Louis’ fingertip when he tried to lick his lips. Louis may have underestimated the effect Harry’s reaction would have on him. He was this close to rubbing one out against the nearest inanimate object, or Harry’s thigh, like a dog in heat. He placed a strawberry at Harry’s lips, drinking in the soft curve of his pouting mouth closing around his fingers.
      “You love it when I tease you, don’t you, love? Bet you’d stay still and wouldn’t come until I said you could.”
      “Yeah, yes, Louis-”
      “I’m not finished." Harry’s lashes fluttered and Louis had just about had it, had to bite down on the curve of Harry’s neck and count to five, heart pounding against his ribcage as if it wanted to take flight. He closed his mouth over the flesh and suckled until the blood rushed up underneath the skin, painting a bruise on Harry’s pale skin.
      “I wouldn’t take you in, at first.” He smoothed his hand down Harry’s torso until he reached the waistband of his jeans. He undid the button and slid the zipper down one-handed, not touching. If he touched Harry now, he wasn’t sure he could stop. “Would wait until you couldn’t take it anymore, until you got all flushed, so pretty. Then I would slowly, very slowly- suck you in.” He kissed the edge of Harry’s jaw, shaking with the need to just wreck him. Pull him apart piece by piece until he turned into a pliant, trembling mess. “I’d use my tongue. Maybe scrape my teeth over the tip because you’ve been a very bad boy. Haven’t you, baby?” Harry swallowed hard, legs spreading open just a bit more in silent invitation.
      “Haven’t you?” Louis slipped his hand under Harry’s T-shirt, slid it up Harry’s torso and flicked his fingernail over the hard peak of Harry’s nipple when Harry didn’t answer.
      “Yeah, yes, sorry,” Harry said, gripping Louis’ hand over his T-shirt to hold it in place. Watching Harry’s cheeks flush as Louis rolled the stiff peak between his thumb and forefinger and pinched bordered on a religious experience. He really loved the pain, didn’t he? Louis was so fucked.
      “How sorry are you?”
      “Let me be good for you. Show you.” Harry rubbed his face against Louis’ temple like a cat. “Please.” Louis stood up so fast his head spun a little, his skin itching to feel Harry’s again.
      “Bedroom. Now.” Harry rose to his feet sluggishly, stumbled into Louis’ body and nudged their mouths together in a slow, filthy kiss that tasted like sugar. They parted with a slick sound, Louis’ fingers hooked in Harry’s belt loops to tug him along. They staggered past the doorstep into Harry’s dark bedroom, mouths colliding in a heated kiss, Harry’s T-shirt discarded to the floor. His hands on Louis’ bare back felt like a special brand of fire. The kind that burned without hurting, that made his nerves spark to life.
      “I’m so hard,” Harry whimpered, pressed his clothed cock against Louis’ belly to prove his point. “Don’t think I’ll last.”
      “You promised you’d be good, remember, love?” Louis palmed him through the flaps of his undone jeans before backing away, holding his hand out stop Harry from following. “You can do it.” Harry swayed on his feet like a ship without its anchor, moonlight streaking over his chest through the slats in the window.
      “Take them off,” Louis said, hands shaking with the need to touch, to travel over the silky planes of Harry’s body and map them out with his mouth. He shucked off his jeans and sat down on the bed, watched fondly as Harry almost tripped over his own feet as he rolled the tight jeans down his legs and toed off his socks. He kicked them to the side and walked up to Louis, coming to a stop between his spread thighs, tentative fingers combing gently through Louis’ hair.
      “You’re so beautiful,” Louis said, wrapping his arms around Harry’s waist in a tight embrace, resting his ear against Harry’s thundering heart. The rush of his own blood suddenly didn’t sound so loud, so urgent, anymore.
      “So are you. Can’t believe you’re mine,” Harry replied quietly, as if afraid to disturb the air, his thumb tracing the shell of Louis’ ear almost reverently. As though Louis was something precious and unique and only to be handled with care.
      “Does that mean I can spank you?” Harry barked out a laugh, untied locks sweeping into Harry’s face when he looked down at Louis.
      “You know I want you to.”
      “I don’t want to hurt you though. Not in a bad way.” Harry’s grin relaxed into a soft smile, thumb stroking down Louis’ nose before bopping the end of it.
      “You won’t.”
      “I know we’re not, like, doing anything too risque and shit, but- there’s the safe word thing, right? I’ve been researching and all.” He tightened his hold on Harry and dragged him down on top of him, rolled them over twice so they sprawled over the king sized bed from head to toe, skin on skin, the contact of it like igniting fireworks.
      “You have?” Harry mumbled into his jaw, his hair tickling Louis’ cheeks on either side of his face.
      “Didn’t want to leave anything to a chance.” He stroked his hands down Harry’s broad back, leaned up to kiss him. To taste the sweet softness of his familiar mouth. “You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve seen. I’m permanently scarred.”
      “Hope you at least turned your private browsing on.”
      “I love it when you talk dirty,” Louis teased, cupping the back of Harry’s head to pull him down into a kiss. His mouth slotted to Louis’ perfectly, plush and wet, heat spreading all the way down to Louis’ toes with every brush and lick of Harry’s tongue inside his mouth.
      “Butterfly,” Harry said, pecking his lips.
      “The safe word.” He nuzzled Louis’ jaw, voice threadbare and vulnerable. “Butterfly?”
      “That’s a good one,” Louis said with a smile, possessive hand cradling the nape of Harry’s neck.
      “Maybe I should have it tattooed on my belly.” Louis laughed and rolled Harry onto his back, kissed him on the nose just because. Louis loved him. Loved him so much his skin felt too tight, too small to contain the enormity of it all.
      “Maybe I should get one to match.” The gravity of his words didn’t hit him until the suggestion had already slipped out of his mouth. That implied forever. Harry’s fingernails dug crescent shapes into his back, eyes wide and questioning, and Louis wanted to disappear in a puff of smoke.
      “Shit, I- I didn’t-” He clamped his mouth shut, mind blank of excuses. Because he had meant it. Because there was nothing fickle about the feeling stretching within his ribcage and curling within the ventricles of his heart every time they kissed.
      "I didn’t think you wanted any tattoos.”
      "Not right now, I just- like, in the future. Maybe. I’m fucking stupid, sorry.” He tucked his head into Harry’s shoulder, grateful for the cover of the dark and Harry’s arms holding him close.
      “You’re not stupid.” Harry’s fingertips skidded down his spine, circled the dimples at the bottom. “I’ve always wanted to get matching tattoos. That would be sick.”
      “Well, you might get sick of me, as it were."
      “Nah,” he whispered into Louis’ ear, his lips barely brushing the shell. “I’d quite like to keep you.”
      “You’re a bit of a sop, aren’t you?”
      “Hey!” Harry smacked his bum, mouth curving into an exaggerated pout.
      “All right, that’s it.” Louis bit down on his shoulder before pushing himself off Harry. “Smacking my bum, Styles? You’ve just crossed a line.” Harry slid a hand down his own torso, down down down until he reached the waistband of his briefs, pulling on it a little with a dirty smile.
      “What are you going to do about it?”
      “Naughty, naughty things, Harry. I might put you over my lap and spank your bum until it’s red. Eye for an eye, and all that. Or, you know, bum for a bum.” Harry stared at him back with hooded eyes, his cheeks reddening when Louis kneed up to him and pressed his hand to Harry’s chest, slowly slid it down to his pelvis. The muscles beneath Louis’ hand jumped at the touch and he had to take in a deep breath to calm the fuck down.
      “You’re all talk,” Harry said with a lick of his lips, eyes trained on Louis’ fingers idly playing with his waistband. Louis arched his eyebrow, because he was cool as fuck and definitely not struggling to keep his breathing steady.
      “Why don’t you turn over and find out?” When he tapped Harry’s hip, he half-expected him to laugh it off and change his mind, and it would have been fine. Only, Harry flipped over with a needy little whimper and ground his hips into the mattress, the very idea of Louis slapping his arse apparently rendering him restless and squirming already. Christ, he hadn’t even touched the boy properly and he was already panting into the sheets. “All right, love?”
      “Yeah,” Harry said with a breathless giggle, the back of his neck flushing red, arms stretched over his head. “Sorry.” Louis bent down to kiss the taut spot between Harry’s shoulder blades.
      “What for?”
      “I just- I really want this. I’m, like,” he turned his face to the side, eyes closed, “it’s embarrassing, a bit. Or, it should be. More, that is.” Harry’s eyelashes fluttered against the sheets, breath catching when Louis peeled his briefs over the curve of his arse, knuckles brushing over velvety skin. “You make everything easy.”
      “Didn’t know this was supposed to be difficult.” He nuzzled Harry’s back, trailed lingering kisses down his spine until he reached the dip above Harry’s bum. “You can trust me with anything, you know. I want to learn all the things you like. Even if you think it’s weird or embarrassing. I won’t laugh or think it’s stupid.” He opened his mouth and sucked a love bite into Harry’s lower back. “I’ll probably be into it too.”

      “Shh, I want you to count now.” He smacked Harry’s arse, not hard enough, just hard enough to gauge Harry’s response. He loved the way Harry’s back arched beneath his mouth. “Count it.”
      “One,” Harry whispered, turning his face into the sheets again. “You can- um.”
      “What is it?”
      “You can do it a bit harder.” Fuck. Louis pushed himself into a sitting position again for better leverage and spanked Harry again, watched as his skin turned pink for a moment.
      “Yeah- Two.” Louis chewed on the inside of his cheek, every shift of his hips making the fabric of his pants rub over his cock in the most maddening way. He hit the fleshiest part of Harry’s bum twice in quick succession, his palm stinging with each impact.
      “Three.” Harry’s hands fisted in the sheets. “F-four.”
      “Christ,” Louis muttered, scraping his nails over Harry’s bum and down the back of his thighs then back up again. The little jerk of Harry’s hips and a groan muffled in the sheets made Louis want to write bad, filthy poetry.
      “God, do you know how hot you look right now? Want to mark you all over.”
      “Fuck, Lou-” Smack!
      “AH…” Louis squeezed Harry’s bum cheek, mesmerized by the rapidly fading fingertips on his skin.
      “Count it.”
      “Five.” When Louis trailed his finger down the crack of Harry’s bum, just enough to tease, but not enough to touch the rim, Harry pushed his hips off the bed and into his hand. The room was silent save for the keening little noise half-trapped in the back of Harry’s throat and Louis’ quickening breaths. He smacked Harry’s bum harder than before, drunk on the way Harry trusted him, the way he asked for more with an almost inaudible whisper of Louis, please.
      “What’s the count, baby?” Louis asked, resting his palm over the pink blooms on Harry’s skin, caressing sensitive flesh. A shiver ran down Harry’s spine, his bottom lip bitten red as he turned his head to the side and rubbed his cheek against the sheets.
      “I don’t- I don’t know”
      “You’re doing so good, taking it so well. It’s okay.” Louis leaned down, kissed Harry’s slack mouth until he started responding, craning his head up, kissing Louis back, all drawn out and slow and hungry for it.
      “Was it,” Harry nudged his mouth against Louis’ for another kiss, “was it six?”
      “Good boy,” Louis whispered, ignoring the throbbing length of his cock and carding his fingers through Harry’s hair instead, pulling a little. “Think you can make it to ten?”
      “Yeah. Please.”
      “Shh, I’ve got you.” He dragged his hand down Harry’s back, the shadows dancing over his flushed skin with every shift of his muscles. The droplets of sweat gathering at the nape of Harry’s neck rolled down his spine. Louis nosed at the spot, Harry’s tangled up curls tickling his face. He smelled like summer thunderstorm. Like rain and earth and sun-kissed skin. Smack!
      “S-seven.” Smack! Smack! The echo of his hands turned Harry’s arse red, stayed a little longer this time. Louis cupped each cheek and squeezed.
      “Eight,” Harry whimpered into the sheets, hands clenching, hips grinding down into the mattress with the kind of desperation Louis felt thrumming in his own veins. “N-nine.”
      “Just one more, love.” The sight of Harry’s body, taut like a bow ready to spring, trembling and on the verge of rubbing off into the sheets almost unravelled him. He just wanted to curl his hand around his cock and tug. He took a steadying breath instead and straddled Harry’s thighs, palms rubbing over Harry’s bum and spreading him open. Harry quivered and Louis couldn’t help but brush the pad of his thumb over the rim.
      “Fuck, Louis.”
      “Just one left,” Louis said, more to himself as he bit down on his lip and brought his hand down. Hard. Harry cried out and arched into him, almost unseating him.
      “Count,” Louis reminded him, sliding down Harry’s body as if his own didn’t even belong to him anymore, just moved to the beat of want and need as he kissed the blotches of red on Harry’s skin.
      “Ten.” Harry sounded wrecked, as though Louis had already shagged him six ways from Sunday even though they’d only just gotten started.
      “You’ve been so good, I’m so proud of you. Such a good boy, aren’t you, Harry?”
      “Yeah, yes, your- your good boy.” Mine, mine, mine. Louis tugged Harry’s briefs all the way down his lean, trembling legs and threw them over his shoulder before dropping back down to nip at the silky backs of Harry’s thighs.
      “Lou, let me- I want to touch you.”
      “Just a sec, love.” He spread Harry’s cheeks again and licked over him slowly, the tip of his tongue barely dipping inside the tight, wet heat. He’d never done this to anyone, never really wanted to, but. Harry was fisting the sheets, quivering and pleading and smelled so good and clean that Louis couldn’t help himself.
      “Fuck, Lou, don’t or I’m gonna-”
      “Don’t,” Louis said, gripping his hips hard to keep him still. “Not yet.” When he flipped Harry over on his back and looked up the length of his body, his breath caught in his throat. The blush had spread all the way down to Harry’s chest, sweat gleaming above the cupid bow of his upper lip and the dip between his collarbones. The second their eyes met, Harry’s glassy and wet with tears, Louis’ phone started ringing somewhere on the floor. He bit the inside of Harry’s thigh.
      “Are you fucking kidding me?”
      “Are you going to take that?” Harry’s hand slid down his own torso, stopping to rub at his nipples. All of them. Even a wildfire burning the flat building down wouldn’t have pried Louis off Harry’s body.
      “I wouldn’t stop if my mum and four sisters barged in right now.” Harry laughed, stroked Louis’ hair away from his face as he settled Harry’s legs over his shoulders and licked his lips.
      “It’s probably a good thing my mum has no idea where you live, because I’m starting to think we’re cursed.”
      “She knows about me?” Harry asked, sweet and earnest. Did she know about him? The last time Louis had rung, she’d answered with `what cute thing has Harry done now?´ Sometimes Louis would just snap pictures of Harry when he wasn’t paying attention and send them to his mum so she’d see how endearing Harry was. How lucky Louis was to have found someone like him.
      “I may have mentioned you a couple of times.”
      “I might have, too,” Harry admitted, although Louis had suspected ever since Harry’s sister had implied it.
      “Well, I am very interesting.” Harry’s giggle trailed off into a moan, eyes rolling into the back of his head when Louis kissed his way up his cock. It was so hard it kept jerking against his belly with every brush of Louis’ lips.
      “It’s a good thing you have the flat all to yourself. We can be as loud as we want.”
      “It’s my aunt’s,” Harry gasped out, his grip on Louis’ hair tightening when Louis rubbed his tongue over the ridge beneath the tip of Harry’s cock and pursed his lips around the head to suck. “She’s away for a year. America. Let me stay here to look after it.”
      “Mhmm,” Louis said, trying not to rub his crotch against the mattress and not quite succeeding.
      “Loud?” Harry asked, as though the words had only now registered in his muddled brain.
      “Let’s just hope your walls aren’t paper thin, or you might get some complaints from your neighbors,” Louis said, picking up Harry’s cock to rub the head over his slack mouth.
      “If they do, I’ll just- bake them cupcakes?” Halfway on his way to utterly debauched and he still managed to be so endearing Louis wanted to cup his cheeks and snog him silly. He mouthed `I fucking love you´ against Harry’s flank.
      “Come here,” Harry rasped and pulled Louis up and into his arms with a grunt of effort. Louis let Harry push him on his back and coaxed Harry into a slow kiss. The skin-on-skin was like touching live wire, had Louis curling his leg around Harry’s hip and struggling to breathe, their mouths locked.
      “Do you want to,” Louis said, tilting his head to the side when Harry’s lips kissed down his throat, “Do you want to do it? Like, let me- you know.”
      “Don’t think I do know, no.” Harry smirked into his jaw, way too cheeky for someone who’d just had his arse spanked. Maybe Louis should go for twenty next time. Maybe keep spanking Harry until he came all over himself.
      “Do you or do you not want me to put my dick in your arse, Harold?” Harry let out a cute little squeak and hid his face in Louis’ chest.
      “Well, with a proposition like that, how can I say no?”
      “You can though,” Louis said seriously, trying really bloody hard to concentrate with Harry’s bare cock rubbing against his through the flimsy scrap of his briefs. “Like, we don’t have to. We can still get off. Just, in a different way.”
      “I want to,” Harry said, pressing his lips to Louis’ chest. “Like, I’m not really all that, um, experienced. But I want it with you.” Louis didn’t care how many people Harry had been with before. It didn’t take away or add to his worth as a person, but at the same time.
      “How, eh- inexperienced are we talking? Because I can go really slow. I just want to know, like, I want to make it good for you.” Harry’s face was positively burning when he raised it to look at Louis properly.
      “I’ve had stuff in my bum before, you know. Just- not like a actual dick.” Louis’ hand dropped to Harry’s lower back to press him closer, leaned up to kiss his pouting mouth.
      “It’s not like I haven’t done other stuff. I just haven’t trusted anyone enough to let them do that,” Harry explained, as if afraid Louis was about to reject him, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.
      “And you trust me?” Harry smiled a little. With the curls tumbling into his face and the moonlight playing over his skin in splashes of blue, he looked like something Botticelli would have killed to paint. Louis could spend hours just looking at him.
      “Of course I do.” Louis pulled him into a kiss, hoped Harry could taste `I love you's´ on his lips, hoping one of these days he’d stop being a bloody coward and say it to Harry’s face.
      “On your back, baby,” Louis said, eyes drinking in the heavy weight of Harry’s cock pulsing out precome on his skin.
      “You’re still not naked,” Harry complained, knees bent and spread. Christ. “Get naked.” Just the brush of fabric as he rolled his briefs over his painfully hard cock had him biting down on his tongue. How the fuck was he supposed to last? He threw the briefs to the ground onto the ever-growing pile of clothes there and rose to his knees.
      “Where do you have the stuff?”
      “Left drawer,” Harry said, swollen lips parting as he took in a shaky breath. With the lube and a condom safely in hand, Louis crawled towards Harry and kissed him sweetly before positioning himself between his legs.
      “Gonna prep you, yeah?”
      “Okay.” Louis stroked up and down Harry’s slender thighs to help him relax, had to catch Harry’s wrist just as he was about to wrap his hand around his cock.
      “Be a good boy and don’t touch yourself.” Harry whined and spread his legs wider, his cock curved up to his belly. This boy would be the death of him.

Yeah slap that ass hahahaha.
Wat is Harry toch weer een goeie jongen voor Louis,
volgende stuk zullen jullie ook wel leuk vinden (:

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