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Part 7


Fifteen minutes later, Louis was two fingers deep, sweating as if he were the one flat on his back being fingered.
      “Lou, please, I need- I need more.”
      “Not yet.” Harry was tight and hot and slick, canting his up to meet the thrust of his fingers, his knuckles white from the tight grip he had on the sheets just so he wouldn’t touch himself.
      “You’re a tease.”
      “If you think I’m teasing you, you haven’t seen anything yet.” He trailed one fingertip down the flushed length of Harry’s cock and stretched his fingers wider inside Harry to prove his point. Harry’s belly spasmed when he brushed over his prostate, mouth dropping open on a silent moan.
      “What stuff have you had up your bum then?” Louis asked, for research purposes only. Obviously.
      “Huh?” Louis slid his fingers out. For a second he almost felt bad because Harry looked as if he might start crying. Then he remembered he needed more lube to step it up.
      “You said you had stuff up your bum before? What was it?”
      “Put your fingers back in me and I’ll tell you.” It would've held more weight if Harry hadn’t currently been fighting not to hump the air, curls sticking to his sweaty forehead, voice edging on desperate and needy. Louis rubbed Harry’s slick, red opening with his fingertips before pushing three of his fingers in slowly. Harry let out a little keening noise and stretched his arms over his head to grab onto the iron bars of the headboard.
      “Tell me now?” Harry licked his lips, eyes trained on the hard length of Louis’ cock swaying between his legs as if it was made of sugar, his pupils blown out.
      “Like, plugs and vibes and stuff. I’ve got- uh- fuck. I’ve got a glittery one. Was a novelty gift from my friend. It's my favorite.” The thought of Harry spread open on this very bed with a thick, glittery vibrator up his bum was a bit too much for Louis to handle. He pushed his fingers in to the last knuckle, rubbed relentlessly against Harry’s prostate until he was pleading and speaking gibberish, his cock leaking so much it made Louis’ mouth water. He bent down to lick the head. Fuck, Harry tasted so sweet.
      “I’m ready, please, please, Louis, I’m-”
      “Okay, all right, I’ve got it.” He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on the sheets, tore the condom open with his teeth before rolling it down his length. The touch of his own hand was so good he had to close his eyes. “On your hands and knees, babe. It’ll be easier.” In his rush to comply, Harry almost lost balance twice. When he finally managed to get on his knees, legs spread open in silent invitation, Louis draped himself over his back, ear pressed against his back to catch the frantic thunder of Harry’s heart as he rubbed his lubed up cock over Harry’s stretched out hole.
      “Tell me if it’s too much or if you need more prep, yeah?” Harry just nodded, breath hitching when the head of Louis’ cock started stretching him. Louis kissed his shoulder blade, whispered:
      “Relax,” and tried to ignore the way his own thighs were shaking with how much he wanted. Wanted to surge in deep and feel the slap of his hipbones hitting Harry’s arse on each down-stroke.
      “Keep going,” Harry rasped out, pushing back with a deep groan. The moment the head of his cock popped past the rim, Harry’s body pulled him in. Louis withdrew a bit and spread Harry’s cheeks open with his thumbs to watch the way Harry’s hole clenched around his girth, all pink and slick. He pushed in deep with a growl, fingers clamped hard around the softness of Harry’s hips.
      “Fuck, yeah, so- full. So good.” Harry dropped his head low, panting and pushing back on Louis wantonly until he was buried to the hilt.
      “Fucking fuck.” Louis wrapped his arms around Harry’s body, his chest flush against Harry’s sweaty back, teeth sinking into his shoulder.
      “I’m good, I’m good, please- fuck me.” He ground into Harry harder, slid out about an inch before he screwed back in again. Each thrust made a slick, obscene sound, Harry’s thighs shaking against his. The pressure of the tight, slick muscles squeezing around him was torture enough. But it was also Harry. Harry with the whimpering little noises and the way he kept wriggling and meeting his thrusts, kept spreading his legs that little bit more as though it would get him closer to Louis. Get him fuller. Louis had to squeeze his eyes shut before he’d become too overwhelmed.
      “Oh God, Harry, you’re so fucking hot. Squeeze me so tight. So good for me.”
      “Am I- am I your good boy?”
      “Mine, all mine. So good.” Louis pulled out until the head was pulling at Harry’s rim, about to pop out, then took a deep breath and slammed back in so hard Harry had to grab on the headboard before his elbows buckled. Harry moaned, loud and deep, sweat glistening on his back like starlight on the surface of the ocean. Louis wanted to drown himself in him. Wanted Harry to fill his lungs and make home in all the empty spaces in his heart.
      “Harry, you’re so- wish you could see yourself right now. So bloody beautiful.” Each snap of his hips punched little uh-uh-uhs out of Harry’s throat, the wet spot on the sheets getting bigger and bigger from Harry’s dripping cock.
      “AH. It's so good, Lou. You’re so big. So thick. Fuck.” When Harry squeezed around him and used the leverage of holding onto the headboard to slam back into Louis even harder, Louis thought he would come right on the spot. He had to still Harry’s hips and draw in a ragged breath, had to pull himself out a bit and tug his balls down so he’d last longer.
      “Lou, don’t stop, fuck-”
      “Lie on your belly.” Harry dropped down, let Louis lift his right leg up to his chest to spread him open. He slid back in, palms dropping on each side of Harry’s shoulders. He was so beautiful it almost hurt to look at him, so open and vulnerable, giving himself over to Louis so completely, shudders zipping down his spine with each thrust inside, whimpering and moaning each time Louis hit his prostate.
      “Such a good boy,” Louis praised, saw the way his words made Harry swallow hard and wriggle back on his cock helplessly.
      “Please.” Harry bit down on the pillow, his hands twitching as though he was holding himself back from sliding between his body and the mattress to touch himself. Louis was so hard it hurt, the white hot pleasure making his muscles twitch. Louis coaxed Harry’s hips off the mattress again to thrust into him harder, faster, deeper, reaching around to grip the base of Harry’s cock. He didn’t think he’d ever been harder, more desperate to come, yet unwilling to make it end.
      “I need to come, Louis, please,” Harry choked out, his torso draped over the sheets and arse stuck up in the air. Louis wondered if Harry’d have bruises on his hips from how hard Louis had been gripping. Hoped he would. Louis slowed his hips down, staying in deep and grinding into Harry until Harry was a whimpering mess, the head of his cock slick when Louis brushed his thumb over it.
      “Fuck, you’re so wet.” Harry mumbled something incoherent, something like `Louis´ and `please´ and `harder´. With a deep breath, Louis held onto Harry’s waist and started pounding him so hard the bed frame squeaked, their increasingly desperate noises and the slap of his hips against Harry’s arse like a dirty soundtrack. Louis felt it creep up his muscles, the liquid heat of it growing and growing and growing until he felt light-headed and weak and out of control, unable to do anything but keep holding on and bite down on the inside of his cheek so hard he almost drew blood, his skin too tight. Not yet. Not bloody yet.
      “Lou, fuck,” Harry gasped, slamming back into him twice before he shuddered and cried out, hips jerking forward as he spurted onto the sheets. Feeling Harry come undone, the way his muscles twitched and clamped down on his cock, and seeing his mouth bitten and red, cheeks flushed, was the last straw. Louis thrust in one- two- three- four more times before his vision whited out so hard he collapsed against Harry’s back and just kept coming. Over-sensitized and shivering, he waited until his muscles stopped jerking before he finally managed to slide out of Harry and get rid of the condom. His legs almost buckled under him when he walked over to the bin to throw it out.
      “Fuck,” Harry said, little droplets of white streaked all the way beneath his chin. Christ. Louis collapsed back on the bed, wondered if his legs would ever work properly again.
      “Yeah, I’m-” His mouth wouldn’t work either. Words? What were those? Louis grunted instead and let Harry fold him up in his arms, not even caring they were both sticky with sweat and come and lube.
      “It was amazing. You were amazing,” Harry whispered into his shoulder, lips lingering on his skin. Louis tucked Harry’s arm close against his chest and kissed his knuckles one by one.
      “I hope you know you’ve ruined me for anyone else.”
      “Good.” Harry snuffled against the back of his neck and Louis wanted to say so much, wanted Harry to know that Louis would ask his hand in marriage one day and that he wanted Harry’s face to be the first thing he’d see every morning for the rest of his life, but his eyelids were heavy and Harry was warm and cozy and he couldn’t make out the words that Harry silently shaped against the nape of his neck with his mouth before sleep dragged him under.


Louis awoke slowly, Harry’s feet curled around his under the shared duvet, his eyelids still too heavy and brain wrapped up in wool. The skin under Louis’ cheek was sleep-warm and decidedly damp. As a huff of breath stirred his hair, Louis managed to convince himself that he had definitely, probably, not drooled on Harry while they’d slept. Louis did not drool. He took in a deep breath and grunted as he stretched his limbs, hiding his face in Harry’s neck to block out the too-bright glare of the morning. Louis let his hand wander down the velvet of Harry’s skin, softly skimming the tight muscles of his chest and stomach, down until he settled on the little soft love handle above Harry’s hipbone. One of these days he’d map out every part of Harry’s body with his mouth, and catalogue Harry’s every sound and expression as he did.
      “Haz?” His voice came out croaky and rough. He cleared his throat, kissed the hollow of Harry’s throat because it was right there and Louis was a weak man. “You up?” Harry smacked his lips and curled his arm around Louis’ waist tighter, but otherwise remained completely out of it. Louis slid his hand back up the slight curve of Harry’s waist and fitted his fingers in the dents of his ribcage, his thumb smoothing over Harry’s skin. Just like the last time, Harry slept with his mouth open. Louis was overwhelmed with the urge to stick random things in it.
      “Harry, you’re very naked right now. I am appalled. Horrified, even.” Nothing. At least Louis’ skin wasn’t nearly as tacky as he’d expected it to be. Neither was Harry’s. He must have given them both a quick wipe-down after Louis had dozed off. That had been a very, very nice thing to do. Maybe Louis should have returned the favor. Be courteous, as it were. It was only fair. He wriggled carefully out of Harry’s hold and mouthed his way down the smooth plane of Harry’s torso, pushing the duvet down to their feet as he went. Harry’s muscles jerked under his lips, legs falling open as Louis kissed the spot beneath Harry’s belly button. He glanced up suspiciously, but Harry was as dead to the world as he’d been ten seconds ago.
      “Early bird gets the worm.” Louis smirked into Harry’s belly and palmed at his hips. Harry’s V-line framed the trail of fine dark hairs leading down to his half-hard cock resting against his thigh. It was a sight to behold. Fuck, Louis was so gay.
      “You awake yet, pumpkin?” Still deep asleep, Harry turned his head to the side and let out a loud snore. That was a `no,´ then. Louis settled himself between Harry’s legs and traced the crease of Harry’s hips with his mouth. Harry smelled so good Louis wanted to take a bite.
      “Have I told you that you’ve got the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen? Because you do.” Louis lay Harry’s cock against his belly, opened his mouth against the base and dragged his tongue up to the head. Harry’s fingers twitched against the sheets.
      “Have I told you that I love you? Quite a bit.” He kissed the tip. “Maybe a lot.” Harry’s cock jerked against his mouth and Louis wondered whether Harry’s subconscious got off on love confessions mumbled early in the morning. Louis picked up Harry’s rapidly hardening cock, pursed his lips over the tip to give it a chaste kiss. When Harry whimpered in his sleep, his stomach quivering, Louis sank his mouth down the hot, hard length until the head bumped the back of his throat. His jaw ached with the stretch, but hearing Harry’s helpless little keen was well worth the effort. He rubbed his tongue over the underside, his cheeks hollowing out when he sucked hard on the upstroke. Harry let out a snort so loud he’d startled himself awake, his eyes shooting open. When his brain processed what was happening he dropped his head back on the pillow with a quiet Louis and tangled his fingers in Louis’ hair.
      “Lou- AH.” Articulate. Louis would have teased him if he hadn’t had his mouth full at the moment. He pressed his open palm down on Harry’s belly to keep his hips from canting up, and sank down, low enough to feel the tip graze the back of his throat again. He pursed his lips tightly around the girth and sucked his way up, letting Harry’s cock slip out of his mouth with a filthy pop, hard and spit-slick. Harry had propped himself up on his elbows to watch and was now looking at Louis almost star-struck, panting for breath. Louis hid his face in Harry’s hip and nibbled at the jut of Harry’s hipbone. His affection for the boy lying beneath him filled his ribcage, stretched it to the point of pain.
      “Good morning, Curly.”
      “Good, very good morning.”
      “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Couldn’t help myself.” Harry coaxed him up with his fingers still knotted in his hair and brushed their closed mouths in a chaste kiss.
      “Not complaining.” The muffled melody of Marimba sounded somewhere on the floor.
      “Fucking technology,” Louis muttered, frowning. The bloody universe just wouldn't quit trying to keep his hands away from Harry’s glorious cock.
      “I’ll get it.” Harry wriggled from under Louis and bent over the edge of bed to grab Louis’ jeans off the floor. The way sunlight bounced off the curve of Harry’s bum was, in Louis’ opinion, much more important than a phone call, so he crawled towards Harry and caressed the bum in question. Harry dropped the jeans, almost fell off the bed and brained himself.
      “No. Bad Louis.” Harry twisted away and tossed the jeans at Louis’ head.
      “Someone up there hates me.” Louis fished the phone out of the front pocket with a pout and imagined all the ways he could debauch Harry once he was done. Harry shuffled closer to him, the heat of his body sinking into Louis’ side, the press of Harry’s lips on his neck making him dizzy.
      “On your back,” Harry whispered into Louis’ ear as he hit the accept button. A firm hand in the center of Louis’ chest pushed him back against the mattress.
      “Hello?” Louis asked, his breath hitching when Harry fisted Louis’ cock and smirked like the devil Louis was sure he secretly was. After all, no one’s lips were naturally that color.
      “Sorry, what?” he repeated, because all he’d heard was the rush of his own blood in his ears. All he could feel were Harry’s eyelashes tickling his belly as he peppered his skin with open-mouthed kisses.
      “Louis? Is that- is that you?”
      “Um, yeah? Considering you’re the one calling me, you should- fuck- know that, mate.” Harry’s lips were made of honey and sin, red and damp and plush as he trailed down and rubbed them over the head of Louis’ cock.
      “Is this a wrong time to call or- did Jo tell you I called?” By the time realization struck, Harry was sinking down his length with a challenge in his eyes and a hand twisting around what he couldn’t swallow. Harry moaned, a string of saliva trickling down to Louis’ balls.
      “I- uh.” He covered the mouthpiece, breath hitching in his throat when Harry’s stretched lips met his fist then went even further down.
      “Louis?” He had half a mind to say `fuck yeah, it’s me, and my cock’s down my boyfriend’s throat so if you could kindly bugger off and never call again, that’d be wicked.´ He wanted to shove it in Troy’s face, wanted him to be shocked and appalled and call Louis something bloody awful, but Harry looked up at him through sleep-heavy eyelids and thumbed at his hipbone almost reverently. Troy wasn’t even worth it. Didn’t deserve to know anything about him.
      “No offence, but I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t know what mum told you, but-” he took in a sharp breath, hissed when Harry sucked his way up and let Louis slip out of his mouth, “I don’t. I hardly even know you.”
      “I’m sorry,” sounded the other voice. “I messed up and I’m sorry and I just want to-”
      “It’s all about you, isn’t it? Always has been, about what you want.” Louis rubbed his free hand over his eyes. Harry watched him carefully, big hands spread over his bare thighs. “What about what I want? What about all the years you didn’t give a shit?” He was definitely going soft now. Fucking Troy.
      “Louis, look, can we just- start over? Just let me,” Troy said, sounding tired and contrite, “let me be a part of your life.” And like fuck. Louis barely resisted the urge to scream into the pillow, to smash something against a wall, because a small part of him wanted to say yes. Out of guilt, maybe. It didn’t even matter. He was older and wiser than he’d been all those years ago when he’d sat around by the front window, waiting for Troy to come back.
      “If you really cared, you’d let me make the first step. Not this- this bullshit of a guilt trip you’re forcing on me.”
      “It’s not-” Troy cut himself off. “How much time do you want me to give you?”
      “A month? A year? A bloody decade? I don’t know, do I? I just know I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Maybe never. The silence on the other end stretched on, until:
      “It just got to be too much, you know. It’s why I left. I couldn’t handle it, and that’s no excuse, but- if I could turn it back, I would.”
      “Tough luck,” Louis bit off, clenching his jaw so hard his teeth hurt, “because I wouldn’t.” With that, he pressed the `end call´ button and flung the phone on the mattress. Harry’s lips pressed into his thigh before he crawled up his body, his weight pushing Louis into the bed.
      “Morning cuddles?” Throat too tight, Louis just shrugged, letting Harry wrap himself around Louis like a human koala. If his eyes got a bit wet when Harry kissed his jaw, he told himself it’d be the only moment of weakness he’d let himself have.


Out of all the scenarios Louis had expected to walk into once he got back to the flat, this one didn’t even rank on his list. A half naked Zayn wasn’t that unusual a sight. Neither was him making coffee in the kitchen. It was the disheveled Perrie dragging herself out of Zayn’s bedroom in nothing but a too-big superhero T-shirt and a pair of socks that almost had his jaw hitting the floor.
      “Oh, hey Louis,” she said, yawning into her hand.
      “Hi?” He blinked and forced himself to move towards his room to give them some privacy as Niall strode out of Zayn’s bedroom and almost knocked Louis over.
      “Oh, Lou, hi! You’re back early.” His face went red. Louis doubted it was because his very naked penis had just pretty much touched Louis.
      “What the fuck.” Louis’ mouth-to-brain filter had always worked excellently. He also couldn’t seem to close his mouth. Niall rubbed the back of his neck, going from red to an alarming shade of purple.
      “Want some coffee, Lou?” Zayn called from the kitchen.
      “No, I do not want bloody coffee!” He ruffled Niall’s already messed up hair out of habit and walked over to the sofa, sitting down in a daze. “Have I just walked into an orgy in progress?” Niall snuck off to his own room with a quiet click of the door and an excuse of `need a shower´ as Perrie joined Louis on the couch.
      “Nah. That was an hour ago and last night.”
      “What do you- are you like, in a polyamorous thing now?”
      “It was just sex.” She relaxed into the sofa. “Very good sex, but still.” She leaned in closer to Louis, her hair tangled up. Louis briefly wondered whose hands made it look like that then shook himself out of it, because nope. “Think they’re more into each other than me. It was fun though. The hottest bloke on bloke action I’ve ever seen.”
      “Do we have bleach?” Louis called out. “I need to scrub the visual from my brain!”
      “Fuck off!” Zayn called back before he emerged from the kitchen with two cups of coffee and a bottle of beer.
      “You and I,” Louis mouthed at him, “are going to talk. Later.” With that, he left the two of them in the living room and brought out his phone to text Harry. He’d never believe this.


      “So,” Louis said, clearing his throat, watching Zayn blow smoke out of the corner of his mouth. “you two. Doing stuff. Together.” Zayn side-eyed Niall, who was sitting on the rickety old table on the patio with a guitar in his lap, and shrugged.
      “It was all right.” Louis had known Zayn for years.
      “All right” did not mean all right. It was either the code for future wallowing, or a very badly repressed blossoming obsession. Louis wasn’t sure which would be worse.
      “All right?” Niall repeated, brows furrowed. “I thought it was better than all right.” Zayn took another puff, tilted his head back and closed his eyes as he let the smoke curl into the air.
      “Thought you were straight, babe.” Niall squirmed on the table, his idle strumming faltering. Louis just leaned against the brick wall of the building and hoped this wouldn’t explode in all their faces.
      “Boobs are the craic,” Niall said. Zayn’s fingers twitched around the cigarette. “But I liked it. With you, and shit. Didn’t think I would be into it that much, but I was.”
      “Charming,” Louis mumbled under his breath, refusing to wilt under Niall’s very unusual glare.
      “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, yeah?” Niall admitted, fingers gripping the neck of his guitar as though he wanted to strangle it. “Like, you two are all up on snogging blokes in general and I only,” he raked his fingers through his hair, the tips of his ears turning red. “The only bloke I want to snog is Zayn.” When Zayn almost choked on the smoke and his disgustingly fond eyes locked on Niall, Louis kind of wished he could melt into the ground and disappear. He could only sit there and hope he’d go unnoticed and that they wouldn’t start shagging right in front of him. As much as he’d have fancied a free show, he preferred not to be mentally scarred much more.
      “I liked snogging you too and,” Zayn said, eyes flicking to Louis, “stuff.” Subtle. Very subtle. Louis did not entertain the thought of what `stuff´ entailed. Nope.
      “So, what the fuck does that mean?” Louis asked, because he could never keep quiet for too long. With a herd of loud sisters, it was kind of a requirement. “Because I love you two and I really don’t want to see you hurt.”
      “Oh, Loueh,” Zayn cooed, striding over to press a nicotine-laced kiss to Louis’ forehead. “Don’t worry, yeah? We’ll figure it out.” Louis just sighed.
      “Do you like me then?” Niall asked suddenly, cheeks so red he’d have blended in with a stop sign. “As in, like me?” Zayn stubbed out the cigarette and trained what Louis called Zayn’s laser-stare-of-sexiness right on the unsuspecting Niall. The poor lad didn’t stand a chance.
      “I do,” Zayn said, not walking but prowling towards Niall. “Do you?”
      “I’m- I’m Zayn-sexual, I reckon.”
      “All right,” Zayn said as if that was all Niall had needed to say. He then bopped each of Niall’s nipples and poked his belly button in some weird mating ritual Louis had never seen before. Must have worked on Niall though, because his fingers slipped down the guitar strings in an out-of-tune melody and he dragged Zayn into a steamy kiss with his free hand.
      “I’m just gonna go,” Louis said, almost tripping in his haste to leave the patio before he could see their tongues going at it for longer than necessary. He barely stepped inside the flat when he heard a big crash right behind his back, followed by a string of Irish curses. There may have been some Spanish ones mixed in as well. He spun around. Niall lay on the ground in the wreckage of the old table, his guitar squished in between him and Zayn.
      “Zayn broke the table,” Niall said. Louis started laughing so hard he almost lost his footing. Maybe they’d all be all right after all.


As it had happened for most of his life, Louis’ mouth went off before his brain could catch up. He didn’t even know what had possessed him. He was just casually sitting on Harry’s sofa, seeking refuge from the celebratory shagging going on at his flat due to Niall landing an internship at Sony and Zayn’s exhibition having gone really well. Harry was just dancing around the living room like an idiot, his long lean limbs flailing around without any rhythm whatsoever and Louis just felt full of this feeling. Completely filled to the brim with it, as Harry spun around in a wobbly pirouette, almost knocking the newest cat figurine off the shelf.
      “Fuck, I love you.” The music kept going and the Elvis vinyl kept spinning but Harry staggered to a stop, his eyes wide.
      “I love you. A lot,” Louis said, tilting his chin up, because what the hell. He’d been gone for this boy ever since he’d first seen him enter the room, and everyone in the bloody world could tell, he was sure. Well, everyone except Harry, it seemed. “I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you and, like, one day I think I’m going to ask to marry you.”
      “Lou-” His mouth turned down, bottom lip quivering suspiciously as it did every time they stopped in front of a pet store and Harry knew he couldn’t bring all the kittens and puppies back to his flat. Louis pulled the sleeves of his sweater over his hands, dropping his gaze to the floor.
      “Maybe I shouldn’t hav-” The weight of Harry tackling him into the sofa knocked the words out of his mouth. “Harr-”
      “I,” he pressed his lips to Louis’, mouth soft and open and insistent, “love,” he tugged at Louis’ bottom lip with his teeth, nibbled at it, “you. So much and for the record,” he smiled against Louis’ mouth, “If you do, I think I’ll say yes.”
      “Thank fuck,” he mumbled, rubbing his nose against Harry’s in an Eskimo kiss. Niall had been right. They were disgusting. Lucky for Louis, he could now say the same about his flatmates. “Otherwise this would have been really awkward.” He pushed Harry’s tee up to his waist so he could touch the smoothness of his lower back. Harry giggled, his cheek pressed against Louis’.
      “Thought I was being pretty obvious about it.”
      “So did I!”
      “We’re idiots.”
      “Guess we were made for each other then,” Louis said with a shrug, nudging his lips against Harry’s again. He looked positively delighted once he pulled back.
      “And you say I’m sappy.”
      “What can I say? You’re a bad influence.” He patted Harry’s perky little bum. “Maybe I should leave before I start composing songs for you.”
      “Too late for that. You love me.” He smiled his wide, close-lipped smile, the cheeky bastard that he was. “I like ballads, by the way.”
      “Why, you little-” He pinched his bum, squeaked when Harry wrapped his limbs around him like an overly affectionate octopus. “I can play piano? A little bit.”
      “I will happily accept that.”
      “How gracious of you,” Louis said, closing his eyes at the touch of Harry’s lips on his neck.
      “I love you.” Harry nuzzled into him further and let out a contented little sigh.
      “I love you so fucking much. Gonna tell you a hundred times a day from now on. Hope you don’t mind.”
      “I don’t mind at all,” Harry said, kissing Louis’ jaw with a lingering press of his smiling mouth. Louis held him close and knew. Knew that the world was a scary fucking place and he’d have to grow up eventually, find an internship and a job and deal with his father and all the fears of not knowing where his place in the world was, but. He could do it all if he had Harry by his side. Because for all the times Harry had made him feel weak in the knees, vulnerable and raw and open to hurt, in the end, he was what made Louis strong.

N'awh cutiepies.
Ziall is together yeayy.
Hoe is het met jullie?

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