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Ik ben vandaag officieel begonnen met mijn nieuwe story. Look after you ~ Harry Styles
Go and check it out! xx


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I try to forget you , I try to forget those I love you's,
I try to forget your kisses ,your hugs, your warmth,
I try to forget my Feelings for you ..but I can't ,
I'm not over you & what hurts the most is that I lost you
& I'm never getting you back ,but I just wish you could know that
I Still Love You ..

Thank you so much for helping me
out during these very difficult times.
Your help has been invaluable to me
and I don't know how I would have managed
without your help and support.
Again thank you so much! X

There is no better friend
than a sister.
And there is no better sister
than you.

*TRAILER (by maybo)

*Soundtrack (Human; Christina Perri)
*One Direction bestaat
*Volledig Nederlands
*Begint op:04/10/2014

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    Ziet er leuk uit!

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    Ben benieuwd:Dga hoe dan ook lezen x

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