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Part 1

The boy, Gemma’s brother, is only a few feet away from Louis, moving at glacial speed on his wobbly feet, had gotten up from his last fall not but a minute before. Louis catches up easily, positioning himself on the boy’s right side. It must scare him, how quickly Louis appears, because the next thing he knows, arms are flailing and skates are sliding as the two collapse onto the hard surface of the rink, limbs tangling together. The fall is hard, Louis’ bum getting the brunt of the impact. The boy is beneath him, having fallen first. Louis quickly realizes that he’s got his own legs twisted with those long, gorgeous things he had been lusting over earlier. All he can see of his skating partner is dark curly hair and a broad chest heaving up and down in what Louis can make out to be silent giggles. He’s giggling uncontrollably. Actually giggling. How wonderfully adorable is that? Louis can make out a breathy.
      “Oops” from the boy in between the peals of laughter.
      “Hi. Um. Oh my god. Are you okay?” Louis asks. More giggles. Louis detangles himself from the boy, who is in some sort of deranged laughing fit and pushes himself up. More giggles.
      “Uh. Hey mate?” Louis tries, leaning down “You need a hand?”
      “Oh-” A few more titters. “Oh God.” Sputtery little squeals now. “My goodness. I am so, (more chuckling) so sorry man.” He says, his giggles slowing down to until he’s just breathily sighing. The boy brings a hand to his face, pushing away his curls and exposing his smiling visage. If Louis had thought his legs were beautiful, it was nothing compared to his face. Bright eyes, cute dimples that lit up his face so bright that they’re probably the reason for the glaciers melting, are staring up at him. Louis can’t help but smile right back at him.
      “It’s quite alright.” Louis finally answers, “I’m sorry for sneaking up on you.” The boy stares at him for a minute.
      “Oh. Well. Um. Hi there. This is awfully embarrassing for me.” He says, a blush coloring his face, “Especially since you’re so fit.”
      “What was that?” Louis says, unable to make out all that he’s saying due to lingering giggles and pieces of curly hair stuck in his gorgeous mouth. More blushing.
      “Oh nothing mate, just said I’d love a hand up!” He says, bashful and smiling.
      “Oh yes, of course.” Louis says, reaching down to grasp the, holy fucking shit, massive hands of this boy he’s just met. He wobbles up and towers over Louis, steadying himself with a massive hand to Louis’ shoulder.
      “Sooooo sorry about falling on you, I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” He thrusts out his hand for Louis to shake, “Brother of the bride!” Louis can’t quite believe his luck that an incredibly cute boy is actually in front of him, introducing himself and not backing away in horror, after Louis had fallen on him not five minutes ago.
      “Hello Harry `brother of the bride´ Styles, I’m Louis. Louis Tomlinson.”
      “Louis! What a lovely name.” Harry says happily, “It’s nice to meet you. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be around a bit of testosterone at last.”
      “Well, here I am! Testosterone Tomlinson!” As soon as the words come out of his mouth, Louis knows he’s doomed. It’s by far one of the dorkiest things he’s ever said. He’s waiting for that moment of silence and shame that he knows will come when Harry realizes Louis is actually a huge dork but all the comes is a loud burst of laughter, followed by Harry throwing his hand across his mouth. They’re both laughing after that, Harry because he’s found some sort of humor out of Louis’ ridiculous words and Louis, because of how cute and silly Harry is.
      “You are so funny, you know that?” Harry says after a few seconds, laughter stuttering to a stop, “That was funny.” Louis knows it wasn’t, and Harry must either be trying to get in his pants or he’s just got the weirdest sense of humor ever. He hopes it’s a mixture of both because he doesn’t really think people like Harry come along that often. Harry’s hand finds its way to Louis’ shoulder when he speaks next.
      “So you work here then?” Louis really doesn’t want that hand to go away.
      “Yup. Have for a few years now. The boss loves me, that’s why I get to work all these fun parties.”
      “Oh yeah, fun parties like this huh? Bet you love all these drunken girls stumbling around. Sorry it was me falling down instead of one of them”, Harry says, sadly taking his hand from Louis’ shoulder. He misses the warmth already. “Bet they’d love a hand from you since you’re so strapping.”
      “Oh yeah, I guess. Not sure if that’s what I’m doing this for.” Louis says, hoping to convey his interests loud and clear. “Kind of rather help fit boys up than the lasses.” Harry stares at him for a moment before he sees his eyes glaze over in clarity. It’s kind of like when Joey on Friends finally realizes that Chandler and Monica are sleeping together, but a lot cuter. Louis’ definitely more into tall U.K. boys than muscular Italians. The point is, Harry’s cute as hell when he realizes exactly what Louis’ talking about, smile back on his face. Happily, Harry’s hand makes it way back to his shoulder.
      “That’s good to know Louis.” Louis reddens furiously at that and what the hell? This is not Louis. Louis usually doesn’t let pretty boys make him blush and make his skin feel like it’s trying to crawl right off his body. Louis doesn’t let allow himself to think about what it would be like to french braid a boys hair until the third date, at least. He’s finding that he doesn’t really care, especially when Harry starts speaking again.
      “So, Louis, rollerskater extraordinaire, you think you might be able to give me a few pointers? I don’t seem to be rocking and rolling all that well.” The joke is cheesy but Louis laughs anyway, just because of how cute Harry looks when he makes a joke, mouth unable to keep from smiling and fingers fidgeting.
      “Well, Harry, rollerskater un-extraordinaire, from what I’ve seen tonight, you definitely need the help,” Louis says, rolling back towards Harry, “And I suppose it is my job to help out the customers so I really have no choice but to listen to your dumb jokes and teach you to skate.”
      “Heyyyyy.” Harry says, trying to separate himself from Louis in mock anger. It’s then that he starts to wobble again, before hurrying to grab onto Louis again, this time with two hands, one clutching his shoulder, the other his upper arm.
      “Wow. Hotshot. Don’t think you have room to talk really.” Louis says, really hoping he isn’t imagining the way Harry’s hand is lingering as it moves down his upper arm. He’s never been more thankful that he works out than at this point. Harry ducks his head.
      “Guess not. Gonna need the pro to teach me the ways of the rink.” Harry lets go of Louis, but then reaches out one of those swoon worthy hands and wiggles his fingers, “I’m all yours.” Louis can’t argue with that, grabbing Harry’s fingers and making a soft sound of happiness when he feels Harry’s fingers interlock with his own.
      “Okay so, it’s really important for you to not be so tense.” Louis says, reaching over and smoothing a hand across the line of Harry’s back. It’s a lie, obviously, but Louis’ been itching to get his hands on Harry in some capacity, unwilling to go another minute without touching at Harry’s impressive muscles. The way his tight shirt is hugging the curves of his body is making it hard to keep his hands off.
      “So now that the secrets out about my luxurious job working at a roller rink, what do you do?” Louis asks, pulling Harry beside him as they begin to skate. Louis hopes that keeping Harry talking will prevent him from falling as much.
      “Louis. Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with working at a roller rink. I think it’s kind of cool. It’s a dying art.” Harry says, thoughtful, “It seems like nobody really wants to go to a night out at the rink anymore. I was the one who told Gemma we should come here for her bachelorette party.”
      “You were the one who suggested this?” Louis’ gasps in mock offence, “Mr. Harry Styles, the most uncoordinated man on earth wanted to go to a roller rink, where he then proceeded to fall down countless times!?”
      “Heyyyy. What can I say, I like the idea of rollerskating. Never really been able to do it, as you can tell.”
      “That’s obvious,” Louis says, pointing down where Harry’s legs still haven’t stopped their wobbling. He giggles. “I’m starting to think this was all a ploy to get me to come over here and hold your hand.”
      “And what if it was?” Harry says, suddenly very serious, “A ploy, that is.”
      “I’d say it was a pretty good one, might have to take you to dinner or something to give you props.” Louis says, rubbing his free hand across Harry’s back just slightly, touch light. “I would also say you’re an incredible actor because this has been truly pitiful.” Harry face breaks out into a beam.
      “Good to know Lou.” Louis squeaks at the nickname. It’s another nail in his ever-expanding coffin that Harry is unknowingly determined to put him in. Louis wants to die, if only to ensconce himself in a coffin, preferably with Harry by his side. He shakes his head out of his coffin-related commentary, wondering why does this boy makes him feel like he’s simultaneously on the verge of screaming laughing.
      “So what about you roller-skater boy, what do you do when you’re not hosting bachelorette parties and falling on your butt.” Louis asks, bumping his hip against Harry’s.
      “Well. I’m still a student, in my last year, so I don’t have that much time for a full time job, but in my spare time I babysit.” Harry replies. A cute boy who spends his free time with children? Louis is completely fucked.
      “Oh. So you like kids then, I assume?” He asks, hoping to hear something cheesy and sappy and harry-esque come out of his mouth.
      “Oh god. Yeah. Absolutely. I’m so glad Gemma’s getting married. I keep telling her she has to pop some little ones out as soon as they’re hitched but she wants to wait a few years. Seems a bit silly to me.” Harry says, smiling down at where his and Louis’ hands are interlocked. “Personally, I can’t wait to have a whole brood. Want my own footie team really.” Louis can’t believe what Harry’s saying.
      “Me too mate. Always envisioned myself the coach of my own team of little troublemakers. Hopefully they wouldn’t end up as rambunctious as me, but what can you do?”
      “That’s amazing Louis,” Harry says, his eyes lighting up, “Anyone’d be lucky to have something like that with you." Louis shrugs, unable to respond to how lovely and kind Harry is being, sure if he did try to speak, the only thing that would come out of his mouth would be dolphin squeaks.
      “So do you have any siblings? Anyone close to being able to pop out babies?” Harry asks.
      “I’ve got four sisters actually!” Harry gasps gleefully as Louis continues, “All younger, and entirely nowhere close to having children of their own. Nowhere close to being able to date if you ask me.” Louis is still under the impression that his 18 year old sister should be celibate.
      “That’s so fun. I guess that’s part of why you like kids then?” Louis smiles.
      “Yeah. Always have, always will. I think I understand kids a lot more than I do adults really. I’m a bit of child myself if you can’t tell.”
      “I understand what you mean,” Harry says quietly, “Can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’m about to graduate and instead of mum doing my laundry on weekends, I’ve got to do it myself! I don’t even know what kind of detergent to buy!”
      “My advice, always go with the fragrance-free stuff, it’s good for your skin.” Louis says, “Or else just stick with what your mom uses, you smell quite nice.”
      “Yeah. And don’t worry too much about being a grown-up,” Louis sighs, “I’m 24 and still haven’t quite gotten the hang of being one. It’ll come to you with time.” Harry nods in agreement.
      “Think I could learn a lot from you, Louis Tomlinson.”

Sjongejonge wat zijn ze schattig,
wat doe ik mezelf toch aan.

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  • louisharry

    Dit is echt

    Te cute

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    They're the cutessssssssssssssst oh my goodness gracious. Instant chemistry

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    N'awww too cute!! Ik vind 1 stukje per dag echt te weinig XD can't get enough

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